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  1. If you want to trade down to a 550 I'm your man
  2. A professor at Princeton U liked the squirrels in Germany and brought a couple back and they took over the Princeton Area. I saw one in new york the other day
  3. HAHA I rewatched the entire series so that when this came out it would be fresh. And turned it off part of the way through first episode
  4. I usually try and keep 5000 primers of each size sm and lg rifle sm and lg pistol. I keep this many in 1-50 cal box. Once I prep my brass I prime it and store brass in sealed containers. I feel they are safer spread out like this. As far as powder I dont keep too much on hand usually less than 30 lbs at any given time. I currently load with 3 powders. re7 for 223, varget for 308 and grendel, and aa2 for 9 and 45. Which reminds me does anyone want for pickup only 4-5 lbs of re22 im in freehold area
  5. grafs does $20 hazmat and flat 7.95 shipping always
  6. Im loving the sig 320 x5, Have heard alot of good things about the cz shadow 2 as well
  7. G1
  8. Its a Lee Grendel set.
  9. I started hornady oal with dummy case and scenar. Put that in comparator. Took me 20 or so attempts to feel good about the results. I then subtracted .010,.015,.020,.025,.030. loaded 10 of each. My problem was that I couldnt set my die to give the same results ten pulls in a row. I would have to dial it in for the first then back die off and approach again for the second seating. I assumed the scenars would be relatively close in measurement. The first five i sat without going through this process were wildly different. like a .018 swing from longest to shortest.
  10. Hmm there is a newborn in the house preventing things, maybe these are Freudian
  11. I assure you my intentions were pure. I really was just confused why these bullets were all over the place
  12. Orange chicken fried rice wonton soup and egg rolls
  13. The grendel is a fun round but the creedmore overtook it so I would eliminate that. You have more options for CM. In general it may not be the most accurate route but I aim for rounds that I can get brass for readily and inexpensively. Sure I want a 375 cheytac but don't really have anywhere to shoot it. 308 has been my go to. but in your lit the 3006 would be my bet as bullets and brass are the cheapest and you have plenty of factory options
  14. How do they know we dont run ours extra loud until we actually need them?
  15. I have always started loading with a range of powders. find what works best and stay there. Well now its time to make a round for the grendel. I decided i will use oal start back ten thousandths or so and make a range box off that. once it comes down to a certain length I will range the powder. Point of the post is that in doing this I found with using Lapua scenars that I have to make each cartridge long and dial each one in Individually while measuring off the ogive. I thought this would be a more accurate way to do this but it seems to take up quite a bit of time.