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  1. I made a mistake on my original post. I picked it up yesterday 11/15/22
  2. 7/29/22 application date 7/30/22 fingerprints Picked up from Sussex NJSP 11/15/22
  3. Today this carry killer bill goes to the full assembly. At a minimum we need to look at what Republicans do not make a great attempt at stopping this. They must be voted out during their next election.
  4. At this point I would be shocked if this bill didn't come down from Murphys office. Meaning, he can't answer questions about "his bill" because he probably didn't even write it. Also, it's "ironic" that the restrictions that some judges were putting on the permits are so close to alot of the limitations in this bill. Almost like it's all coming from one central place as "recommendations and guidance"....
  5. I have spent tons of time thinking about this subject, stopping this type of radical behavior all circles back to the need of personal accountability. I am all open ears if you have other ideas.
  6. From what I understand qualified immunity only goes so far... Their protection is in fact there but is limited at some point. For example Article 1 Section 6 of the US Constitution says "They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place." A felony offence is considered "a crime of high seriousness" meaning not a misdemeanor. Depriving civil rights from thousands of citizens is extremely serious in my opinion. In fact it can be argued that this type of felony offence is substantially worst than a lot of other examples.
  7. Let's hope so. I feel as if this is the ONLY way these attacks on our civil rights will slow down. I'm doubtful that they will ever completely stop.
  8. According to the lawyers the New Jersey legislator has written itself exempt from personal liability due to the laws they pass... However in my opinion they are not exempt from federal civil rights lawsuits. There are federal civil rights statues on the books that I believe can be enforced against politicians. -Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241 - Conspiracy Against Rights -Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242 - Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law See link here: https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/civil-rights/federal-civil-rights-statutes#:~:text=Title 18%2C U.S.C.%2C Section 241 - Conspiracy Against Rights&text=It further makes it unlawful,of any rights so secured. For some reason 2a groups never pursue this angle... I would love to see it attempted. In my opinion this is the ONLY way there civil rights violations will be reduced. Without personal accountability there is absolutely no reason for them to stop.
  9. Whoever thought the anti gunners wouldn't try ANYTHING and EVERYTHING they could to undermine the SCOTUS Bruen decision hasn't been paying attention at all... The truth is that this is going to be an ongoing fight untill politicians and anti-gunners are personally held accountable for civil rights violations. Untill than this will NEVER CHANGE.
  10. When was your application received by the court? What is your case number?
  11. I hate to think that this is the case, but it sure would appear that way...
  12. The information that I posted is what I was told by the court. I have no way to validate it though. I have been writing down all my conversations with the police and the court in association with my application process. Let's hope that there was a missunderstanding or something. Trust me I don't want to be negative and I want to believe that the court is processing applications appropriately. I wish I knew the entire detailed process that the court is actually doing besides basically taking a pre-typed letter, inserting a name, date, and qualified firearms, printing it and putting that, the application, and permit infront of the judge to sign. Than mailing them back to the police departments in bulk packets. I am very interested in what is hindering progress so much.
  13. Some not so promising news for Sussex County Carry permits... I spoke to the court earlier today (10/25/22) and they said they just got case / permit number 125 to the judge. When I spoke to the court on 10/7/22 they told me they were working on permit 120 numbers.... To me this means that there must be a huge problem. Have they stopped issuing permits? It would sure appear so. How in the course of 18 days have they not moved out of the "120" numbers? At this point there must be HUNDREDS if not over a THOUSAND carry permit application submissions within Sussex County. At this processing rate it will take years for people to get their permits. The court indicated that the staff is overwhelmed, which may be the case, however the current issuing process is NOT the public's fault! Our rights should not be held up because our state government created a process that they cannot handle in a timely manner. I also want to mention that the police departments are doing all the legwork (investigations ext). With that said what could be taking so long at the court? Why are other county courts like Passaic for example having no issues processing permits?
  14. If they recalled a judge to do permits than why wouldn't they be able to process them 5 days a week? It seems strange that the court can only process 25 a week when the investigative work is already done. Basically all they have to do it print out court orders with names / guns / dates, and sign paperwork....
  15. That's good news, I hope to get a call from the NJSP soon!
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