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  1. I agree with your assessment of the Rossi. I did some research and found that if you polish the feed ramp with 500 grit sand paper, the rounds feed a lot smoother. I've put 300 rounds through the carbine no failures to feed. If Marlin gets around to putting product back on the shelf, I will take a serious look a their "Dark Series" in 30-30. I like that rifle!
  2. So under "Other brands" I would recommend a Rossi R92 carbine in.357 Mag. I mention it because Ruger and Beretta PCCs don't seem to be regularly in stock anywhere. I know Shooters normally stocked several models of the Ruger PCCs when things were normal. I shoot the Ruger GP 100 in .357 in Shooter's indoor range and then take the carbine out to 150 yards on their outdoor range. When using it for home defense, I change ammo to .38 special and stay away from FMJ to avoid over-penetration. The carbine cost me 650 dollars out the door one year ago. One day I'll get an AR platform rifle, however, I refuse to pay today's prices for a "neutered" NJ compliant firearm. I'll wait till I move to a more 2A friendly (and less property taxes) state. Just my thoughts.....
  3. I would say do it. I changed careers at age 30. I joined the Army and learned several skills. They paid for my bachelor's degree and a graduate certificate. I had a great time and would do it all over again. I retired several years and will be retiring from my second job in a few years. Best of luck in what you decide.
  4. Hudson Farms can issue the green printed license. The yellow card is issued to you when you report back to the check-in table to leave after successfully completing the live fire.
  5. I completed my "live fire" yesterday at Hudson Farms. I also used a Remington 1100 semi-auto (very nice gun BTW) and hit one out of three "birds". I was done in less than 15 minutes. When I finished, I went to the club house to get my license. That process took five minutes. A very pleasant experience!
  6. Well, I got lucky this weekend. I bought 200 rounds of .357 158gr FMJ at $27.50 a box (50 rounds). The counter guy wasn't going to do it but I was taking a class there so supervisor allowed the sale. I'm glad I wasn't too greedy.
  7. Hoping that the OP is not suffering from information overload with all of these great suggestions, I'd like to recommend a different pistol caliber carbine. I have a Rossi R92 .357 magnum. It holds nine rounds in the tube and one in the chamber. I can hit targets out to 200 meters with it. Sometimes, I get some snide remarks about my choice of rifle from time to time while at the range, but when they see I'm hitting the target, they simply walk away.
  8. By "OTA" do you mean "on the air"? I think most TV stations went from analog to digital broadcasting several years ago. I'm not even sure if televisions offered for sale nowadays have connections in the back for an external antenna. Anyone know?
  9. Yup. I pretty sure someone said this elsewhere on the forum but my ammo is worth more than my guns right now.
  10. I don't know of any plans for a rally anytime soon. I had dinner with the South Jersey NRA Volunteer Coordinator last month. I know he's been in touch with the national organization to support us this year with the governor up for re-election. I see this as the perfect opportunity to set up a table at one of the many county fairs and outdoor shows and talk to the new gun owners about their "newly discovered" right. And talk about the need for firearms training to keep the new owner and those that reside with them safe.
  11. If they decide to do that, that would be one of the worst things they could do. Almost inviting bad things to happen.
  12. What's that old saying? "That's not worth the paper its printed on".
  13. As kids, we often used our bikes as a mode of transportation. We lived in the "village" of Franklin Park and took our bikes to the Princeton Shopping Center to do our Christmas shopping (before there was a Quaker Bridge Mall). Kids now have a choice between a moped, golf cart, or an off-road trail bike.
  14. You misunderstand, I think this thread is hilarious! Actually, I don't "follow" any threads. Most of the time I'll read what's posted and never comment.
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