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  1. 709 submissions and a two day backlog. It hasn't been that "good" since early December. On a positive note, it means people are buying what they need regardless of what is happening in Trenton.
  2. Maybe someone who completed the process regarding your first question could answer it. The second question, only PA resident permits have reciprocity with other states such as Florida https://www.handgunlaw.us/states/pennsylvania.pdf
  3. For anyone interested, I attended a presentation by a representative from US LawShield at WeShoot USA yesterday morning. He told the group that USL is working to build an insurance package that would the meet the requirements under the revised NJ law. They anticipate to have it ready by late spring.
  4. Heritage Guild in Rahway, NJ. He's worked on my Ruger revolvers and my Rossi lever action carbine.
  5. Agree. And if that municipality doesn't have a police department, the entire fee would likely go to the state. Phil gets enough of my money.
  6. Wow! If they have the right to hire counsel "contractors", we might as well abolish the Attorney General's Office. There are dozens of Deputy Attorney Generals, in salary grades 1 through 4, that do everything from preparing for cases (grade 1) to fetching coffee for the grade 1 (salary grade 4). We could save a lot of money........
  7. Aw, Mrs. Peel, you need to stop holding back and tell us how you really feel.
  8. Greetings, welcome to the forum!
  9. That's perfect! The past six months have been busy at work and it's due to slow down by the end of March. I'll apply then.
  10. Green eggs and ham was a joke......I thought. It's a Dr. Seuss line from one of the children's books. Never mind, I can hear everyone groaning from South Jersey.
  11. Strange how this topic came up today. I was doing some cleaning yesterday and came across two C-rations of "Ham and Eggs" from 1983 when I was in basic training. I opened one and tried it, it tasted fine. And no, the eggs weren't green.
  12. 3 - 4 Sep 16 hour class held at Free State gun range in Middle River. The qualification was done on the 4th, 25 rounds at a distance between 3 and 15 yards. Shooting intervals were 5 rounds all at once, or intervals of 2 and 3 rounds for a total of 5. 19 Sep Electronic Fingerprints completed. The clock starts. 15 Oct Completed the application online. Received a confirmation e-mail indicating the system has received it. 18 Oct Received an e-mail stating that the system has "Accepted" my application. 7 Dec Received a form letter by regular mail stating my background checks were complete and came back negative. 15 Dec Received permit by mail. The first permit is valid for two years, with subsequent renewals good for three years. Fingerprinting is not required for renewal and the class room training is only 8 hours. Qualification is still required. The process was 91 days from start to finish. If I had planned more wisely, I could have scheduled multiple tasks on the same day (the class and fingerprints for example). The instructor advised us to carry the gun you qualified with in case you get into a self-defense situation down the road.
  13. PA has approximately 1.5 million CCW holders, behind Florida and Texas. https://crimeresearch.org/2022/11/concealed-carry-permit-holders-across-the-united-states-2021-2/ I don't see these people giving up their guns willingly. They are a formidable voting block to overcome. The Dems would have to start NOW writing down names of new voters, from cemeteries in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, to win upcoming elections to hang onto power. As someone has already mentioned, the 2nd Amendment is enshrined in their state constitution.
  14. He really should have a spare magazine. The extended mag could fail.
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