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  1. Yes. And I'll never understand why all these Dominoes and Papa John places succeed with their cardboard with ketchup on it pies when we are the mecca of pizza.
  2. https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/mp-45-shield-m20-thumb-safety I prefer the extended mag for my pinky but it fits nice.
  3. I have an all black one in .45. It's probably my favorite semi-auto thus far. You'll enjoy it.
  4. Mine. With the exception of my Mother's. But she's dead so MINE.
  5. All true. The problem with this is it's proven time after time that any regulation or impedance leaves that door open for the opposing side to expand on. This has historically been the case.
  6. I’ve had one for about a year now. Mine has a pick and pluck foam layer. Then another one inch foam layer then another pick and pluck layer. It’s the next to smallest size and I comfortably carry 3 pistols in it. I never ran it over or set it afloat but I’ve dropped it and used it extensively in the rain without issues. I’d buy another if the need arose.
  7. And I think these complications are what catch us in the cross fire. NFA rights vs states rights vs our 2A rights. It's sometimes a gray area that in court turns into a fine thin line that causes compromises with the court's decisions that tend to get abused.
  8. This should be at the beginning header of WTS & WTB.
  9. In the '60's we called it "playing army". We'd run around the woods shooting each other arguing more if i got you than we were saying "bang". If there wasn't enough toy guns to go around we'd use sticks. Where there's a will there's a way.
  10. Unless they’re under 14. Then he sees them as dates.
  11. Meanwhile, back at the The Little Girl Ranch, this is how the child molester is spending our money: http://newjersey.news12.com/story/40622720/sen-menendez-calls-for-toy-gun-manufacturing-regulations
  12. I'm aware. I have found it for under 600.00. But how could I not ask? Not gonna just sit around and say never happen. Couldn't hurt. don't really see the problem in asking.
  13. Under? No. But I have found one for just slightly over.
  14. Looking for a Beretta 92FS Inox Compact and a CZ75 Compact. Need to be no more than $500.00 please. but $500.00 is close enough to what I'm getting them retail so they would have to be immaculate. Or have nice extras. I know people are going to jump in and say what about this and what about that. But my mind is made up on these two pieces. After a 5 month wait for these stinkin' permits just going to sleep counting them jump over a fence every night, these are the ones. Thanks.
  15. Yeah, cause posting is what we do here.
  16. @HopeSo there you have it. We can tell you what could happen. We can tell you what we have read has happened. But what positively will happen we can't say because we're law abiding legal gun owners that successfully follow the rules to avoid these types of messes and have not gone through it ourselves.. As much as we want these unconstitutional, feel good, ignorant laws changed we (so far) opt to pursue the legal channels rather than defiance. We're regular people that live under a black cloud of reputation given to us by active shooters and gang members promoted by corrupt media. We look down on real life individuals like your story character because their actions become negative headlines and statistics that darken that cloud on the rest of us as we obey the rules.
  17. Unless she’s supposed to get caught. Maybe it’s a story about a woman’s prison. Now we’re talking!
  18. It’s a story. A book. Maybe a body was found 3 miles away with 14 rounds in it. She was saving the last for her father because she found out she wasn’t his real daughter. But when she found out her real father was really the Governor of New Jersey she was going to turn it on herself. Then the Trooper pulled her over and they fell in love and moved to Maine where they could live together with the beretta in freedom happily ever after.
  19. So under that train of thought, various magazine sizes could be fought as an accessory.
  20. And what about Naomi? Maybe the book is going to be a mystery.
  21. @Hope I think what my fellow poster is trying to troll out of you is, Porkroll or Taylor Ham? The correct answer there could work wonders for your book info And your “Protagonist” would lose her gun rights nationally if convicted. Her punishment would depend on what it always depends on - how good a lawyer she has.
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