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  1. goose54

    Any do barrel fluting in NJ?

    Barrel Deflection Test before and after fluting https://bisonballistics.com/articles/the-fluted-barrel-stiffness-and-rifle-accuracy Tons of articles for and against fluting.
  2. goose54

    Any do barrel fluting in NJ?

    http://forum.snipershide.com/threads/barrel-fluting-poi-shift.167242/ Good article
  3. goose54

    Any do barrel fluting in NJ?

    https://www.gun-tests.com/issues/12_11/features/-4675-1.html#.XAwpcZXsbIW Good article
  4. goose54

    new SCAR 20S

    Why not a JP LRP-07 308 OR 6.5 ? You could customize the whole thing.
  5. goose54

    WTB Chinese SKS

    NJ Armslist today china sks 425$ in Jersey.. ????
  6. Check DVOR DVOR is free to join & different deals every day.. Luth-AR 223 Buffer Tube Assembly A2, BAP-1 is on sale for 27$ normally 47.95$ You'll have to check shipping ??
  7. Dexter Dexter Dexter Dexter Dexter...............
  8. Isn't there something about constructive intent ? With having all the parts at the same location ??
  9. Walmart has 50cal ammo cans for 7.23$ each. You can order online FREE Shipping. At the store in Flemington they were 8.97$ but they honor the online price of 7.23$.. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Stout-Stuff-Metal-Ammo-Box/181890587 Stout Stuff Metal Ammo Box - Walmart.com Free shipping is over 35$
  10. Winchester m1911 45 ball 230 gr FMJ at SGAMMO 233.80$ per 1000rds. https://www.sgammo.com/product/45-auto-acp-ammo/special-purchase-1000-rounds-45-auto-230-grain-fmj-winchester-service-grade
  11. IM SORRY 2 ARE AVAIL 20.5 & A 23.2 in BARRELS Only 1k

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