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  1. So after some tyre kicking with the wife it looks like we'll be moving to PA. Apparently NJ property taxes are stupid too. We're looking at Chichester Brookhaven Secane Folsom Glenside Jenkintown Media Morton Ridley Park All in PA
  2. I was under the impression that they were two different things, but they are the same thing with two different names. I'm not one for commercialism or shameless advertising so I'd have to go with Pork Roll.
  3. My wife's from NY I'm actually from further east but lived in Virginia and New York for most of my time in the US. And worked in NJ. my frame of mind is better suited to you living on the east coast, I guess that makes me another arsehole. A greasy pork egg and cheese sounds like the best thing in the world right now.
  4. Transplants from California and flippers are what have been driving the housing market out of control here now. Houses in Gresham towards mt hood go for north of $350k + in the blink of an eye and there are two or three shootings in that town every week. I see houses in okay neighborhoods close to busy roads listed for $500 - $650k + and they barely have a yard. Add to that the scarcity of decent job or growth opportunities, there is no reason why real estate is so pricey here.
  5. Inventory is also slim pickings and does come on the market is not worth the asking price nor would I want to call them homes. Even houses around MLK at edging over 500k +.
  6. These days a low priced home in Portland is 375k way out in the numbers. And you have to be prepared to be able to outbid a lot of people and it's getting worse.
  7. Thanks for the help and advise guys I appreciate it.
  8. My wife is from NY, which we cannot afford and have no desire to move to. We're also looking at Connecticut. NJ is cheaper to in live than Portland, which might surprise some people and it is slowly becoming more and more like CA. FTF sales were banned here a dew years ago.I work in the city so a rural commute is out of the question. We're also expecting our first child and my wife wants to be close to family for the first couple of years. What are Union and Rahway like? Is there another part of NJ you'd recommend.
  9. Oregon is a beautiful state, it's harder to live here than people think. Also if you hunt you're limited to one deer per season.
  10. Oregonians being friendlier is definitely a myth. I've lived in NYC and I believe New Yorkers are friendly and will say what they mean, there are a lot of passive a holes here and little boys with beards pretending to be men. Finding a job that pays above $10ph and isn't in the service industry is near impossible unless you bring your job with you. Generally Portland is very segregated. Houses selling for between 50k - 100k over the asking price is normal. Basically Portlandia encouraged a lot of trust fund babies and hipsters to move out here at the bequest of Mayor Sam Adams to gentrify the city, which until the 90's was still a sundown town. This screwed everybody who didn't have 500k to spend on a shed with in an inside bathroom.
  11. I had to google that. If I can put mustard on it expect my vote could go either way.
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