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  1. NJ and other states are going to have to prove that these "sensitive places" laws have historical president during the time of the founding and the passing of the Second Amendment. Time, History and Tradition is the standard per Bruen.
  2. The NJ legislator is more likely going to make the application process more of a pain in the ass.... Although I find a majority of these sensitive places as an infringement, at a minimum I would like to see gun free signs as a requirement in order to enforce these sensitive places. The language in the bill is very broad and open to interpretation. This will lead to people easily accidentally incriminating themselves... At least with a sign requirement there wont be as many questions for gun owners.
  3. Kinda weird that our government has no problem processing mail in ballots that have discrepancies because the court systems have rules that "these minor errors should not be used to disfranchise the voters constitutional rights" or something to that effect.... If the PDs have sent the applications to the judges they must have been complete enough to do the important background checks ext.... These sounds like petty issues which should NOT deny a person their constitutional rights!
  4. I would document the amount of extra time this is causing you to wait in order to get your permit so the info can be given to strike force. This is just more unnecessary time delays of being able to exercise your constitutional right. I hope you get your permit soon....
  5. I think it would be amazing to see the SCOTUS force compliance of some sort. The problem is that they did not address sensitive places and sensitive places are now being used to ban carry almost everywhere. In my opinion "sensitive places" should only be allowed / defined lawful by the following: 1. Everyone within the facility passes through a metal detector / security entrance in order to gain access. (For example a courthouse) AND 2. There are armed police / security within the facility that are responsible for your safety / security within the facility. Any other twisted idea of a "sensitive place" is simply a result of delusional thinking.... If the state cannot take responsibility of protecting you within this "sensitive place" and guarantee that potential aggressors are not armed than the state should not be able to take away your right to bear arms for self defense outside the home within the area, building, facility ext.
  6. Can you copy and paste the text of the post? Some of us are not in Facebook because the masters of the universe banned us ...
  7. Some states do honor NJ permits. NJ just doesn't honor any other states permits. It would be a good idea IMO for the NRA or FPC to have an out of state resident apply for a NY State carry permits (they don't issue them) this way they can sue and make sure at a minimum that all states must issue non resident permits or honor reciprocity.
  8. If the restrictions closely reflect what the judges in Ocean County are doing then we know there's definitely a conspiracy between the branches of government to infringe on our right to bear arms.
  9. Sensitive places are coming, discuss in other thread. https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/topic/104731-a4502-2022-2023-the-bill-establishes-sensitive-areas-in-which-possession-of-firearm-in-prohibited/
  10. Check out the below link to the bill, no text yet but it didn't take the anti gunners down in Trenton long before deciding that their "sensible gun laws" are no longer good enough since the state is now forced to operate under the US constitution and issue carry permits. (Even tho many counties are still refusing) This fight is unfortunately far from over... https://njleg.state.nj.us/bill-search/2022/A4502
  11. Correct. Obviously we know the 30 day directive isn't being followed. We know the "guidance" from the SCOTUS saying "SHALL ISSUE" isn't being followed. New Jersey is historically notorious for not following even the deadlines in written law. What makes people think that they will follow guidelines within a procedural directive that has no consequences or ultimatums. When New Jersey has been challenged on not meeting the deadlines in written law before the courts basically let them get away with it....
  12. While I share the same frustration.... What do you expect RadioGunner to do? I don't think they know the exact date when the court received the application, it's been 3 weeks since the money order has been cashed, we're not even 100% sure if the court itself is the place cashing the money order. RadioGunner has already contacted Strike Force...
  13. Honestly your only hurting the defendant vs the overreaching state.... Imagine some BS gun charge like someone caught with a loose hollow point in their car.... As a juror YOU could protect a defendant's constitutional rights from state overreach with your vote. But now the poor defendant will have to face a bundle of anti gun, uber liberals.... Yes jury duty is a pain in the ass and every time I've been selected fortunately I haven't had to go however I would have, and I would have upheld the US constitution.
  14. I'm going to try to call the Sussex Supperior Court again tomorrow and see if they received my application. Who did you call and speak with? Do they have an extension? When I called was prompted to entered the number for "criminal division" and than "firearms" and than got a message machine. I hate leaving voicemails.... When you called did you have to leave a message? When you spoke to the person who you got in touch with did you find out what judge is responsible for issueing the permits in Sussex County? Thanks
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