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  1. I like both the Beretta 92 and the CZ. The CZ is a little slimmer, but I like the Beretta a little more. Just personal preference and I think due to carrying one in the Army for 15 yrs.
  2. sgtdave4321


    Holy shit thats awesome!
  3. I am selling a CZ P10C. The gun is 9mm and comes with one ten round magazine. The pistol only has about 250 rounds through it and is in excellent condition. I am selling the gun for $400. I may possibly be interested in a trade for a CZ P07 9mm. Thanks! Quote Edit Reply to this topic... GO TO TOPIC LISTING NEXT UNREAD TOPIC RECENTLY BROWSING 1 MEMBER sgtdave4321 NJGF MEMBERS IN CHAT (4) ● Krdshrk ● Maksim ● TooBigToFit ● coldsolderjoint SUPPORTING VENDORS
  4. You wont go wrong with a Beretta 92 or one of the CZ 75 family!
  5. I am selling a Gen 3 Glock 23. The gun has an extendedslide top and is is great condition. Included is a Storm Lake 9mm conversion barrel, two 10 round Glock 23 mags, and one 10 round Glock 19 mag, Price is $375 for the whole package. Buyer is responsible for FFL fees. Thanks!
  6. sgtdave4321

    P365 Update

    My P365 has worked out well. I have about 500 rounds through it with no issues. My front sight dimmed out. I called SIG and sent the slide in. The replaced the sight and had it back to me in about 8 days.
  7. I am trying to get highest quality at lowest price. Ihave a Gen3 Glock 23 and I want to either get a G19 slide or build one. I just dont wat the project to cost as much as just buying a G19.
  8. I am trying to decide on a replacement slide for gen3 g19. I was wondering if anyone has had eperience with Swenson, Brownells, the AIM Surplus slides , P80 , etc. Let me know what you have used and or recommend. Thanks!
  9. I am looking for a Complete Gen4 Glock 19 or Gen 3 Glock 19 Slide. Let me know what you have! Thanks! I found what I needed, thanks - please remove
  10. I bought one when they first caem out. It is a great gun. Very accurate and 100% reliable.
  11. I have a Rossi 16' 357 trapper carbine and I love it. I have also used a Henry Big Boy in 357 and they are great guns too ( a little heavy). The difference between the two is the loading system. I prefer the traditional 1892 side load style vs the tube feed of the Henry.
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