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  1. Been following that thread on Reddit, as well. I’m very interested in this.
  2. I don’t blame her for any gaffes. It’s obscenely complicated to be a gun owner here. Even those of us who’ve had guns in NJ for years are still unclear on some aspects. Kudos @Katie Park for your efforts to reach out to us and put out a fair piece of content. I doubt it’ll change anyone’s perspective, but it’s good to have out there.
  3. 18.5" for $445 https://www.classicfirearms.com/mossberg-590a1-pump-12ga-shotgun-18-5-3-6-1-synthetic-black-50776 $434 https://www.gunsmidwest.com/590a1-12ga-18-5-beadst-7rd.html
  4. Is there any update as to when the next step of the suit will be? Googling the case, "ROGERS & ANJRPC V. GREWAL, ET AL." turned up nothing.
  5. Jeez, are you serious? They are insufferable children.
  6. One piece of advice, DO NOT reveal that you're paying in full up front (ie not financing). Try to get the absolute lowest price (they'll assume you'll finance. If they ask during negotiations how you're paying, avoid answering. Say "I'm not sure yet" or "it depends"). Once they offer a decent price, ask for less and say you'll pay all right now. When they see the $ right in front of them, they should agree. I've done this a few times when helping my siblings purchase vehicles (I lease). Good luck and remember: Be prepared to walk. If you're not, they've already won!
  7. I get 4 P2Ps at a time. They’re just $2 each and it gives flexibility over a 6 month (with extension) period to get what I want. Of course the only issue is that I end up using them all bc they’re so annoying to get. My wallet isn’t too pleased lol. So far on my last batch, I got a VP9, CZ 75 Pre B and last week a CZ P-07. Now I have to figure out what to get with the 4th...
  8. Here’s my P226 Alloy Stainless Elite. Has wood grips, SRT, SigLite night sights, extended beavertail and PVD aluminum frame.
  9. Admins can lock thread.
  10. Big changes coming from this: *Bump-stock/binary trigger ban *Now required to be 21 to purchase any firearm from an FFL *3 day waiting period on all firearms, except when a CWL holder or has a hunter safety course for rifles or shotguns *If proven to be a danger to themselves or others, can be ordered by a court to have all firearms and ammunition confiscated. All must be returned within 72 hours of the orders being rescinded *Certain school employees after passing psych eval and additional training on top of CWL can carry a firearm in the classroom, program must be adopted at the county level Link to Bill: www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2018/07026/?Tab=Analyses
  11. Primary arms has Anderson for $40. Limit 1 http://www.primaryarms.com/anderson-manufacturing-ar-15-stripped-lower-receiver-ar-15-a3?utm_source=gundeals&utm_medium=frontpagedeals
  12. Hi guys. I’m looking to buy a P-07 gen 2 (not duty). Preferably like new condition and in a private sale. I’m in North Jersey but willing to drive for the right deal. These are available brand new for around $400 right now (see Peak Firearms or iAMMO) so I’m looking to spend low to mid $300s. I have FID and P2P ready to go. I’m not within a 30 day OGAM restriction. I will be away this weekend but could meet you next week. Thanks!
  13. May as well link the story: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/02/18/flintlock-from-1700s-could-land-elderly-nj-man-in-prison.html I recommend you all link to as many of these as possible. Simply referring to them isn’t as convincing.
  14. Unfortunately it seems there was a massive democratic turnout today in their senate primaries. Dallas was my other choice as well. Sorta painful to watch.
  15. Well tbh I’ve been thinking about Miami, but with all the gun control bills passing the FL senate, I’m not so sure...