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  1. Thanks fellas, I just might go down the AFG route. It did feel good to hold. I was just looking at the Tavor today, I'm wondering how lefty friendly is this rifle.
  2. So I been debating for sometime now on what grip to purchase for some time now. I own a Sig Sauer 516 Patrol rifle. So far with I've been to the range shooting paper. Later this year I'm planning to take some rifle urban classes at Gun For Hire, I know they teach multiple target acquisition and such, so what would be a better choice? Or is this something will be a choice of preference? When I first the purchase the rifle, the LGS installed the AFG2 briefly and it felt nice to hold but passed on it... -Thanks
  3. Good day all, I came across from this site and decided to join. I try to get to the range 2 - 3 times a month. Looking forward chatting with you all -Nolo
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