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  1. Yeah, but is there anyone left in the department that still knows how to build one??
  2. Applied for three P2P. I deal with the Red Lion Barracks in Southampton. Submitted the digital forms on 30 April and got a call today to pick them. Approximately three and a half months. Sounds terrible, but the old system took five and a half months and my references never received anything in the mail.
  3. If you're right, and the husband/father had little to no instruction and/or training with the firearm, I think he would have had greater success using his fist.
  4. Whoa.....thank goodness "assault wrenches" are legal in VA.
  5. Hard to keep track of what is designated as what day............Today is also Flag Day and the US Army's Birthday. 244 years old!
  6. Probably for the same reason the state roads didn't get plowed and/or treated in a timely manner this past winter: Incompetence!
  7. Sadly, I personally know more people that are lighting up cigarettes than ever before. Keeping in mind that the whole state process towards firearms paperwork is unconstitutional anyway, if the money were used to speed up the process for ID cards and P2P, that would be logical. But we are talking about New Jersey. I am about 30 days into the permit process (for three permits). I should have them a few weeks before Halloween.
  8. In addition to the four bills mentioned above, there are also these bills in the Assembly: A5453 - which makes a straw purchase illegal, A5454 which will add carjacking or making terroristic threats to the list of crimes that ban people from buying firearms in the state. If you click the second link for A5454, it actually gives you the bill A5455 which will track ammunition sales, among other things. I thought straw purchases were illegal under federal law and I thought all handgun ammunition sales were already reported to the State Police. Read the article below. Its a mess. Not written coherently and several mistakes that could have been caught had they done their research. https://www.nj.com/politics/2019/05/tracking-ammunition-sales-and-requiring-more-safety-training-here-are-4-new-ways-njs-tough-gun-laws-could-get-more-strict.html
  9. dilbert1967

    Ham radio

    No, I don't think its dead. I work 80 and 40 CW in the morning (when the noise level is low) and I still hear a lot going on. Cellphones and the internet haven't killed the hobby yet. My equipment is old: Heathkit Transmitter/Receiver combo and a modified Hustler 4BTV vertical. Its fun..........and keeps me away from the Boob Tube!
  10. I don't know what I"m talking about. I didn't catch the poker angle. If you're not familiar, a summer biathlon is running and shooting a 22 caliber rifle. Anyway, don't mind me.
  11. I participated in a "Summer Biathlon" many years ago at a range in northern New Jersey. Is this the same concept but done on motorcycles?
  12. I don't know how Murphy would feel about that. The colors would seem to suggest its "inclusiveness".
  13. Indeed. I can't pick it up myself because the station commander, a lieutenant, has to sign it.
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