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  1. Barrel Deflection Test before and after fluting https://bisonballistics.com/articles/the-fluted-barrel-stiffness-and-rifle-accuracy Tons of articles for and against fluting.
  2. http://forum.snipershide.com/threads/barrel-fluting-poi-shift.167242/ Good article
  3. https://www.gun-tests.com/issues/12_11/features/-4675-1.html#.XAwpcZXsbIW Good article
  4. Why not a JP LRP-07 308 OR 6.5 ? You could customize the whole thing.
  5. NJ Armslist today china sks 425$ in Jersey.. ????
  6. Check DVOR DVOR is free to join & different deals every day.. Luth-AR 223 Buffer Tube Assembly A2, BAP-1 is on sale for 27$ normally 47.95$ You'll have to check shipping ??
  7. Dexter Dexter Dexter Dexter Dexter...............
  8. Isn't there something about constructive intent ? With having all the parts at the same location ??
  9. Walmart has 50cal ammo cans for 7.23$ each. You can order online FREE Shipping. At the store in Flemington they were 8.97$ but they honor the online price of 7.23$.. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Stout-Stuff-Metal-Ammo-Box/181890587 Stout Stuff Metal Ammo Box - Walmart.com Free shipping is over 35$
  10. Winchester m1911 45 ball 230 gr FMJ at SGAMMO 233.80$ per 1000rds. https://www.sgammo.com/product/45-auto-acp-ammo/special-purchase-1000-rounds-45-auto-230-grain-fmj-winchester-service-grade
  11. IM SORRY 2 ARE AVAIL 20.5 & A 23.2 in BARRELS Only 1k
  12. There's a VEPR 30-06 avail now on KVAR.. Vepr's are almost gone
  13. You guys ever think about the hammer marks or firing pin marks....... On and On it goes
  14. very nice work !!!! I love the color, and the black rims.../// just looks cool///..... Love to see a pic of some smoke billowing out of the rear.... Well done
  15. only "2" vepr 5.45's left at Cheyenne mtn. as of 1:30 today....