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  1. anyone know when GFH's new construction is aimed to be finished?
  2. necrobumping to +1 Tom at Oak Ridge Firearms. This was my first time with a transfer ever, and I hope that all my future ones are just as good. Tom is highly informative and knows a lot of interesting facts, and was a pleasure to deal with. Really clear with communication, and made everything really comfortable while I waited for the NICS to go through.
  3. so you're okay with a $100 annual fee?
  4. it's now bill A995: https://www.billtrack50.com/BillDetail/458838
  5. wait where does that say $100 a year
  6. this is important news. tbh i just scanned it, are we grandfathered in with our current FIDs?
  7. Thanks for the recommendation - off the top of your head if you know, what's his fee?
  8. any FFLs anyone has experience with in the Morris County area with good prices?
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