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  1. The FS slide was an option when I bought it. I believe it was a short run by Glock. I had a Holosun 507 on the slide. Any optic on the slide would need supressor height sights if someone a wanted a cowitness.
  2. sgtdave4321

    NJ-Legal JAKL

    Anyone have a JAKL or know any dealers who carry them?
  3. Gen 4 G23 Slide assembly SPF to Displaced Texan [ SOLD to Displaced Texan]
  4. Can anyone help me out and tell me the statute that says a PD shall issue a permit to puchase in 30 days if there is no reason to deny? Thanks!
  5. Is the Strike Industries J-Comp or King Comp good to go for NJ? According to website they are all about recoil control. If so any pics installed will be great also as I am planning a new build. Thanks!
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