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  1. I grew up in a house that sat on a spring (Somerset County). ANY moderate amount of rainfall meant that my brothers and I were bailing water to assist the sump pumps. To this day, I still look at heavy rainfall and power outages differently than most people.
  2. I've been a member of US Law Shield for three years now.
  3. There are seven "insurance groups" that offer "plans" to Concealed Carry holders. Nearly all of them don't offer plans in NJ. Since Bucky has outlawed firearms liability insurance (or concealed carry insurance), some of the listed groups listed in the link refer to themselves as "legal defense funds". US Law Shield is one of them. This information is updated annually in August. https://www.concealedcarry.com/self-defense-gun-owner-insurance-programs-compared/
  4. I didn't see what anyone else was using. However, in listening to people discussing what they were going to use prior to shooting, most were using Glocks, CZs, Sigs, and Smith and Wesson's. They didn't talk about their mag capacity of the gun they were qualifying with.
  5. We did not discuss a handgun roster of any type at all on Saturday or Sunday so I can't speak to it in any way. Strange, if there were a roster, you would think the instructor would have mentioned it. Interesting, Maryland must have allowed individuals with magazines greater than 10 rounds to be "grandfathered" when they were declared "illegal" years ago. I say that because several class members talked about carrying a pistol with 15 or 17 round magazines when they received their permit. The course of fire was 25 rounds: 5 at 3yds, 5 at 5yds, 10 at 10yds, and 5 at 15 yds at a Q type silhouette target. The course was timed, however, you were loading 5 rounds at a time in a magazine for each sequence. I was shooting a revolver so it worked out well for me. One final note: there were 85 people in the class.
  6. I just completed a Maryland Handgun Wear and Carry Permit Course today. 16 hours of "death by Power Point". Yes, Maryland is on par with New Jersey with the rules and restrictions. For example, Maryland requires four references instead of NJ's three reference requirement. However, no notarizations are required and the process is done on line.
  7. For me, you've just laid out the argument to not get a permit. Not to mention, in my case, the stops I make during my everyday routine happen to be next to a school of some sort. From what I've read in other threads, if you are driving past a school and get pulled over, that could have serious consequences.
  8. If 200,000 to 300,000 applicants apply for a permit during the first year, I'm betting the judges will be removed from the process. If 2,000 to 3,000 apply, then I doubt it.
  9. I don't use social media. I had two reasons to apply for a NJ permit: I spend a lot of time in PA and in order to apply for a non-resident PA permit, you must supply a copy of your home state's permit. The other reason is a NJ permit eliminates "exceptions" when transporting firearms.........for now. It IS a violation of the 4th Amendment to provide that kind of personal information and if ANJRPC were looking for individuals to join a lawsuit, I would, and I'd make a donation to the legal team.
  10. I would try either Dauphin or Berks County. Ultimately, you are looking for a rural county that has not been "infected" by democrats. The disgraced AG you are thinking of is Kathleen Keene, who is currently serving a prison sentence. Unfortunately, she was the person who accepted a non-resident permit from NH to be used in PA for a very short time. A lot of NJ folks took advantage of that while they could. Shapiro put a stop to that as soon as he took office.
  11. dilbert1967

    Lever guns

    I would recommend a Rossi. I have it in .357 magnum with a 16 inch barrel. I am accurate to 150 meters with the factory sights. With all the craziness going on in late 2020, I realized I didn't have a rifle or carbine. I would have preferred an AR platform but refused to spend good money for a NJ neutered rifle. Shooters had the .357 magnum Rossi in stock and I paid $570 "out the door". .357 ammo wasn't a problem, I bought it when it was $12 for a box of 50 rounds.
  12. Even rednecks are smarter than these two.
  13. Congratulations! What I find interesting is there no mention in the timeline of your application packet being sent to the county prosecutor's office. Apparently, Burlington County has seen fit to send a few of the applications there, according to what I've read in this thread. Maybe I'm mistaken. Again, congrats, and be safe out there!
  14. I recommend "Orphan X" by Gregg Hurwitz. There is a whole series and that is the first one.
  15. "Alex" is Alexander Roubian, president of New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society, or NJ2AS. Or you become a member of ANJRPC. They have several lawyers (on retainer?) that can answer basic legal questions. Given the recent Supreme Court ruling, and if the MD's letter is part of the PD's standard method of applying for a permit, they are going to have to re-think their applications requirements.
  16. I agree. My work schedule is full until late September. By then, I think the steps to take to get a permit will be a bit clearer although the "system" will be bogged down with the number of applications submitted. I figure I've waited this long................
  17. In 1987 or so when Florida passed concealed carry, I remember liberals and their media minions were screaming "there will blood in the streets". Newspaper headlines were saying the same thing. As to why we haven't had a mass shooting yet in NJ, I'm thinking it boils down to luck. Because law-abiding don't commit mass shootings.
  18. I live in the Medford/Medford Lakes area and will travel to Rahway to get what I need done by this guy. He is that good. J DEPAZZA GUNSMITH 732-382-4066 344 ST GEORGES AVE, RAHWAY, NJ 07065
  19. I sent my e-mail opposing the five bills ANJPRC stated was scheduled to be heard tomorrow. I got an e-mail today for NJ2AS stating there were four additional bills scheduled for Wednesday as well. Nationally, the only way this turns out favorably for us is if the U.S Supreme Court states exactly what the requirements are to get a concealed carry permit. However I doubt that they would ever go into that level of detail.
  20. Yes, I do. I have not heard about this until now. Just one more item to stock up on.
  21. Unless it states that specifically in the contract, Winchester should be able to sell to anyone. I work for a defense contractor and, unless its in the "Statement of Work", then we are not required to do it. The government would have to amend the contract and all parties would have to agree.
  22. I use this to improve my control when using a handgun. I'm sure grip strength decreases when you age. I'm also sure there are other products out there. In addition to Amazon, REI Sports has them as well. https://www.amazon.com/PROHANDS-Strengthener-Spring-Loaded-Finger-Piston-Tension/dp/B000UMHUSI/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=Gripmaster&qid=1649642655&sr=8-6
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