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  1. If the police department is insisting upon that requirement, I would reach out to NJ2AS (www.NJ2AS.org). Alex may be able to help you out. I'm really curious as to which PD that is. If that doesn't work, then Johnny B already suggested the next step: hire a 2A lawyer.
  2. About one year ago, a family member needed a similar letter to get a NJFID. The family member contacted Dr. Pirelli's office and was assigned to one of his staff psychologists. It did not have to be a psychiatrist. About three months later, the family member submitted the application for a NJFID, two P2P, and the completed letter to the NJ State Police (we don't have a municipal police department). About two months after that, we were shopping for two pistols. Dr. Pirelli's services aren't cheap, however, when you read the finished letter, you can immediately determine a lot of thought went into writing it. Even the state trooper who took the paperwork was impressed.
  3. And Murphy wants a 90 day extension of his "emergency powers" so he can combat the virus. https://savejersey.com/2022/01/murphy-wants-a-90-day-extension-of-his-emergency-powers/
  4. I think that the course that Indianajonze was suggesting is based on the fact that it focuses on safety and competency. It is a VERY basic course. IF New Jersey ever went "shall issue', they would likely drag their feet to implement it, and qualification course of fire would likely mirror what a NJ RPO would have to complete.
  5. I would recommend B&D Fabrication and Truck Repair in Tabernacle, Burlington County. They replaced a section of the uni-body underneath my '99 Jeep Cherokee with 1/8" plate steel and spraying it with sealant. They did a great job and I thought the price was reasonable given they had to drop the fuel tank to get to the rusted out area.
  6. I had a pair of "tactical" glasses made for me when I served in the military. They were tactical in every sense of the word. I could run, crawl, spar, and shoot and they stayed on my face. They even fit underneath my protective mask. I would look for a thick plastic frame. Stay away from metal, most metals corrode after a while. Plastic is extremely durable. I have had my current glasses for about 20 years.
  7. It would depend on how many people that have a cemetery address end up voting
  8. I'm looking for a lever action in 454 Casull. Have not seen them on the shelf in over a year and a half. The ammo has always been expensive but now its outrageous. I've seen a few used ones but I'm steering clear of them.
  9. I also went with US Law Shield. Their program attorneys are top notch. In choosing, you have few options available to you. The attached chart compares six of the most popular "legal defense funds" that are out there. https://www.concealedcarry.com/self-defense-gun-owner-insurance-programs-compared/
  10. The gopher received $10 billion last summer as part of a COVID relief package. He spent 5 billion on driver's licenses and college education for illegals. He still has 5 billion left. I don't know what he will end up spending it on, but it will be spent by September trying to "buy" people's vote in some shape, way, or form.
  11. As of 0855 hours on 16 July, 293 NICS requests in the queue. https://www.njportal.com/njsp/nicsverification
  12. If you are looking for prescription shooting glasses, I would try Academy Vision in Toms River. I am near-sighted. My right eye was corrected for shooting with my being able to see the front and rear sights, on a handgun or rifle, clearly, and I was still able to see the target. Left eye was corrected for distance. There was a place in North Jersey called The Eye Place, just north of Florham Park on Route 10, but I think the owner retired last year when all of the nonsense started. Both places advertised at one time or another in the ANJRPC newsletter.
  13. In four years, when my wife retires, we will be moving. At first, it was PA, but after hearing what is going on over there lately, I'm not sure what the political climate will look like. FL was the next choice, but I'm not a fan of hot humid weather. House Bill 2499 may have just changed my mind about WV.
  14. I agree with your assessment of the Rossi. I did some research and found that if you polish the feed ramp with 500 grit sand paper, the rounds feed a lot smoother. I've put 300 rounds through the carbine no failures to feed. If Marlin gets around to putting product back on the shelf, I will take a serious look a their "Dark Series" in 30-30. I like that rifle!
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