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  1. I’m getting a ton of ammo, a bunch of AR lowers, maybe a 10/22, and toying with perhaps buying a CZ RAMI BD
  2. This meeting and overall unity is rather encouraging. However, not to be too pessimistic, I’d assume NY and CA also had various state and national groups working to try and prevent oppressive anti gun bills from passing, yet weren’t successful. NJ is an even stronger Dem state so I can’t imagine much will be prevented. Someone please tell me why I’m wrong, I’m feeling terribly hopeless and upset about the future here... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I put “student” as occupation and never had issues once.
  4. True. So there is a model that comes with 10 round mags (SKU 01153) but the FFL I ordered from didn’t mind shipping the gun with the 18 round mags to my FFL since it is legal and my FFL did not mind accepting them. I got 2 extra mags on promo so I actually sold 2 of them online and my FFL was kind enough to ship them for me (since I wasn’t allowed to take possession) and the other 2 I used magblocks to limit them to 15. I also bought some MecGar 15 round mags. some shops will ship hi cap mags to NJ if your FFL will assure them in writing that they’ll pin them. I used ocean Armory in Manahawkin and Mike there is extremely helpful!
  5. Well I'm seeking suggestions. More ammo? More guns? I already have an AR, 2 CZs, A Sig and a Mossberg 500.
  6. Seeing as Murphy will probably sign all the dreadful anti gun bills into law (like banning online ammo or a special gun tax + others) I was wondering what you all will be stocking up on? I guess it helps that prices are currently at all time lows. As of now, I'm setting aside about $2,000 which should pay for: 1) 7 Aero lowers so I have a rounded 10 extras lying around. ($350) 2) 3,000 rounds of Federal .223, leaving me with about 4,500 rounds in total ($750 after rebate) 3) 3,000 rounds of Federal 9mm, leaving me with about 5,500 rounds ($450 after rebate) 4) 6,500 rounds of 22lr as I plan to get my first 22 rifle on Black Fri ($300) 5) Ruger 10/22 ($180) One more thing, the max amount for the Federal 223 rebate is 8,000 rounds ($400 back). I'd only have 4,000 (i.e. the 3,000 I plan to buy + 1,000 already purchased). Should I max out? $1,750 for ammo seems really steep, especially if I want to perhaps get a handgun, too. However, it doesn't appear handguns are in a whole lot of danger (besides that tax or 10 round limits). Worst case would be a MA/CA style roster, in which case I'd buy a few now I guess..... I really dunno. Anyway, how does this look? I don't really know how long I expect it to last, since once these laws go into effect, they're not going away any time soon. This won't just be a 4 or 8 year issue. Is there anything I'm not thinking of? Help me out. This is miserable....
  7. is anyone really surprised? NJ already has a history of switching back and forth Republican and Dem, and Christie being the ass that he is certainly didn't help. Plus the left is enraged by Trump.
  8. Reddit is a site with tons and tons of mini forums for any and everything you can think of. So there is a page (linked by OP) dedicated to the NJ gun community. Solid place. There is also a page dedicated to gundeals which feature some pretty solid deals, as well: https://www.reddit.com/r/gundeals/
  9. I'm very curious about the Bass Pro, as well. The only NJ store in Atl City is wayy to far away from me. I guess we'll just need to wait even more...
  10. Yup, I just got a lighter recoil and hammer spring, and plan to polish some internals after about 1k rounds, but so far it had shot unbelievably well. I never knew I could be so accurate. Truly an amazing gun especially for the price! only annoying part is that the 15 round mags are pricey
  11. CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical!! An unbelievable shooter and not hard to find for under $600. I just got one and absolutely love. I loved it so much I got a second CZ shortly after!
  12. Yes, Mike does all his own work.
  13. So you're saying the NRA knows NJ exists?
  14. In terms of the recent definition of "firearm" legality, would the following build be legal (if the brake and brace were pinned and the mag was a 15 rounder)? A lot of NJers in the comment section wondering,too. Do braces even need to be pinned? Any rulings on those? Thanks.
  15. IMO, yes. But you only gain a 4" shorter firearm than a rifle, so why? So I can pretend I have an AR pistol