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  1. You can backorder a 9mm upper & a 556 upper "stripped" from Spikes Tactical right now if you like. Each 115.$ I do not know ETA
  2. classic firearms & primary arms are having a sale on P MAGS. I just got a few 10s..
  3. Legal status with an Other firearms build, is it legal to have a Bayonet lug, or a 37mm launcher ? like a colt 6933 upper, or a Spikes Havoc 37mm thumper ?
  4. BCM® Intermediate Receiver Extension (A5 Buffer Tube) In stock finally.. at BravoCompanyUsa
  5. Just bought 2 from Brownells. aero m4e1 with door & forward asst. 106.$
  6. I would call the people your submitting the info to. I was one of my son's reference info for firearms ID & pistol permits. Yes Im his Dad. He did all online applications. It said nothing on the form about relatives "not qualifying" as a reference. He has received his Firearms ID CARD & Pistol permits for NJ Look at the online form it should contain instructions
  7. Ive had good experiences with SG Ammo.. Good luck at the present time finding what you want..
  8. My reasoning was--------- I have sig p226 & DMR & MPX 9mm and a 522 22lr. They are well-built--Accurate-- for the $ --and Im a fan. I saw the sig M400 tread & thought WOW a pistol brace----- an overall length of 27"-----and all I thought you would need to be legal is a VFG !!!!! Maybe have to pin and weld the muzzle device?? and walla a non-nfa firearm that meets all of the requirements. Its a Sig and its 799$ Looking at whats currently avail in NJ it seemed like a good possibility. "I do appreciate everyone who comments" even if I disagree :) THX
  9. Is it OK to purchase a sig m400 Tread 11.5 pistol overall length 27" & add an arisaka defense vertical grip ?????? Thanks for any info.
  10. I agree the wood looks and feels much better to me. Your a "bad influence" Heavyopp. Now im all interested. The Biathlon rifle action style looks fast and SMOOTH in the vids. Wish it had a little higher FPS adjustability. Good luck in the search !
  11. airgun depot is doing a preorder now for the MK2 in 22cal. is 1299.$ & In 25cal & 30cal are 1349.$
  12. What I do in this situation----- Look up the manufacturer of the make and model you desire, and look up the retail locations available on the website . If they don't have a list of retailers available ? Id give the Manufacturer a call to find the closest avail. retail location.. PCP air rifles are CRAZY these days. 45 & 50 cal at a 1k FPS..
  13. HG does not regularly update the used gun inventory. It has NOT been correct for years. I tried to make a purchase, and an employee told me it is never updated. Kind of shocking they still have used guns listed.. Its a bait and switch setup
  14. Barrel Deflection Test before and after fluting https://bisonballistics.com/articles/the-fluted-barrel-stiffness-and-rifle-accuracy Tons of articles for and against fluting.
  15. http://forum.snipershide.com/threads/barrel-fluting-poi-shift.167242/ Good article
  16. https://www.gun-tests.com/issues/12_11/features/-4675-1.html#.XAwpcZXsbIW Good article
  17. goose54

    new SCAR 20S

    Why not a JP LRP-07 308 OR 6.5 ? You could customize the whole thing.
  18. Dexter Dexter Dexter Dexter Dexter...............
  19. Walmart has 50cal ammo cans for 7.23$ each. You can order online FREE Shipping. At the store in Flemington they were 8.97$ but they honor the online price of 7.23$.. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Stout-Stuff-Metal-Ammo-Box/181890587 Stout Stuff Metal Ammo Box - Walmart.com Free shipping is over 35$
  20. Winchester m1911 45 ball 230 gr FMJ at SGAMMO 233.80$ per 1000rds. https://www.sgammo.com/product/45-auto-acp-ammo/special-purchase-1000-rounds-45-auto-230-grain-fmj-winchester-service-grade
  21. IM SORRY 2 ARE AVAIL 20.5 & A 23.2 in BARRELS Only 1k
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