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  1. Ya I agree in theory, but I'd kinda feel weird just bouncing. I guess technically I could've left if I was in a mad rush, but I just felt that I should stick around until everything was sorted out. I don't disagree with you. I just wanted to be as courteous as possible. This is a new process so it's not really clear what the etiquette is...
  2. Just waiting for them to finish up with other customers, filling out all the paperwork, ringing us up for the transfer, entering NICS info, waiting on NICS to get back... all in all took like 40-45 min. We left as soon as they were done. What else can I say.... Buyer paid transfer fee to gun shop when they asked, then paid me once he got his pink copy of the completed P2P.
  3. Here's an update as promised: just sold a handgun in a "private" sale at an FFL (Bergen Sporting Goods). It took about 45 min (as opposed to just 5 min it used to take...) Thankfully, NICS was instant. The store input the handgun to their books and then did a normal transfer to the buyer. Buyer paid the transfer and NICS fee. They gave me a store receipt with the gun info and serial number (as opposed to the blue copy of the P2P I used to get as seller.) This serves as my proof that I sold it. Definitely a much more inconvenient process than before. We had to meet far from both of our homes, while the store was still open. This went relatively smoothly, but obviously that's because NICS wasn't backlogged. I guess I fared about as well as I could've.
  4. Well the buyer was upfront immediately about submitting his app for PTPs that day. I didn’t exactly seek him out. I mentioned to my FFL that I was thinking of selling my VP9 Tactical and that day he referred me to this guy who was in the market for one. Just good timing. But he understands that if I have a buyer with a permit sooner, I’ll sell to that person.
  5. Ok I’m in the early states of facilitating a handgun sale (selling my VP9 Tactical) to another NJer. Once he gets his permits, we’ll prob determine an FFL to meet at and see how it goes. I guess I’ll update as it goes along. Although I told him that if I get other offers in the meantime from someone already with a permit, I’ll have to pursue that. So much can happen while we wait all those weeks for a PTP. Super frustrating.
  6. Wait, I’m a bit lost on something.. why’s there all this talk about FFL03 if NJ doesn’t recognize C&R? At least that’s what I thought when I looked into getting one.
  7. Wow, I would totally come, but I am getting my wisdom teeth pulled on the 18th!!!
  8. TBH I looked around the forum for a detailed discussion and did not find one. Seeing as the new law only went into effect in the last week or so, I thought it'd be appropriate to discuss now.
  9. So if the gun in a FTF isn’t going into the books of the dealer, doesn’t that mean that they’re simply running a NICS? Meaning they should only be charging the $15 for it, and not a transfer fee since it’s not a transfer? Edit: it seems based on that guidance posted by @PK90 that it does, in fact, enter the FFLs books, so I assume it’s considered an actual transfer. Damn.
  10. I don't see how it'd be possible to avoid the new law when the COE now demands a NICS #. Private handgun sales will certainly no longer work since the form is sent to NJSP.
  11. Totally agree. It was difficult enough to find a time when 2 parties could meet for a ftf. Now its gonna need to be at an FFL, during opening hours, when both ppl can meet and after a NICS check is done bc we all know how often it gets backlogged. And then what happens if the buyer sees the gun in hand then decides he's not interested? Who pays the NICS then? And then maybe that will deter buyers from doing a NICS in advance leading back to the orig problem of a NICS backlog!!!! Then what happens if a NICS is done on the spot and its backed up for days?!!!
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