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    New 590a1

    I had that happen when I had a magpul foreend on my Mossberg. I installed it and and the action got real tight. When I switched to the TL racker, the action was fine.
  2. sgtdave4321

    New 590a1

    I got the TL Racker for my mossberg. I havent used the gun alot with the light since I got it, but the light seems pretty good so far. As far as slings go, I like a single point on a pump action gun. I always felt that a two point has the potential to get in the way up front when working the action. YMMV though.
  3. I use a YHM Phantom Comp on a couple of my 5.56 rilfles. I used a EGW comp on a 9mm , and VG6 on an AR10. I am happy with each one. I never really measured them though in order to account for the 16" length on a 14.5 barrel.
  4. +1 for the Brownells. If you want plain have you tried lone wolf? They have plain looking slides rmr cut for similar pricing.
  5. I have had work done on an an AR15 and an AR10 by Round 6 Gunsmithing in Galloway. They are great with AR's , just fyi for future refrence.
  6. Yeah they are! CFP 90 is bigger and more comfortable (in my opinion). Great for carrying sleeping bag as well!
  7. I am selling two scopes. Both scopes have never been mounted. I decided to go in a different direction with a couple of rifles , so I dont need these any longer. The first " I ll take it" gets the scope. 1) Nikon Buckmaster 3-9 X40 BDC. The box looks a little worn, but like I said, this has never been mounted on any firearm. I am asking $70 meet up / pick up. I will ship for $80. 2) Vortex Sonora 4-12 X 44 Dead Hold BDC. I also have a Vortex Cantilever Mount for this. I am asking $ 85 meet up/ pick up, $100 shipped. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks!
  8. I am selling 2 Trono inflatable camp chairs. I have a Green one and a Gray one. These things weigh about 1.8 ilbs. They are pretty comfortable when iniflated. Both chairs are in great shape. I am asking $25 for each chair pick up/ meet up ( I am located in Gloucester County). If Ihave to ship the chairs they will be $35 each shipped. I will combine shipping if someone buys both. The first " I'll take it" gets the item. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  9. Large ALICEPack SPF locally
  10. I just ordered a Gamma. Thanks!
  11. I am getting into the AR10 world (.308). Does anyone have a recommendation for a muzzle brake? Pics wouldbe great as well. Thanks!
  12. A few weeks ago I was looking for a good place to have a new barrel on my AR and compliance work for the muzzle device. I ended up going with Round Six Gunsmithing in Galloway/ Egg Harbor City. They did a great job! Awesome work, fair price and quick turn around. You wont go wrong here.
  13. I picked up one of the Brownells slides a couple of months back. I wasnt a fan of the across the top serrations either. I rolled the dice, and got a good deal.
  14. I am selling 3 US MIlitary Ruck Sacks. All are in good condition. I am also selling an ALICE Pack Frame, but it does not have shoulder straps. I am located in Gloucester County. 1) Medium ALICE Pack. The pack is in good condition. I am asking $25 pick up / meet up. 2) Large ALICE Pack. The pack is in good condition. The velcro in the top flap is wearing out and will need to be replced at some point. I am asking $30 pick up /meet up. 3) CFP90 Mountain Ruck. This is the internal frame 90L moountain pack. I do not have the patrol pack that goes along with this. This is a great ruck sack. I am asking $60 pick up / meet up. 4) ALICE Pack Frame. The frame is in great condition. I do not have the shoulder straps though. I am asking $25 pick up/ meet up. The first " I'll take it" gets the item. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  15. I am selling a couple of accessories for the Mossberg Shockwave. Both items are from GG&G and for the 12 gauge Shockwave. I am selling : 1) A black Magpul MOE MLOK Forend from GG&G for specifically for the Shockwave. I am also incuding a section of Mlok rail. The forend was only used for about 20 rounds and then I switched things up. The forend is in great condition. You will need a forend wrench to install. These sell new for $59. I am asking $25 pick up/ meet up in Gloucester County , or $35 shipped. -Magpul forend sold- 2) A black GG&G Shockwave Flashlight mount.This mount is in great shape and barely used. They sell new for $34. I am selling for $15 pick up/ meet up in Gloucester County , or $20 shipped. Please let me know if you have any questions.The first "I'll take it" gets the item.Thanks!
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