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  1. Barr's words left it wide open for an Obstruction investigation. Stay tuned.
  2. I have the.45. I like it. What your looking at is just what my wife is looking for. NJSP just cashed her check so we should have permits in hand this week. I’ll pm you my number. We can talk in the am.
  3. I wonder how many of us see each other and never realize it?
  4. That was like the easiest thread fuckup I’ve done.
  5. Alright. Re-read that and make it clear to whom you mean you’re marrying before @High Exposure sees it.
  6. Yeah, the state. I'm sorry but I refuse to believe they created a system to make things better for us. There's more to it.
  7. Well, Kingwood Barracks here. 2/2/19 and still waiting without word.
  8. I may raid you for yours. I’ve got 3 permits coming and that’s on my list with a CZ.
  9. I heard about this guy who got caught on rt. 80 last week. He was traveling and got a blowout. Hollow point ammo came flying out of the hole in the tire sidewall. When the flat bed came to tow him the trunk lid flew open as the car tilted. An AR slid out from the trunk. A passing trucker noticed it had a bayonet mount on it and call the troopers. When the troopers arrived the guy cracked up at the thought of being arrested. So he stripped all his clothes off, jumped over the guard rail and ran into the woods never to be seen again. He’s known to be wondering the woods of Hibernia. And if you real quiet on some days in Rockaway, they say you can hear him howling.
  10. My pm is acting like it's not going through. Did you get my response?
  11. At the very least gun owners and republicans. Word of mouth, make the topic as often as possible. Support all gun friendly candidates as possible through donations stickers and signage or both. If you’re the type to vulenteer do so. And I’m sure there’s a hundred other things I’m not thinking of. These are the types of things the opposition does.
  12. Postponements and delays are very common in the legal system.
  13. They pick an area that is beautiful for their standards and affordable without knowledge or caring about how it got that way or what it takes to stay that way. Then they demand changes that destroy the place and leave it to another in search of the same dreams and ruin the new place too. They don't assimilate. They're spoiled and want things to bend only their way. When Toll Brothers or Hovainian build one of these sprawling multi-acre cookie cutter McMansion developments the locus moving in gain voter bases. They then eventually get some of their own in elected positions and then it's all down hill from there. They mostly spread and vote from the metropolis areas. These are the votes that ruin it for the rest of the state. Happening everywhere, New York State is the most recent wanting to peel off Manhattan. The city's choices for laws aren't cutting it for upstate people. PA has a quad whammy they need to monitor. Blue sprawl from Philly, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Jersey. It's a four front battle brewing and if history shows true, it's coming. Look at the Demo-crap coming out of Texas and other states that we thought it would never happen in. The fighters can't get complacent. The fighters must stay vigilant.
  14. BobA

    Dog names

    Lukas Brandy Dino Barnabus Negan Edsel Sinclair Chuckles Jody
  15. This question/issue comes up a lot. I think I’m going to start an Uber Referance company.
  16. BobA

    Dog names

    Jacob McCanddles.
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