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  1. And so so metric
  2. Dont do it. Go to a real plumbing supply shop and buy a decent valve name brand(apollo,nibco, etc) and domestic. If they dont have one with cpvc ends get a threaded one with cpvc male adapters. I have had them slip on me. Im not sure what kind of pressure you are running in your house but ive had caps push off of copper on me at around 50 psi and dont forget the 3rd valve if you are running a bypass around the softener. As a side note most softeners have a bypass built into the head.
  3. My parents have a german shepherd and one of the most important things for them is to keep her exercised. If she gets bored she gets in trouble
  4. If this scenario is a post apocalyptic one I would say the following would make me feel safe Reliable AR 12 gauge sawed off Pistol If the 2 are for fun my wilson cqb Though I am finding the 320 x5 very enjoyable and my tacops xray
  5. But with the curvature of the earth... nm that actually puts it farther out of the way
  6. Fully loaded I have 4000 9mm, 3000 45, 1000 22, 1500 223, 400 308, 200 6.5 grendel I like to set up 1 process at a time. So once any caliber is getting low Ill load it to my max. This may take multiple sittings as I have a 6 month old baby that gets in the way I usually shoot 200 9mm, 100 45, and 150 223 or 50 308 Ill sort after each shooting day and when a box is full Ill clean(wet in the warmer months and dry in the coldest months) I used to go crazy sorting head stamps but now I only do that for 6.5 and 308
  7. I was out saturday. about an hour outside 30 minutes inside Pros: your shooting and there's not a line Cons: you lose most of your brass if there's snow, Its cold, Glove shooting has never worked for me so i glove up while not shooting and load mags in the truck.
  8. I think you can go more on the soap but stay where youre at with the lemishine Im not sure of the exact mix for your size tumbler. I use a tumbler which is is 2 gallon,s 13lbs of brass, and 15lbs of media(just a little bigger than the FA which is 1.84 gallons My recipe that has worked very well is 2 -1 second squirts of dawn and a 45 case of lemishine. I know it sounds like an italian grandmas sauce recipe but it works.
  9. I think it probably was how it dried. I started with the 2 towels and a fan technique. Dump brass in a colander and drain as well as you can, then dump in a bath towel and make like your polishing a bowling ball, then dump and spread out on a towel on the floor, and finally run a fan over the brass to help evaporate the remaining moisture. Not the most effective but it works pretty well I was never left with too much moisture. I just always felt that the primer pockets were left a little damp. Some people will place on a baking sheet and stick it in their oven at 200 or so, my wife didnt like this I bought one of these https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1016931592/hornady-case-and-parts-dryer they work very well brass is toasty warm and dry within an hour
  10. Allow me to throw them away for you. best I,ve found is 60 per 1000 shipped from an online store/ gunbroker starts @60 and you have to add shipping Privately 30-40 per 1000 is a good price One of the best prices aside from private forums on any brass is Monmouth reloading in Manalapan but they wont allow you to pick it up so the shipping kills it.
  11. I think its 10$ a bucket I'll take 2
  12. There's a guy at my range that is there 2 hours before they open to hit the entire range and he cleans up after every event. I asked him about it because I kept getting frustrate about never finding any brass. He goes 3-5 times a week and shoots maybe 1 event a week. I asked him what he sells the brass for. He says he doesn't and that he has 100x the brass he'll ever need
  13. https://redriverreloading.com/reloading/product/130367-bulk-223-5-56-unprocessed-brass-1-8-medium-flat-rate-175.html works out to 1400 rds of 223/556 for 75.78 you need to fill the packing box https://ammoseek.com/ will give you other calibers