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  1. In 1987 or so when Florida passed concealed carry, I remember liberals and their media minions were screaming "there will blood in the streets". Newspaper headlines were saying the same thing. As to why we haven't had a mass shooting yet in NJ, I'm thinking it boils down to luck. Because law-abiding don't commit mass shootings.
  2. I live in the Medford/Medford Lakes area and will travel to Rahway to get what I need done by this guy. He is that good. J DEPAZZA GUNSMITH 732-382-4066 344 ST GEORGES AVE, RAHWAY, NJ 07065
  3. I sent my e-mail opposing the five bills ANJPRC stated was scheduled to be heard tomorrow. I got an e-mail today for NJ2AS stating there were four additional bills scheduled for Wednesday as well. Nationally, the only way this turns out favorably for us is if the U.S Supreme Court states exactly what the requirements are to get a concealed carry permit. However I doubt that they would ever go into that level of detail.
  4. Yes, I do. I have not heard about this until now. Just one more item to stock up on.
  5. Unless it states that specifically in the contract, Winchester should be able to sell to anyone. I work for a defense contractor and, unless its in the "Statement of Work", then we are not required to do it. The government would have to amend the contract and all parties would have to agree.
  6. I use this to improve my control when using a handgun. I'm sure grip strength decreases when you age. I'm also sure there are other products out there. In addition to Amazon, REI Sports has them as well. https://www.amazon.com/PROHANDS-Strengthener-Spring-Loaded-Finger-Piston-Tension/dp/B000UMHUSI/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=Gripmaster&qid=1649642655&sr=8-6
  7. This stove is over 20 years old so in my research back then, I discovered that a catalytic converter could be expected to last 5 years. Routine maintenance consisted of taking apart the stove and cleaning the converter annually. When you say you "don't get more than 6'ish hours average" I take that to mean you fill up the burn box and don't have to add wood for six hours? If that's the case, and that's what you are looking for, I don't recommend this stove. Burn time to add wood for this stove is between 30 - 60 minutes.
  8. I have the Aspen 1920 model. I had a choice between the catalytic converter and a second burn chamber submodel. I chose the second burn chamber because the catalytic converter requires maintenance and eventually replacing the converter. After an hour or so, if you look at the chimney outside, you can't tell I'm burning until you see the heat coming off the chimney. No smoke is visible. When I had it installed, the code inspector was more concerned with the hearth construction than the smoke the unit produced.
  9. I started prepping in 2008, however, I'm going to refrain from stating why for obvious reasons.
  10. I have a Vermont Castings stove. It will heat the whole house keeping it around 70 degrees even if the outside temperature is below zero. I've had the stove for over 20 years and use about 2 cords during the winter.
  11. If the police department is insisting upon that requirement, I would reach out to NJ2AS (www.NJ2AS.org). Alex may be able to help you out. I'm really curious as to which PD that is. If that doesn't work, then Johnny B already suggested the next step: hire a 2A lawyer.
  12. About one year ago, a family member needed a similar letter to get a NJFID. The family member contacted Dr. Pirelli's office and was assigned to one of his staff psychologists. It did not have to be a psychiatrist. About three months later, the family member submitted the application for a NJFID, two P2P, and the completed letter to the NJ State Police (we don't have a municipal police department). About two months after that, we were shopping for two pistols. Dr. Pirelli's services aren't cheap, however, when you read the finished letter, you can immediately determine a lot of thought went into writing it. Even the state trooper who took the paperwork was impressed.
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