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  1. Here’s one: http://sigtalk.com/classifieds/255034-heckler-koch-p7.html I’m not sure it matches all your criteria, but take a look.
  2. My PD told me that you can still get an extension after the first expiration (ie after 90 days) but before the 180 day mark. So they may not be expired!
  3. This is all inaccurate. The Legislature quickly undid that "recommendation" and Christie is gone leaving the state to Murphy who will sign every new gun control bill headed his way. I'd say by the time he's done, we'll be worse than DC, NY and MA where it's at least possible to get CCW in parts of those states. I really believe we would be well suited at #51 because we'll have all the new AWB stuff that those states have PLUS zero CCW statewide.
  4. the real deals are here: https://www.reddit.com/r/gundeals
  5. Someone say VP9? Looked what I picked up tonight from Ocean Armory! Honorable mention: Definitely consider a CZ!
  6. Welcome! A word of caution, the Bill, not law, you're referring to is HR 38 which has not passed the Senate and is not law. National reciprocity isn't law. Not sure it ever will be...
  7. They also deserve a ton of credit for getting the recent pardons for that person from FL and Meg Fellenbaum from PA
  8. Just FYI, the state sales tax rate dropped from 6.875% to 6.625% as of 1/1/2018. It hasn’t been 7% since 2016. Should help offset that ridiculous new tax you’re referring to.
  9. I’d take a 50+ minute commute to get out of this NJ hellhole. Are either of your jobs transferable? As in could you find a job in PA thus obviating the issue entirely?
  10. Ok, a lot to unwrap here lol. I’ll do my best... The CZ 75 And P10c aren’t comparable since the former is a DA/SA hammer fired while the latter is striker fired (like glocks). There have been some early adoption issues with the P10 since they just came out a few months ago. They’re great guns, I’d just hold off a bit. I’d stick to a 75 variant (again, mine is the SP-01 Tactical). It comes standard with 18 round mags but there’s a 10 round version too. The place I bought from agreed to send the 18 rounders to my FFL once he sent them in writing that he’d pin the mags to 15. It’s not illegal for a NJ FFL to receive noncompliant mags. You can even sell them and buy 15 round MecGar mags. Those are by far the best aftermarket mags (they’re the oem for Sig and CZ). I cant answer you about The VP9 night sights since it’s still at my FFL. Permits only came in this week (applied 2 months ago). You can clean em as often as you want lol. They’re duty weapons- meant to get filthy! Having said that, i wouldn’t go beyond like 2-3K rounds without cleaning. Finally, DO NOT travel with loaded magazines. It’s a no go in NJ. Don’t do it!! please let me know if you have any more questions!
  11. $499 shipped here on backorder too https://swfa.com/sig-sauer-p365-nitron-high-capacity-micro-compact-9mm-5-8.html
  12. FYI here are my CZ SP-01 Tactical and my new VP9 Tactical
  13. Available now for pre-order. $529 shipped. https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/products2.cfm/ID/202750
  14. Definitely definitely check out a CZ 75. I like decocker so I prefer my SP-01 Tactical. An unbelievable shooter for under $600. I’ve yet to come across anyone who got one and didn’t like it. For striker fired I’d recommend a VP9. You can get an LE version with night sights and a 3rd mag for under $600 as well. Fantastic ergos, but some don’t like the paddle mag release. 3rd? I dunno, another CZ? Lol maybe a compact! But if you want real variety, I’d get a .357 revolver, specifically a Smith & Wesson 66 or 686 or a Ruger GP100. These 3 would give you an amazing collection. also, FYI, the best prices can usually be found online. I use the Reddit gundeals page here for all my deals: https://www.reddit.com/r/gundeals/ good luck!