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  1. I don't know what I"m talking about. I didn't catch the poker angle. If you're not familiar, a summer biathlon is running and shooting a 22 caliber rifle. Anyway, don't mind me.
  2. I participated in a "Summer Biathlon" many years ago at a range in northern New Jersey. Is this the same concept but done on motorcycles?
  3. I don't know how Murphy would feel about that. The colors would seem to suggest its "inclusiveness".
  4. Indeed. I can't pick it up myself because the station commander, a lieutenant, has to sign it.
  5. So I filed my application on line on 30 April. And all of the steps have been completed as of 9 May 2019. Under the old system, this is where I wait for the two notifications above, which usually take about 5 1/2 months, give or take. Under the new system, I may not get the paperwork any faster, but I have a pretty good idea where it is sitting.
  6. I received e-mail notifications that both of my references responded both with their questionnaires completed, my criminal background check has been completed, employment verification was done, and since I've lived in NJ for at least ten years, a mental health background check was not required. Fingerprints are already on file. This is for 3 P2Ps. Does anyone know what the next step is?
  7. I didn't think this new system would improve the process for anyone that had to deal with the NJSP. While I see process completion times between 8 days and 7 weeks on average (for municipal police departments) when I read through this thread, the state police is another matter.
  8. My daughter is a flaming liberal. College graduate (naturally), a Bernie supporter, and a Phil Murphy fan club member. I took her to the range one day because she was bored and she found she actually likes shooting. And she's quite good with revolver, which is saying something. She'll ask me when am I going to the range next time. If you have not already, take her to the range (after the child's birth of course) and see what she thinks of it.
  9. I will echo what they both said above regarding the offering of a position. The recruiter will tell you anything you want to hear. However, it is at the MEPS, towards the end of the process, where someone will sit down with your son and tell him what he qualified for and what openings are available. You usually have at least two choices, sometimes more.
  10. I served and retired after 22 years in the Army. The ASVAB I'm familiar with had many scores, not just one. For example, there were scores for GM (general mechanical), CT (clerical technical), MM (mechanical maintenance), GT (general technical), etc. I guess things change. Basic training for Air Force personnel is at Lackland AFB, TX. Depending on the Intel position, he'll likely either go to Fort Huachuca, AZ or Fort Meade, MD. Unless the Air Force opened up their own school. Jobs are pretty good after the military. We have Intel Subject Matter Experts on the training teams in my program. I wish him the best of luck in whether he decides.
  11. So this question was asked several days ago and was never answered. Four posts after it was asked, I guess someone attempted to answer but didn't finish their response.
  12. It sounds like you might be advocating for a "living wage". Jobs in retail (like Walmart), fast food, filling stations, and the like are NOT for people that are out on their own making a living. They are for the high school or college student making a little money or a recent retiree looking to supplement his/her Social Security. Careful and smart career planning should start while someone is in high school. A person who earns a BA in Liberal Arts should not be surprised that a person with a BS in Nursing will make more money than they will. There are a number of government programs available to people who are "working a second or third job". We had a guy in our shop who working as a trailer mechanic making $12 an hour. He wanted to go to a diesel technology school to become a mechanic to make, potentially 60 to 80k a year, depending on the market. The government program we hooked him up with allowed him to go to school at night for two years, receive a small stipend for books and incidentals, and a brand new toolbox loaded with tools that he keeps provided he completed the program (he did). He ended up earning all of the ASE certifications needed to become a Master Technician. I don't remember the name of that government program but my point is there are a lot of them. You just need to figure out what you want to do. College isn't always the answer.
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