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  1. Ive had good experiences with SG Ammo.. Good luck at the present time finding what you want..
  2. My reasoning was--------- I have sig p226 & DMR & MPX 9mm and a 522 22lr. They are well-built--Accurate-- for the $ --and Im a fan. I saw the sig M400 tread & thought WOW a pistol brace----- an overall length of 27"-----and all I thought you would need to be legal is a VFG !!!!! Maybe have to pin and weld the muzzle device?? and walla a non-nfa firearm that meets all of the requirements. Its a Sig and its 799$ Looking at whats currently avail in NJ it seemed like a good possibility. "I do appreciate everyone who comments" even if I disagree :) THX
  3. Is it OK to purchase a sig m400 Tread 11.5 pistol overall length 27" & add an arisaka defense vertical grip ?????? Thanks for any info.
  4. I agree the wood looks and feels much better to me. Your a "bad influence" Heavyopp. Now im all interested. The Biathlon rifle action style looks fast and SMOOTH in the vids. Wish it had a little higher FPS adjustability. Good luck in the search !
  5. airgun depot is doing a preorder now for the MK2 in 22cal. is 1299.$ & In 25cal & 30cal are 1349.$
  6. What I do in this situation----- Look up the manufacturer of the make and model you desire, and look up the retail locations available on the website . If they don't have a list of retailers available ? Id give the Manufacturer a call to find the closest avail. retail location.. PCP air rifles are CRAZY these days. 45 & 50 cal at a 1k FPS..
  7. HG does not regularly update the used gun inventory. It has NOT been correct for years. I tried to make a purchase, and an employee told me it is never updated. Kind of shocking they still have used guns listed.. Its a bait and switch setup
  8. Barrel Deflection Test before and after fluting https://bisonballistics.com/articles/the-fluted-barrel-stiffness-and-rifle-accuracy Tons of articles for and against fluting.
  9. http://forum.snipershide.com/threads/barrel-fluting-poi-shift.167242/ Good article
  10. https://www.gun-tests.com/issues/12_11/features/-4675-1.html#.XAwpcZXsbIW Good article
  11. goose54

    new SCAR 20S

    Why not a JP LRP-07 308 OR 6.5 ? You could customize the whole thing.
  12. NJ Armslist today china sks 425$ in Jersey.. ????
  13. Check DVOR DVOR is free to join & different deals every day.. Luth-AR 223 Buffer Tube Assembly A2, BAP-1 is on sale for 27$ normally 47.95$ You'll have to check shipping ??
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