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  1. It looks like they’re grabbing that foothold and I bet the lost revenue will be made up in increased taxes, tolls, etc. I’ll assume to be dead by then so I’ll escape ownership.
  2. Well if you have a Tesla in NJ, and there are a lot, Murphy is proposing a separate tax at registration time. You see Tesla’s don’t burn gas. Murphy has figured this out and realized he’s losing gas taxes.
  3. I don't blame them. He'll get a couple of Yuppies to by one, but it'll never play in the heartland.
  4. Can you picture this with a plow on it?
  5. Oh Welllll....I guess then they should have shot more cops. I've been wronged by cops and authorities and I've been righted by the same. There are crooked cops, honest cops, lazy cops, hard working cops, etc but for what it's worth coming from one little piss-ant individual like me, I will always support them and have their backs until proven otherwise. After the home owner took the first shot and saw they were cops? I believe so.
  6. The only thing that points to the cops not operating in the communities best interest are tin foil hats. One can safely assume there will be a through investigation in search of the truth. I'm saying I feel it's wrong, boarding immoral, to first assume the cops were in the wrong. That being said, I'd bet the chances of that couple waking up that morning and feeling they were going to sell more harmful drugs and shoot anyone trying to stop them are better than those cops woke up saying "let's all get together and find a suburban couple and their dog to shoot today".
  7. And maybe he did. But opening fire and crawling over a wounded one to get his gun to kill more is not the way to prove it to me.
  8. No doubt. But the constant seconding guessing of every stinking move they make disgusts me sometimes. They are in situations that can't be arm chair quarter backed and deserve the benefit of the doubt.
  9. Quoted from: https://abc13.com/what-we-know-about-the-2-suspects-killed-in-shooting/5110865/ "Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said the drug raid on the home stemmed from numerous complaints from neighbors. He said undercover officers had previously made two purchases of black tar heroin from drug dealers at the house."
  10. These people fall under my definition. Twice sold hard drugs to undercovers. And she climbed over a wounded Officer to get his gun and shoot more.
  11. In a situation like this I really don't care about the petty details. The point, to me, is cops were hurt trying to take down scumbags and the scumbags are dead. My heart goes out to the shot cops and cudos to the same for removing two scumbags from society. And extra cudos to the Officer who's been shot before and stayed on the job to serve and protect rather than take the disability route.
  12. 101.5 says this: Schools in two southern Ocean County towns were placed on lockdown because police were searching for a gunman who was in a shootout with police. Read More: Armed man on tricycle puts Tuckerton area schools on lockdown | https://nj1015.com/armed-man-on-tricycle-puts-tuckerton-area-schools-on-lockdown/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral The other article said this from Parch said this: David Frew, 41, was arrested Wednesday morning, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito said. Frew, who was convicted of child pornography charges in 2008, is accused of using an online messaging service in June 2017 to talk to the child. Authorities allege that at Frew's request, the child sent Frew the sexually explicit images and engaged in sexually explicit conduct. And that’s what I based his dangerous perversion on.
  13. If he does those things to little girls that's dangerous enough for me.
  14. If you investigate Amazon working conditions in other countries where they don't have the labor laws as we have here it reads like a slave camp. To include people getting carried out after collapsing and sometimes dead from exhaustion. No bathroom breaks to the point in England the workers were peeing in trash cans near their work areas. Bezos sucks and should give all his money to CNJFO.
  15. Amazon work their people like dogs. They barely have a 180 retention rate. Also Amazon is up to 17.25hr as the signs say near me. Apparently in creasing the minimum wage doesn't make a better worker or create a better work ethic. Who wudda thunk it? And to this day they swear they weren't real models! I looked hard and I couldn't tell!
  16. The irony is Sears started out as catalog sales. When they did they revolutionized retailing. In 1906 catalog sales was what the internet and Amazon is today. And it had the same impact on Mom & Pop stores as Amazon does on the brick and mortars today. Over the years Sears grew from catalog to stores to strip malls to megamalls to sudden death. They're getting dusted the same way they crushed the Mom & Pop stores. And the face of retailing changed rapidly on them by Amazon as they rapidly changed the face of retailing in their days. Now Amazon is dabbling in brick and mortars. What goes around comes around.
  17. This is not the first horror story I've heard about Sears. They carry other peoples businesses on their site and don't sell their own stuff anymore. It's a shame what they've become.
  18. So what are you saying? You don't have balls of steel?
  19. Also, if you're not a patient person or you are a claustrophobic - brace your self. You'll be running out for air a lot after laying in those cabinets.
  20. Yeah. Are they going to replace all the mags we turned in?
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