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  1. Wow, great deal. 1LTCAP is great to deal with also!!
  2. I am selling a Para Ordnance C7 LDA Companion Pistol. It is .45 acp and is officer model sized. The gun has crimson trace laser grips. I do not have the original factory grips. The gun also has meprolight night sights that are a few years old , but still glowing. The gun comes with 2 Chip McCormick 7 round magazines. The gun is in great condition. I also have the original factory box including the Para Ordnance instructional video tape. I am asking $750 for the whole package. I can meet at any ffl in Camden, Gloucester , Burlington or Mercer County. The first " I'll take it" wins the sale. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  3. I am selling a Smith & Wesson M&P 22 full size pistol. The pistol is in great condtion. The gun comes with two 10 round magazines. This gun has been 100% reliable since I have had it. The first " I'll take it" gets the gun. I am asking $300 for this handgun. Transfer fees on the buyer. I can meet at an FFL close to Gloucester , Camden, Burlingotn, or Mercer County. Any questions please let me know. Thanks!
  4. I have a Para Ordnance LDA Companion ( officer model size) 45 acp
  5. sgtdave4321

    New 590a1

    I had that happen when I had a magpul foreend on my Mossberg. I installed it and and the action got real tight. When I switched to the TL racker, the action was fine.
  6. sgtdave4321

    New 590a1

    I got the TL Racker for my mossberg. I havent used the gun alot with the light since I got it, but the light seems pretty good so far. As far as slings go, I like a single point on a pump action gun. I always felt that a two point has the potential to get in the way up front when working the action. YMMV though.
  7. I use a YHM Phantom Comp on a couple of my 5.56 rilfles. I used a EGW comp on a 9mm , and VG6 on an AR10. I am happy with each one. I never really measured them though in order to account for the 16" length on a 14.5 barrel.
  8. +1 for the Brownells. If you want plain have you tried lone wolf? They have plain looking slides rmr cut for similar pricing.
  9. I have had work done on an an AR15 and an AR10 by Round 6 Gunsmithing in Galloway. They are great with AR's , just fyi for future refrence.
  10. Yeah they are! CFP 90 is bigger and more comfortable (in my opinion). Great for carrying sleeping bag as well!
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