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  1. I'm thinking we would look like France. A "first world nation" with a huge number of refugees from other countries. And I believe gun rights are non-existent.
  2. I did not know that. Most of my rigs are vaccuum tube driven for that reason. Thanks for the info!
  3. An amateur radio setup will work in an EMP-impacted environment only if the radio uses vaccuum tubes. If a solid state radio is within range of the EMP blast/fallout, the internals will be fried. Vaccuum tubes are immune to EMP. Mr. Stu is right about the "pay as you go" phones. Even if you protect the phone, computers make the connection. They will likely be fried anyway.
  4. I think the messaging matters. Republicans need to find a way to connect with them. Kim G. failed at that during her gubernatorial run for governor. Not all democrats are gun haters. My daughter is a gun owner and likes to shoot.....a lot..........and she's a democrat.
  5. Wow, that idea sounds great! I live in Pinelands myself. Mrs. Peel is correct, contact an environmental firm before you purchase your property. In my area, I can think of three construction projects that were stopped by rare species of animals that lived on the land of the proposed projects. IMO, you would be better off south of Hammonton because the environmental headaches would be fewer. Best of luck to you!
  6. The take-away from this interaction is prior that to June 22, 2022, anyone carrying a firearm and didn't supply active or retired law enforcement credentials was immediately arrested. NJ police officers now have to think a bit before bringing out the handcuffs. I hope they can handle that. Police officers in other states have been doing this for years.
  7. I commented over a week ago that I thought it was alcohol poisoning. The fact that Murphy refuses to discuss this, to me, means that what happened doesn't fit the narrative they want. So I'm thinking, like several others on here, it's jabs for the Fauci Fungus.
  8. That's right! The people in the cemetery's in Trenton, Camden, Newark, and Atlantic City have a say in this too!
  9. I had two friends that passed away from alcohol poisoning. Their facial features changed radically in just a few years. Once the liver shuts down, there is very little that medical folks can do.
  10. That's true, however, they also state on the form that you list all of the firearms intend to carry, by serial number. Heck, they already have that information in my case.
  11. Another great show! At 17:50, Sandy talks about firing at 25 yards. The only scenario I can think of where that might be legal would be if a family member is trapped, perhaps under cover?, between you and the perp and the perp is 25 yards from you.
  12. dilbert1967

    Ham radio

    Too many 2nd and 3rd order harmonics to suit me
  13. dilbert1967

    Ham radio

    I first got my license in 1978 as a Novice. When I renew, I'll follow the authors advice and use a P.O. Box in a nearby town. Foolproof? No, but better than looking up my call sign in the database and getting my physical address.
  14. I really enjoyed your show! And you're right: 2A folks need to stop arguing among ourselves. Interesting that the NJ AG wants us to shoot at 25 yards.....yet we are supposed to be retreating (I'll be running when I'm "retreating")
  15. In addition to the good advice given in the previous post, there was an individual, who was an active member of this forum, who was attempting to get his FFL a few years right around the time the Fauci Fungus started. He chronicled his journey, detailing his dealings with the local zoning board, ATF, and the NJSP. He might be able to give insight from his perspective. Just a thought.
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