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  1. Thanks to all at Quinton for putting on the 3 gun, look forward to it every month!

    Great Fun

  2. Once again the Quinton 3 gun did not disappoint. Hard working club = great shoot!!!! Thanks everybody !
  3. (Full Disclosure) I am associated with this group. Check them out on Facebook SRD Tactical- for some unbiased student reviews. Also their web site has a blog with class reviews on it. http://srdtactical.com/
  4. Awesome Sunday 3 gun at Quinton, weather was great and once again Lou and the crew did a great job on the course of fire. This club is putting a lot of effort into these shoots and it shows.............Thanks guys!!!
  5. Another great day at Quinton 3 gun, lots of shotgun work and even a few stages with slings on. Thanks to all the hardworking members who put this on!
  6. Another great 3 Gun! weather turned out to be ideal, and all the hard working folks at Quinton put together some great courses of fire! Thanks to all! See you next month.
  7. Had a great time at first event, Thank you all. A lot of hard work involved , nice stage's and challenging targets
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