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  1. According to John Lott's "Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States: 2018" report , Pennsylvania has 1.3 million license to carry permit holders (Texas also has 1.3 million). Florida is number #1 with 1.9 million. That's a lot of people to mobilize to march in Harrisburg and galvanize opposition to gun control bills the left introduces. That figure does not include the hunters. I'm envious of that kind of potential political clout.
  2. I know several SP officers current and retired. Senior SP officers tend to line up with the governor because once you make Captain or Major, the job tends to become a little political. Rank and file SP officers may or may not agree with the politicians but remain silent because they are hoping to advance careerwise. Sheriff's officers in New Jersey are not the same as New Mexico. Even a Republican sheriff wouldn't dream of declaring a 2nd amendment sanctuary in his or her county. I can't remember the last time I've heard a PBA or FOP representative speak about ANYTHING much less the 2nd amendment.
  3. I don't think he'll end P2P because that's been giving him a database to start with. The problem is its not updated. People move out of state, pass away, and family members inherit the "collection". I guess he thinks he solved the inheritance "problem" with the new bill he's proposing. He's not going to solve the ammo reporting "problem" either. But he will make it more difficult to buy and drive some of the smaller gun shops out of business. They could also relocate to PA.
  4. I going to put in the paperwork for two P2Ps just to see how long it takes to process them. I should have them by Labor Day (takes about 5 months and 3 weeks).
  5. Our NJ Firearms ID card came into being two years before the Gun Control Act of 1968. The Sill Act of 1966 (named after Arthur Sill, Richard Hughes's Attorney General) resulted in the ID card, the Permit to Purchase system, and the "justifiable need" provision. I am told that the Sill Act is modeled after the Gun Control Act of 1938............. implemented in Nazi Germany. Hughes and Sill allegedly managed to get a translated coy of the 1938 Act from Richard Blumenthal, US Senator from Connecticut to use as a blueprint. And now we have federal buildings honoring Hughes with his name on them.
  6. I will hang on to my diesel truck, kicking and screaming all the way
  7. Also, reciprocity with other states. For example, if you have a resident NH carry permit, you can carry in PA.
  8. THEY seem to like their own version of the "constitution" better.....that would be the New Jersey Constitution, signed in 1946. Interestingly enough, there is no reference to the 2nd Amendment in that document.
  9. I would leave NJ because I want to retire in a place where your money goes further, better weather, less taxation, and gun rights would absolutely be a fringe benefit of that. Taxes will continue to go up............but my pension will not.
  10. You write very well. Why not have someone that meets the "qualifications" read your script?
  11. I don't see how it couldn't hurt to contact him. When you click on the button that says "Take Action", it gives you a form letter where you put your name and e-mail address and off it goes. I deleted the form letter and proceeded to write my own. I mentioned the two studies, done by anti-gun groups, that stated that proposed legislation like HR 8 would have had no effect on the outcome in almost all of the recent mass shootings. I cited some more statistics and ended the letter. I wanted to keep it short because I don't know what kind of attention span he has. On a positive note, I am maintaining my letter writing skills, such as they are, because its becoming a lost art.
  12. I've noticed that NJ doesn't have one person (channel) that focuses on NJ politics/2nd Amendment issues on YouTube. The State Media seem to focus on controlling the "message" on commercial broadcast and cable TV. Conservatives in general seem to have a larger slice of the pie (audience) when it comes to AM broadcast radio. I think we would do well to branch out to other media such as YouTube. There are a lot of pro 2nd Amendment folks with a channel that research, write, and produce their own channel. The content doesn't have to be 100% 2nd Amendment related all the time, heck, the knuckleheads in Trenton are always giving us something to write about! The content of conservative/2nd Amendment channels are very informative, the shows are generally entertaining. Some of these people live in states like NJ (think CA, MA, IL, and MD). Others live in "free" states such as WV, VA, and MO. One caveat to this is you have to look good in front of a camera! For example, check out videos by "Liberty Doll" on YouTube. She has several 2nd Amendment-related videos and lives in "Massachusetts-stan". Its clear she's reading from a script, however, she researches her topics well and gets her point across by the end of the video. I would gladly make a contribution to someone willing to embark on this type of endeavor. Well, anyway, the gentlemen above posed the question and I had an idea to throw out there.
  13. In the article it states that "New Jersey has previously ignored the appeal". If New Jersey fails to present their case, can the Supreme Court arbitrarily rule in favor of ANJRPC without hearing the state's argument? If yes, I'll count that as a "win" and take it any way I can.
  14. No, slow is 5 1/2 months. Red Lion Barracks, NJSP.
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