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  1. Yes it can. The decision to issue is also somewhat discretionary on the authorities part. And that's as much as I will post online of that. But you are more than correct with you're advice to spend the $1000.00 and get it done. With an expungment one can look anyone in the eye and say I do not have a record - legally. One can check any box "no" that asks on any application that asks if you have a record - Legally.
  2. Well at 45, if he’s been clean since 24yrs old, then this is shit.
  3. Is this the same Kamala that has her concealed carry permit?
  4. On the application there is a question that asks directly if you have any expungements. The expungement is sealed by a judge and can only be opened by one. NJSP or local LEOs can’t. Did I miss it or is this guy’s age mentioned anywhere?
  5. Or is it? The stocks will definitely be down. The question is will they stay down? S&W and Ruger still haven’t bounced to where they should be.
  6. People sued Ford because Ford knew the Pinto would explode but they still marketed it knowingly. The issue is did Remington market the gun as a human killing machine? That’s the point the grabbers are trying to make. Intent.
  7. It’s the trend. Tobacco companies and big pharmaceutical have been on the table for a while.
  8. Maybe. But that would be a point. A delusional SOB like this one could read that as he could get back his FID (or whatever Connecticut calls their version). Not that it should be Remington's fault but a case could be made. The whole thing sucks. It's the blame game. In this case the blame? Not society or authorities or family who should have addressed his mental issues. It's the gun, what else? A mental case has more rights to protect him from being cured than gun owners have to protect themselves.
  9. This^^^ might be the loop hole they're reaching through to grab their brass ring. Knowingly violating the law. Trying to prove intent. Remington intended for creeps like this to do these things as advertised. Actually if you go back and check it was his mother's fault. He was not allowed to own guns per the law but she gave him access to her safe. So he shot her and went to the school.
  10. Actually after I posted this I remembered a commercial of theirs where a pickup truck did fly into a second story of a house. Life imitates art again.
  11. Agreed. It's another example of addressing the symptoms rather than the problem. Taking his guns out of the house and not addressing his anger issues just leaves him with his machetes, chain saws, rat poison or whatever. And possibly a new situation was created by further angering a nut left alone with his helpless family. If someone is a ticking time bomb then they need to be defused not stripped of his possessions. Not made to feel any further inferior and helpless to the institution he/she is already threatening. Why can we coddle drug attics with safe houses to shoot up in, allow people to pee and poop in the streets and allow stealing from shop owners but not address these anger problems properly? Seems to me a couple of Xanex here and there instead of the authorities stealing one's private property might go a long way.
  12. I know this is a reach and Sniper will call me a dreamer but, is it possible that they didn't want to hear it "as is"? They may not have wanted to give total impunity to a corp. But would rather rule on the final verdict? Remington is being accused of deliberately marketing to children in a blood and guts way. Possibly the outcome of that needs to play out to get on their agenda? And actually I do feel that some of these car commercials over romanticize the performance of their cars for sales. Is it Porsche's fault? In my opinion, no. As parents we should be teaching our kids reality from BS. But it wouldn't surprise me at all if they don't go after them looking for a settlement.
  13. This last go-around took Trenton 39 days but took our barracks almost 3 weeks to notify us for pickup.
  14. I wonder if Farmers will make a commercial about this. “Flying Porsches. We’ve seen a few things so we cover a few things”. Bumbabumbum....bum bum bum.
  15. This system hasn't changed the fact that different Depts. and different Barracks have different waits. Also as I understand it last Weds the did a software upgrade. No telling what that will do.
  16. @Mrs. Peel find the old Mary Tyler Moore episode where Chuckles The Clown dies and maybe you’ll get a light on it.
  17. My son married a girl from Ellsworth last October. Her Grandfather owns that farm. That’s where we had the wedding. Small world.
  18. Are you familiar with the historic stone barn on crooked road?
  19. Yeah. They’re calling southern Maine western mass. It’s getting contaminated. If you drove through now you wouldn’t believe it. And the Bangor mall has been bought by a church group in hopes of keeping it out of bankruptcy. Did you live in Acadia?
  20. Yeah but I wanna go a little deeper in the woods but still be about 30 mins from civilization and a hospital. Also Holden is too expensive. The whole Bangor area is growing too quick for me and turning blue.
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