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  1. Given that MacArthur of the 3rd Congressional District appears to have lost to Andy Kim, Melendez has won despite his certain......preferences, and the Democrats in Burlington County will control the Freeholder Board despite one of those elected having a domestic violence history, I would say that Trump Derangement Syndrome in NJ means we are stuck with Murphy for his full term.
  2. In fifteen to twenty years, all but the largest brick and mortar stores will be gone. All but the largest malls in NJ will be gone (think Woodbridge Center) will be gone. We don't have a "needed revenue" problem in NJ, we have a spending problem.....on things we shouldn't be spending anything on.
  3. Strange, I was fine qualifying with my M9 Beretta, and I was still fine a few months later, after retiring, firing my Beretta 92F. Never got the "affliction".
  4. Best of luck to you! I am definitely stopping in next week to see what you have.
  5. I can't agree with you more. A classic example is the Libertarian Party's 2016 Vice Presidential candidate, William Weld. A former MA anti-gun governor. And he was representing a political party that specifically stood for the Bill of Rights. I don't know what Gary Johnson was thinking.
  6. In September 2014, I attended a NJ2AS gathering at the Stone Harbor Country Club to hear several politicians speak about concealed carry in NJ. State Senator Jeff Van Drew, Cape May County Sheriff Gary Schaefer, the Middle Township Police Chief, and a Republican assemblyman whose name I can't recall. The consensus of the meeting was all four favored concealed carry in NJ with a semi-annual qualification requirement such as the RPO Qualification Course. Yesterday, I get an e-mail from NJ2AS stating that Van Drew will have to decide to vote for or against the 6+ anti-gun bills in the Senate. NJ2AS seems to think he will vote in favor of each bill. He is looking to take over the seat of Frank LoBiondo, who is leaving Congress. I was under the impression that Jeff Van Drew was one of the few, perhaps the only, Democrat to receive an "A" rating from the NRA. All can find about him currently is this: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/politics/jeff-van-drew-nra-tanzie-youngblood-gun-control-democrats-new-jersey-2nd-congressional-district-debate-video-midterm-elections-2018-20180222.html Apparently his still pro-gun but NJ2AS doesn't think so? Any thoughts?
  7. I stopped in yesterday. They are still waiting.
  8. I was at the NJSAFECON last year and I met the "Shrink" and we talked about other stuff. We contacted him yesterday and.....let's just say we are trying something. else.
  9. After some digging, I found that NPs are in fact "licensed independent practitioners" in NJ. https://www.midlevelu.com/blog/nurse-practitioner-scope-practice-new-jersey They also don't work directly under an M.D., they are simply required to "collaborate" with them either by phone or e-mail. And according to the article, by national standards, NJ NPs rank in the middle of the states. Interesting stuff......
  10. I was unaware of a Nurse Practitioner having to practice under the auspices of a Medical Doctor. I'll have to let her know to look into it. I wil have to check out Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership. If it came to a court proceeding, she would have to stop there. Neither of us have the resources to pursue it. I would like to thank everyone who replied. Its actually generated some additional ideas to look at....
  11. My daughter applied for a NJ FID and P2P in early February of this year. She takes medication for mild anxiety prescribed from a Nurse Practitioner she sees monthly. Last week, a state trooper called her to say that her FID and P2P applications was "kicked back" and they require a letter from the Nurse Practitioner stating she is cleared to be around firearms. The Nurse Practitioner refuses to write a letter. I contacted one of the lawyers that ANJRPC has on retainer and he stated that she might try to get an independent evaluation from a psychologist and submit that instead of a letter. If they reject the applications and evaluation, she would have 30 days to appeal. The lawyer stated, of course, he would be more than happy to represent her in an appeal. I've searched this forum for a similar situation but didn't find anything that came close. Any ideas that would contribute to solving this would be more than welcome.
  12. Is there a venue picked out or is it too early to select one?
  13. Actually, this might be too complicated for the politicians to understand.
  14. I guess its time to find another ammunition dealer. Used to get most of it from Dick's when it was on sale. Now its either Cabelas in Hamburg or Priority One Army Navy right down the street from them.
  15. The Great American Outdoor Show is taking place in Harrisburg on 3 - 11 Feb. https://www.tradefairdates.com/Great-American-Outdoor-Show-M10881/Harrisburg.html I have to work in Harrisburg that weekend and found out about this event by accident.