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  1. Midway has a lot of stuff but I find they are slow. things usually take more than a week to get to you. Sorry i missed this post, yesterday brownells had 1 cent hazmat and free shipping on $150+ on powder/primers. They do it once a month or so and their prices and speed are better than Midway. I have ordered powder from Grafs(they are a great company never have free hazmat but occasionally 1/ price and they have flat rate shipping. If you're ordering a bore brush only dont order from them but if you are ordering 2 tons of lead its the same shipping price.) Powder valley (used to have the best prices but I have noticed thats not true anymore) Brownells(good sales, good stock)
  2. If a bullet doesn't shoot good till its close to max or above find another bullet. Its not worth it.
  3. Reading through this thread , and being new here, Im thinking wow these guys are real mean to this guy. But then I saw he swings left so I guess its justified Curious though you mentioned it was stuck in the barrel in the beginning. Do you mean it was a poorly sized case stuck in the chamber? I rarely case gauge maybe once every couple hundred rounds while loading. Ive had some bad loads over the years and even the worst ones, if you put some pressure on the charge handle and bounce the rifle on the bench it usually pops right out. If you cant take the gun apart this is the safest way. Just keep it aimed upward in the general direction of downrange. Seek help from a RO if your range has one if you need to do this.
  4. Not if its done before tumbling. I used to manually go though all cases and check each would clear with a straight dental pick. Switched to lizard bedding and pieces were too small to stick. Then switched to wet ss pins don't stick either I suppose you could run a universal decapping die to clear them if you have a spare station before priming
  5. Plinking ammo shouldn't be this hard to make. There are some weird things that happen though. I'd just try a little bit faster burning powder. I wouldnt push seating depth or trim length too far. You also want something that will drop into your other guns So try a different powder
  6. Any development on this? Loads improving? I generally in any rifle stick to factory dimensions with the exception of only bumping the shoulder back a few thousandths of an inch assuming all the rounds are for the same rifle. The brass will last longer(assuming no annealing) and be a bit more accurate this way. The powder is generally where I play Dillon 600 swage tool is great if you only pick up your own brass. I bought 5k once fired LC a few years ago and processed it all. I havent had to reprocess yet but I'm affraid I've picked up more than my own brass so I may have to reswage it all. It would be nice if it were on machine like the 1050. I may be forced to put the 3rd party swager on my 650 to save the time
  7. You can toss or moth ball tht dry tumbler. Once you finish with dawn/lemishine. drain and rinse a little bit and refill with a capfull of armorall wash and wax and run for another 15-20 minutes. Also pickup a hornady case dryer or similar It will speed up your dry time
  8. Dont do it. Go to a real plumbing supply shop and buy a decent valve name brand(apollo,nibco, etc) and domestic. If they dont have one with cpvc ends get a threaded one with cpvc male adapters. I have had them slip on me. Im not sure what kind of pressure you are running in your house but ive had caps push off of copper on me at around 50 psi and dont forget the 3rd valve if you are running a bypass around the softener. As a side note most softeners have a bypass built into the head.
  9. My parents have a german shepherd and one of the most important things for them is to keep her exercised. If she gets bored she gets in trouble
  10. If this scenario is a post apocalyptic one I would say the following would make me feel safe Reliable AR 12 gauge sawed off Pistol If the 2 are for fun my wilson cqb Though I am finding the 320 x5 very enjoyable and my tacops xray
  11. But with the curvature of the earth... nm that actually puts it farther out of the way
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