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  1. Clearly being "too big" is not a problem I'm familiar with! Thanks for telling me what I should have realized right away.
  2. I'm getting a message showing an exclamation point and -200. If you're interested send me a message and I'll email or text the photos.
  3. Looking to sell the following ammo storage boxes: *Photo #1 MTM Case Gard - 100 round rifle case (3) MTM Case Gard - 50 round rifle case (1) MTM Case Gard SB200 100 round rimfire case (6) MTM Case Gard RS100 100 round 223 case (1) *Photo #2 MTM Case Gard P50 50 round case 38/357 (5) MTM Case Gard 20 (1) MTM Case Gard P100 - 100 round 9mm case (4) MTM Case Gard P50 50 round case 380-9mm (1) MTM Case Gard P100 - 100 round case 38/357 (1) MTM Case Gard RS100 - 100 round 223 case (1) *Photo #3 Midway 508 - 50 round handgun ammo case (25) *Photo #4 MTM Case Gard P50 50 round case 380-9mm (3) Herters Inc 50 round handgun ammo case (2) Ammo Space 50 round case 38 (2) Ammo Space 50 round case 45 (1) Flambeau 50 round case 38 (1) Frankford Arsenal 508 50 round ammo case (1) I want to sell everything together for $80 or best offer. I live in Sussex and work in Bergen so I can meet anywhere near or North of Route 80. *Just to avoid any angry customers, there is no ammo included in this sale. Only cases for ammo storage. Thanks for looking. **I'm having a difficult time uploading photos. I'll try again later but the items listed under photo #1 are brand new, everything else has been used.
  4. I'll let you know if for some reason things don't work out.
  5. I'm looking to sell some inherited items. I have 100 rounds 50 bmg (J40 773 grain) pictured below in sealed plastic bags (picture 1). 150 rounds in metal military ammo can (pictures 2, 3 and 4). 280 bullets with 2 different configurations. Both weighed 1.7 oz on a (geez, this is embarrassing) food scale (converts to 437.5 grains but I doubt this is accurate. When I weighed the hornady factory bullets, which are 750 grain, on the food scale they also showed 1.7 oz). These are shown in pictures 9, 10, 11 and 12 (when I uploaded it rearranged the order of the pics). There is a box of 35 rounds some of which the bullets have sunken in. I'm not going to ask for $ for these but I'm sure any reloader who wants the bullets can make use of them (pictures 7 and 8). Lastly there are 2 ten round ammo boxes, a box of 20 hornady 50 cal 750 grain A-Max bullets and a bag with 25 cases and (pictures 5, 6 and 13). I'm asking for $400 for everything. Clearly I'm in a little over my head here and am an embarrassment to any legitimate 50 BMG shooter. I'll do my best to answer any questions or provide more details on any of the items listed. I'd like to sell everything together so I'm going to hold off for several days for that to happen before considering splitting everything up. I live in Sussex, work in Bergen but decided to post today because I will be in the Trenton area for work Tues/Wed so I can meet during my travels on those days if it makes things work. Buyer must present matching DL/NJ Firearms ID Card. Thanks in advance for taking the time to check out this post.
  6. I'm looking to sell some inherited items. Hopefully someone who owns a 50 action express desert eagle can help me out with this. There are 4 seven round magazines three of which appear to be magnum research and the fourth has no markings at all. I also have 6 twenty round boxes of Samson ultra 50 action express 300 grain jacketed hollow point bullets. There is a red Dot on all the primers so hopefully someone can confirm that's from the factory and these aren't reloads. Anyone interested in these items can message me. Thanks for looking.
  7. Ray Ray, you're right, going back I see that I missed a few PMs. I apologize to anyone I missed, wasn't trying to ignore anyone, just had a lot coming in at once.
  8. I actually tried to answer all PMs but hopefully you can understand why I may have missed one or two. Here is what I have left: FN 5.7 1750 rounds $700 Ball ammo ss192 950 rounds American eagle 40 grain 300 rounds Fn standard round 350 rounds Fn high performance 27 grain 150 rounds   50 Action Express $100 Samson ultra 300 grain jackets hollow point 120 rounds * 25 rounds uncased 32 350 rounds - $50 CCI blazer 71 grain tmj 200 rounds American eagle 71 grain 50 rounds Remington 71 grain 50 rounds Union metallic cartridge 71 grain 50 rounds 380 2500 rounds $375 2000 wolf steel case 91 grain 2000 rounds Cci blazer 95 grain tmj 500 rounds 38 3589 rounds $650 American eagle 130 grain 289 rounds American eagle 130 grain 1000 rounds American eagle 130 grain fmj 500 rounds Federal 158 grain 350 rounds Rem 158 grain 235 rounds Union metallic 158 grain lead 109 rounds Win 130 grain fmj 50 rounds 3-d inv., Inc police cartridge (wad cutter) 750 rounds Western 148 grain lead mid range match 250 rounds Western super x nickel plated case 150 grain 50 rounds Mag safe 65 grain +p+ max load 6 rounds
  9. Moved to my other wts post: WTS Handgun Ammo 32/380/38/357 This thread can be closed to additional comments
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