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  1. dilbert1967

    indoor fm antenna

    You might want to try Ace or Tru-Value Hardware. Or better yet, an independent hardware store. They seem to have stuff no one else has.
  2. dilbert1967

    Freezer size? Need Advice!

    I just bought an upright freezer yesterday. Its a Danby "Designer" 4.3 cu ft. model. Estimated energy consumption is $31 a year. According to the data plate, it draws 1.1 amps at 120 volts. We chose an upright because it makes more efficient use of space. And its easier to keep organized, rotating the different products to avoid freezer burn. We found it at Best Buy.
  3. This is Alabama, not New Jersey. I spent a few years in Huntsville. Nice town. This isn't something that is an everyday occurrence there.
  4. dilbert1967

    New guy 1911 on a budget

    The Remington R1 1911 can be had for about $650.00. Rock Island Armory (Armscor) models are going for about $700. I know some people are not keen on Remington, however, the R1 I handled and fired was great. Fit and finish was exceptional. Can't speak about RIA, I've never seen any of their products much less used one. https://www.rkguns.com/
  5. dilbert1967

    cordless impact

    I like Milwaukee. I used their cord and cordless power tools when I was a diesel mechanic.
  6. dilbert1967

    Cost of living comparison: NJ vs. Other States

    I've lived in southern Burlington County for the past 30 years. With a 3 bedroom, two bath home on 1 acre, I'm paying $7K a year. But considering our school system rates a "2.5" on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being outstanding) and we do not have a municipal police department, I gotta ask what are they doing with the money? My wife and I will be retiring in 4 - 5 years so we need to find a place that's fairly close to her family and friends but will go easy on our pocket book. Not far from the town of Ottsville, PA I saw a home identical to ours also on 1 acre for less than what I would get for my current home (meaning I come out ahead) and the taxes were $2200 (the nearest NJ town is Frenchtown, on the Delaware River). Still have a lot of research to conduct but it will be a balancing act of: taxes paid, health care availability, cost of groceries and fuel, and activities to do.
  7. dilbert1967

    The dreaded January 1st in NJ?

    Actually, I was being facetious. Magazines you load rounds into vs. magazines you read. Kinda backfired on me.
  8. dilbert1967

    The dreaded January 1st in NJ?

    The magazines left will be American Rifleman, Guns & Ammo, Soldier of Fortune, etc.
  9. dilbert1967

    Recaning & Reupholstering Chairs... Need Info!!

    It cost me $200 to re-cane this chair. Since it's an antique, and I have no idea what I'm doing (re-caning) I'd rather have a professional do it.
  10. dilbert1967

    Recaning & Reupholstering Chairs... Need Info!!

    I don't know about whether he does upholstery but I've had work done by the company in the link below: https://businessfinder.nj.com/233548/Granddads-Refinishing-LLC-Mount-Laurel-NJ He re-caned the chair in the attached photo. Good luck!
  11. dilbert1967

    Why Outlawing Guns Doesn't Work

    All three countries you mentioned above are, by definition in the below links, constitutional monarchies. All three have socialist tendencies but are not socialist governments. Sweden falls into the same category. When you have a government that says who gets what, how much, and at what price, that would be the mark of a socialist government. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_of_Canada https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_of_Australia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_of_the_United_Kingdom
  12. I don't know anyone outside this state that can store my magazines. I only have four magazines. At $1.25 a piece for storage, in eighteen months, I will have paid for the total worth of the magazines.....when they were new. So those mags are getting crushed in a vise and when I retire in a few years to a less tax, non-sanctuary state, I'll replace them. It wasn't my favorite pistol anyway.
  13. Given that MacArthur of the 3rd Congressional District appears to have lost to Andy Kim, Melendez has won despite his certain......preferences, and the Democrats in Burlington County will control the Freeholder Board despite one of those elected having a domestic violence history, I would say that Trump Derangement Syndrome in NJ means we are stuck with Murphy for his full term.
  14. dilbert1967

    Sales Tax on Internet Sales...?

    In fifteen to twenty years, all but the largest brick and mortar stores will be gone. All but the largest malls in NJ will be gone (think Woodbridge Center) will be gone. We don't have a "needed revenue" problem in NJ, we have a spending problem.....on things we shouldn't be spending anything on.

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