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  1. Anyone have experience with this company? I have been checking out their website , and I am thinking about possibly getting one of their uppers. I was curious if anyone had any of their uppers/ rifles. If so how is the quality? Accuracy? Thanks!
  2. I 'll shoot you a PM SOLD TO brocglock23!
  3. Years ago I carried a P229 . It was concealable, but got heavy. I eventually down sized to a P239, which was flat and easy to conceal. After having lots of guns in a concealed carry rotation Ihave settled on a P365. It is small, light, accuate , and holds an adequate number of rounds for most situations. It conceals well in sn IWB, pocket holster and/or ankle rig. Good luck!
  4. I dont really like the new FN. I lke the more traditional look of the Springfield. I also like the EAA/ Girsan MC P35 OPS with the rail. I agree that the price on the Springfield is high right now when compared to getting a used Browning or FN. I am also curious to see if Springfield comes out with other models of the SA 35 , like a railed model or a Detective version.
  5. I am curious to try out these newer clones.
  6. Thats the reason I want to get a Springfield SA 35 or the EAA MC P35 OPS. Both come from the factory without the mag safety. I have a '93 MKIII with mag safety and a rough trigger. I dont want to mess with it , so I figured one of the newer models with no mag safety from the factory checks alot of boxes for me.
  7. Thats one of the ones I am interested in. Thanks , I want to try out one fo the Springfields or EAA's. Thats one of the ones I am interested in. I like their MC P35 OPs and the Detective model they are selling as the "PI"
  8. Anyone know of any shops here in NJ that have SA 35's or MC P35's for sale? Thanks!
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