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  1. I think the only thing that might have changed is that, for a short period of time, a NR New Hampshire permit holder was legally able to carry in PA but now you can't because of reciprocity changes. That was courtesy of Josh Shapiro, the PA Attorney General. I don't think the paperwork changed.
  2. Wow, that joke reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield!
  3. Nice equipment. If they get hit at night, with no moon, they would have a nice ambush ready. During the day, the setup would have to be re-worked (Their camouflage and clothing does not match their environment) . I like it!
  4. I'm interested in how those who made the move to PA began the process. Whether it be a 55 plus retirement community, a smaller home located in a small town, or something else. For example, if looking in a retirement community, at what point did you ask if having firearms in your home violate the Home Owner's Agreement? I don't think I'd have a problem with that issue when dealing with a standalone house in town. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. His last movie, Rambo, also accurately depicted what was going on in the country formerly known as Burma. The only thing inaccurate about that movie was, if you fire a .50 caliber (or 12.7mm) machine gun for as long as he did, the gun would have overheated. I had no idea he was blooming idiot.
  6. There is a similar thread where I posted updated information regarding how long it took for the process to work for me. I can't find it. To sum it up: instead of 5 1/2 months, the new process takes 3 1/2 months. I submitted the application on line on 30 April, the Criminal History Check was completed on 5 May, the Application was approved on 7 July, the Permits were typed up on 30 July, and I got the phone call to pick them up on 13 August. Hope this helps.
  7. The media is saying that cruise missiles were used? If that were the case, this picture would show bent and twisted pipelines and chunks of metal from what was left of the storage tanks. NOT tanks with holes in them.
  8. I've searched this forum and the internet looking the date, time, and location of the 2019 NJ SAFE Conference. Its usually mid to late September. Couldn't find anything. I typically get a flyer in the mail three to four weeks prior to the conference. Again nothing. Has anyone heard as to whether there is even a NJ SAFE Conference scheduled this year?
  9. You might want to try Green Academy of Personal Protection. http://www.gappnj.com/ They assist people in getting the class work and application filled out for the Utah and Arizona non-resident permits which also includes getting fingerprinted by a police officer. I'm pretty sure Cameron Green, for a small fee, would have the officer fingerprint you for your Florida permit. He generally teaches a non-resident conceal carry course once a month at ShootersNJ in Egg Harbor Township.
  10. Yeah, but is there anyone left in the department that still knows how to build one??
  11. Applied for three P2P. I deal with the Red Lion Barracks in Southampton. Submitted the digital forms on 30 April and got a call today to pick them. Approximately three and a half months. Sounds terrible, but the old system took five and a half months and my references never received anything in the mail.
  12. If you're right, and the husband/father had little to no instruction and/or training with the firearm, I think he would have had greater success using his fist.
  13. Whoa.....thank goodness "assault wrenches" are legal in VA.
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