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  1. No problem at all racking the slide. I have a holosun 507c on a G19. No issues at all!
  2. I am in Gloucester County, and I will mail it.
  3. I am selling a kydex Foxx Trapp IWB Holster for a Glocl 19. The holster has been used but is in great shape. The holster is great for concealability and retains the pistol well. The holster also has adjustable cant. I am asking $30 for this holster. The first "I'll take it" wins the holster. Thanks!
  4. I am selling a Crossbreed Super tuck IWB Holster for the Springfield XDM. I used this to carry a XDM 45 Compact. I have trimmed the leather down a bit to allow for a better grip on the pistol. The holster is in good shape and has alot of use left in it. This holster does a good job of supporting the weight of the XDM! I am asking $25 for this holster. The first "I'll take it wins the holster! Thanks
  5. Nope, all good. I ll send you a PM and we can work out linking up.
  6. I am in Pitman. If you want it let me know, I could meet you at the old Sony building by rt 55 sometime.
  7. UPDATE- Stock has been given to JohnnyB, please delete- I have an SKS Dragonov Stock that I would like to give away. I found it in my closet where it has been sitting for many years, I have just the stock , but not the gas tube cover. I am giving this away, so I am sorry but I will not be shipping it. I can meet someone near Gloucester County. Please let me know if interested, if not I will be throwing this away in a few days. Thanks!
  8. I have a Kel Tec sub2000 Gen 2. It is the glock 10 mag model. I love it. The gun is great. Like 124gr9mm said the gun does have more recoil than you imagine. I added a buffer tube cover and a brake to mine. The gun is more pleasant to shoot now.
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