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  1. Overwatch was the only after market trigger I have tried. I originally tried on someone else’s Glock. I was pretty happy with my stock trigger in my g19. And almost went stock in the G34. But took a chance on the OV and now I want it in my 19 and all future glocks lol Heard Apex are good too, but no personal experience with them
  2. In my build, just the overwatch i went with the falx bc like the curved trigger better
  3. @dajonga here is the info, sorry for the delay
  4. @Bully Upk is not totally stock. All Wolf springs, apex extractor and spring. Overwatch trigger is like butter, I loooovvveee it!
  5. Koda or Dakota Rogue Falcor Drake Bolt
  6. Welcome to the family
  7. If any of your non gun wives need “help” liquidating your gun stock. Just have her reach out to @Mrs. Peel and me, we are very friendly and willing to help with your collections
  8. Excellent time! Nice meeting everyone, good people, good food, lots of bad ass guns. The “guns to have list just” keeps getting longer Thank you to every one that helped make this event possible. Looking forward to the next one. Hey, maybe we could get NJGF T shirts for next time
  9. @GramGun79 I think what Zeke meant to say was... “please bring ALL the exotic Glocks”
  10. Are you crazy @Zeke. That G45 is very nice! Super smooth trigger, almost felt light, but still controlled. Although my targets don’t look like @High Exposure targets. I think it’s safe to say that thing felt like an extension of my arm. Adding it to the list
  11. Haha ..... your funny Not just any apple cake, either. It was Authentic German Apfelkuchen with butter rum drizzle.
  12. Lol, no... it’s a full size. I can bring it if you would like.
  13. Haven’t you tried my Beretta PX4 full stainless?
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