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  1. They already "have their way". With their school funding cut, they will have to closed one of their schools.
  2. Last night, by a vote of 5 - 0, the Tabernacle Township Committee approved Resolution 2020-52 "to declare the Township of Tabernacle a 2nd Amendment/Lawful Gun Owner Sanctuary Township". I counted over 100 people attending which was amazing given the size of the room. Committee member Nancy McGinnis introduced the Resolution. Over 35 people spoke during the public comments time period. Theresa Innacker brought several members of her CNJFO group and all did a great job speaking on behalf of the Resolution. The people against the Resolution clearly either did not read it or thought it was designed to circumvent state law. Yes, its symbolic, but we have to start somewhere. Thanks Cliff for the invite. I would not have known (or had a chance to speak in favor) about it otherwise. https://www.townshipoftabernacle-nj.gov/PUBLIC AGENDA - 2-24-2020.pdf
  3. Forget about grease. There's enough sodium in that sandwich to send six people's blood pressure skyrocketing.
  4. I didn't learn "personal financial management" in school, it was instilled in me by my parents. Today, my house is paid for, no student loan debt, an auto loan that will be paid in one year, and no credit card debt (I pay it off at the end of the billing cycle, if I can't afford it, I don't buy it). I didn't know it was taught in schools today.
  5. That reminds me too much of basic training. If I had to do "for real", I could. But that is no longer "fun" for me.
  6. It is. The difference is, in a winter biathlon, you set out on skis with your rifle slung on your back. In the summer biathlon, the rifle is waiting for you at your shooting position when you get back from your run. At least that's how I remember it.
  7. About twenty years ago, I participated in a summer biathlon at a range in North Jersey. At 50m, you are shooting at a 11cm plate standing and a 5cm plate in the prone. It was a humbling experience!
  8. It happens to them too. Some time ago, A Trenton police officer, living in Lumberton, left his service weapon accessible on his dresser, his four year old got a hold of it and started playing with it. The gun discharged, killing the four year old. I don't remember what happened to the officer other than he was fired.
  9. Murphy has weaponized the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance which has resulted in four of the six major "insurance carriers" (in the link below) either not allowed to market their products or they have pulled up stakes and left. In the row marked "Available Nationwide?" Three flat out state "not available in NJ". The fourth one is FLP which is marketed in 32 states.....NJ is not one of them. I frequently carry in VA and certain New England states and I had coverage with one of them. The remaining two don't provide for civil damages. Is anyone aware of any other type of "legal defense fund" products out there? https://www.concealedcarry.com/self-defense-gun-owner-insurance-programs-compared/
  10. The only way I'd get on a NYC subway is armed to the teeth and able to put on the moves that would rival Chuck Norris.
  11. Neither Is his "upstanding, stellar" co-hort in the Senate.
  12. Wow, that's interesting. I have bought six handguns in the past two and a half years at six different gun shops and all of them asked for my driver's license and FPID....and the P2P of course.
  13. Mrs. Peel and AVB have a point. Before the internet, you would read such trash and/or tragedies in the National Enquirer and the Midnight Globe, to name two. Those "rags" are pretty much gone now (or not worth talking anymore) and have been replaced by YouTube videos, on-line news outlets, and similar sources. And from the time the incident happens to the time until the time it goes on line in whatever form, it is almost instantaneous. And, of course, the more "clicks", the better for the person posting.
  14. They had perhaps 10 - 12 or so handguns in the display case and 25 - 30 long guns mounted on the wall behind the cases. Didn't get a good look at the prices of the long guns. A lot of AR platform stuff, some bolt rifles, and pump shotguns. For handguns, Springfield XDM, several Glocks, a few Sigs, and some revolvers. The one that sticks out in my mind was the Springfield XDM at $425. They have a website but their Facebook page appears more current with their inventory. https://www.facebook.com/PK-Firearms-Ammo-Inc-458590830862929/
  15. Too much alcohol or he was on drugs. I was at that gun shop last week.
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