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  1. sgtdave4321

    Pls Close

    Are you looking for an IWBor OWB? Is it for a full size 1911? I may have an IWB for an officer model but I would lhave to double check.
  2. sgtdave4321

    Good shop near Glassboro for Transfers?@

    Dueces Den is good and I think he charges $35. Iam not 100% sure on that price though.
  3. sgtdave4321

    CZ10c hand gun

    I have one. I got it about a year ago. I like mine alot. I bought the P10c about a month after I got a P320. I ended up liking the P10 better and selling the 320. The grip is a little longer than a glock 19 grip. Also the P10c doesnt fit into glock 19 holsters as many said it would. The P10c grip is thinger than a glock 19 grip. Trigger pull is great. I am looking to get night sights on mine next.
  4. sgtdave4321

    KFC or Popeyes

    I think Royal Farms is probably the best. I would say that Popeyes is better than KFC!
  5. sgtdave4321

    S&W warranty repair

    I did it a few years ago with an M&P Compact I had. S&W was great. I called them and explained the problem, and they emailed me a fedex shiping label. I forget if I dropped the gun off at a shipping center or fedex picked it up from my house. They had the gun fixed and back to me in like 5 or 6 days I think. They delievered the gun right back to my house with adult signature.
  6. sgtdave4321

    M1917 S&W in .45ACP

    great score!
  7. sgtdave4321

    WTS- Sig P320 Compact 9mm

    still available
  8. I am selling a Sig P320 9mm Compact. The voluntary upgrade has been completed. The gun has about 400 rounds through it. I am only selling because I am not really using it any longer as I have switched over to a Cz. This gun has been 100% reliable. I am selling the gun with a sub-compact frame, two 15 round mags ( with spacers) and one 12 round sub compact mag. I also have the case and holster that comes with it. I will sell to NJ resident with NJFID Card/ Permit to purchase handgun, and matching NJDL. I am asking $450 for the whole package. Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks
  9. sgtdave4321

    Recommendation for a Lever Action, Pistol Caliber Carbine

    The Henry in 357 is a great ,solid rifle!
  10. sgtdave4321

    Recommendation for a Lever Action, Pistol Caliber Carbine

    I have a Rossi Model 92 big loops #57 with 16" barrel. It is very accurate and fun to shooot.
  11. sgtdave4321

    Kel-Tec Sub-2000 Question

    I got mine a couple of months back and love it!
  12. sgtdave4321

    PAK 9 Micro 9mm AK Optic Options

    How about holosuns?
  13. sgtdave4321

    PAK9 Update

    Thats great!
  14. Glad I read this, I may be calling Eastern
  15. sgtdave4321

    Cajun Gun Works Pro Package

    I havent sent any of my CZ's to Cajun yet, but they do have reat customer service. I bought my P10c from them. They were great and shipped the gun the same day I boutght it.

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