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  1. I carry my spare mag in a Desantis mag packer in my support side pocket with a small flash light clipped to it.
  2. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I need to have a zipper replaced on a Tactical Tailor pack that I have. Does anyone recommend a shop in South Jersey that can help me out? Thanks!
  3. Has anyone tried one of these to "pin" a stock? Does it render a collapsible stock good to go in NJ? Thanks!
  4. I have a Gen 2 in 9mm and there is no wiggle.
  5. I am selling a lightly used PSA 16" 5.56 AR Barrel. It is a 1/7 , midlength gas barrel. Barrel had approx 500 ronds through it. I was going to use it for another build that never happened. I am selling this for $40. I can meet up with someone within 30 mins of Gloucester County, or I can mail but the fees would be on the buyer. The first I'll take it wins the sale. Thanks!
  6. I dont know too much about 300 black out, but I have read that they run well with the pistol lenght gas system.
  7. I had a gunsmith (Round Six Gunsmith)replace the original barrel with the ballistic advantage barrel.
  8. Nice! I used to carry a USP 40 Compact and was frustrated with the light options and proprietary rail years ago. That was before the TLR 7 and TLR 1 though. Good set up!
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