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  1. WTS Glock 20 21 rear sight tool - $40. First to post "I'll take it" wins item. I'll meet north of route 80 or mail at buyer's expense.
  2. Thread can be deleted - remaining items will be posted in a new thread in compliance w/ forum rules
  3. I believe I've contacted everyone who messaged me. All primers may be sold, but I will update if anything becomes unwanted or if a sale falls through. The bullets and cases are all still available. If I failed to respond to your direct message I apologize, just send me another message letting me know. Thanks for following
  4. Sorry for the lack of answers, I work overnights and am helping a neighbor do some demo when our schedules aline. I got the first direct message from a member who didn't chime into this thread. He asked for the two largest (Win large pistol and Win large rifle) and is contemplating a few others. Once I sort things out with him I'll update what is left and get back to the direct messages. I'm selling items that I basically got as payment for helping a friend move out of NJ and don't reload so I'm not sure what, if any, of the primers that I posted classify as small pistol or small rifle (which seems to be what everyone wants).
  5. I have received offers for CCI #300, #400 #500 and Win large rifle and pistol primers
  6. Want to sell reloading supplies. Will reduce prices if multiple items are purchased at once. Work in Bergen and live in Sussex - would like to meet anywhere along or north of Route 80. Winchester primer rifle 5000 $120 Winchester primer pistol 5000 $120 CCI Primers cap type 1.4s 5000 $120 CCI #300 large pistol primer 4000 $100 CCI #200 large rifle primer 2100 $50 Win wlp pistol 4700 $100 Win non-mercuric #116 primer 3000 $30 Win western staynless primer 1200 $20 CCI #400 1000 $25 Rem #9 1/2 m primer 1000 $25 CCI #500 100 - I'll include with other primer purchase Win shotshell primer 100 - I'll include with other primer purchase Sierra 30 cal .308 175 gr hpbt match 2275c 500 $150 Sierra 30 cal .308 175 gr hpbt match 2275 150 $50 Sierra 22 cal .224 77 gr hpbt match 9377 *300 $100 Sierra 22 cal .224 77 gr hpbt match 1477 150 $50 Sierra 22 cal .224 77 gr hpbt match 1478 100 $40 Rem 30-06 cases 600 $200 308 win cases 100 $40 223 cases 50 $20
  7. Wasn't quite ready for the firestorm I was about to start. diamondd817 is correct, it's probably 2 trucks worth including 5 large plastic storage containers. But there is a lot. You've motivated me to get my act together, and list what I have in the classifieds. It will be a week or two but I will inventory, get an idea of an asking price and post by caliber a list and photo or two and see where things go. Thanks again for taking the time to respond.
  8. It's going to take me two weeks or so to compile an inventory but I'll get it done and list in the classifieds - thanks.
  9. I came to this forum looking for some friendly advice. I’m about to inherit a large amount of ammo (to get it home I’ll probably have to fill up my truck 2 or 3 times) in calibers and quantities that I don’t really need. I was looking into renting a table at a PA or NY gun show but see on the application that I have to obtain a tax ID number for that state. I’m a little leary of getting an out of state tax ID number and any problems or headaches that might occur after registering a company that sells small arms ammunition. Has anyone done this recently and was there anything in the process that made it a problem or impossible? Does anyone know of any companies that would buy a large quantity of ammo and basically resell it? I know I’d be getting pennies on the dollar for it but I really don’t have the time or freedom with my work schedule to drive all over the state selling a few boxes of ammo at a time. Any advice on how to unload while making a little money would be appreciated.
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