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  1. Thank you. We're "fighting" for what exactly? To grandfather in magazines that were already neutered anyway? The fight should be for regular capacity magazines.
  2. I'm sorry but lawsuits aren't going to change anything. What do we have? A CCW suit that got dismissed, and a magazine injunction which, at BEST, will result in the ability to keep old 15 rounders, still have a 10 round limit on new mags, and still leave us unable to own the majority of semiautomatic rifles, shotguns, handguns and accessories. Also there is currently no mounted challenge to the seizure-by-any-medical-professional bill which likely get expanded to include more and more job titles as time goes on. Where's the suits/injunction for that one? It's going to snag far more people than anythng else, but here we are, worried about what part of the magazine to epoxy. I'm not trying to be a negative, trust me I wish NJ gun owners could have their Adam Sandler Big Daddy 3rd Act courtroom scene but the realist in me has to look at the cold hard facts.
  3. If a man can chop his wee wee off and liberals will say he's a woman, I say we can have any kind of grip and it "identifies" as a thumbhole stock.
  4. Bucks county is not the Paradise you think it is. Lots of hipsters and yuppies moving in. Lots of mcMansions full of residents that complain about gunfire. Anyone been to Wicen's over there? Shooting from concrete booths angled downwards underneath a wall overhead, RO's so strict they will come over and yell at you for "rapid fire" which is anything more than what seems like 1 shot per hour. All thanks to their neighbors. I bet it used to be a nice place.
  5. The assault weapons ban is an ex facto law too, that one has stood for 30 years now. I know we like to wish and hope for courts to save us but I doubt that will ever happen. Even the magazine injunction, if it somehow did win, would at best get us what? The ability to keep 15rd? NY ended up with 10 anyway. CA and CO are bad examples as it allows people to keep "pre ban" magazines and lots of people were able to get "pre ban" magazines because you tell me how hard it is to buy an undated, unserialized product cash and simply say you've had it for X years.
  6. So it seems like a rivet in the body, along with a second rivet in the base plate, would result in a magazine capable of holding only ten rounds, not capable of being disassembled, and would require deliberate effort with power tools to reverse. Seems to cover many of the bases noted above.
  7. Particularly curious to know your opinion. For example would you sell a riveted mag to a customer in NJ? Or too grey, not worth the risk?
  8. Correct. A pin can be drifted in and out. A rivet must be destroyed in order to be removed. I would say that is "permanent" but I'm curious as to opinions.
  9. http://jesticearms.com/10-30-Magazines/10-30-Magpul-M3-300-Blackout-PMAG-AR15-Front-Rivet Opinions on legality of something like this? Magazine has a rivet stuck in the body, preventing it from loading more than 10 rounds. Base plate comes off, but follower and spring cannot come out of the magazine because rivet is blocking them in. Rivet is aluminum and would need to be drilled out to be removed.
  10. I'd say a 10 round sized steel (not a pinned 30) for space saving and durability reasons. That way you can also still service the magazine by undoing the floorplate.
  11. About 9-10 years ago a bunch of FFL in NJ were selling a "US 1 Carbine" or some kind of name like that. Same thing as M1 Carbine but not called M1 Carbine which as we know is banned by name. The logic being that AR-15 is banned by name but XM-15 or whatever is fine as long as only 1 feature. Lots of people started calling NJSP "Daddy daddy can I pleeeease have the US 1 Rifle???? Please???" Guess what, all of of a sudden they weren't for sale anymore! So yeah people, stop calling. Detachable magazine means you can push a button or lever and it comes out of the rifle. If it has a damn sheared pin or the part is literally shaped in a way that the magazine doesn't come out, NO it's not detachable. You wanna be paranoid? Here's something to be paranoid about. It only takes a couple minutes of work and a little piece of metal to make your semi-auto in a fully semi automatic if you catch my drift. Should everyone now fear the feds because you own an AR-15 and some tools? Of course not. So stop worrying about stupid stuff.
  12. This would be a great idea honestly. You could lock in a magazine and then use something like the product below to load it: https://www.meanarms.com/products/detail/ma-loader-for-ar15 We all know how things are going to go here in the next few years, so I think more people should start looking into stuff like this, rather than those atrocious and unsafe spur grips or monster man grips. For people into 7.62x39 rifles, the SKS and vz 58 (Liberty model) are also great options. The vz 58 is internally and permanently locked and can have whatever features you want. 10 round strippers load it very easily. It's also quite easy to turn most stamped receiver AK-style rifles into a configuration like how the factory Saiga rifles came into the USA. The linkage system is very simple and could be easily replicated.
  13. Why blame the scumbag when you can blame an inaninate object and advance your political agenda instead?
  14. 15 round magazines are garbage everywhere except NJ, and soon to be garbage here too. If you're going to spend hundreds a year paying for vaults, or time effort and gasoline bringing them to someone's house in a other state, at that point why not just store regular size magazines there? Prices are at all time lows, almost anything is only $10-15. If I had a friend in Florida, I'd say here's a hundred bucks, get me one of those PSA mag deals and stick em in your closet for me.
  15. Makes you wonder if civil disobedience is more effective than lawsuits in the pursuit of civil rights.
  16. Let me blow your mind, a rifle in NJ also needs to have a detachable magazine in order to be subject to the "evil feature game" Meaning if you have something like a vz. 58 Liberty model, you can have folding stock, pistol grip, bayonet lug, etc. etc. There's also an AR-15 fixed magazine variant as well.
  17. Union PD already has a private outdoor range a block away behind the Home Depot, but good to see they're excited anyway.
  18. Super pumped because it's a shooting range on rt 22 in Union. Super worried because it's a shooting range on rt. 22 in Union. Cautiously optimistic!
  19. I just want to point out to all the people clamoring for "Safe deposit boxes" and "friends out of state" to hide their 15 round mags. Your 15 round mags are junk everywhere but NJ, and soon to be junk in NJ. If you're storing mags out of state why not just get regular, standard capacity magazines for you "out of state" address? They're like $10-11 each right now. All this hot air over junk.
  20. Depends what kind of gun. Stuff like AK, Mosin, SKS, pump and bolt action etc. why waste your time cleaning the action more than once every few years? Brake grease will last decades in there. I run a bore snake w/ WD40 through after the range trip but even that is probably overkill. No need to waste money and time on expensive cleaning products and fancy rituals. That said if you have something fragile, collector's item, etc. then care for it accordingly. EDIT: I've found the chrome moly (grey) brake grease to be the best lube. I have two firearms which are going on 9 years now without new grease in the action.
  21. You can easily block most polymer and metal AR/AK type mags by simply drilling a hole or two and crushing in a pop rivet. You can buy a pop rivet gun cheaply at any hardware store. Less than $20 and yo can block all the mags you want. Plenty of info on calguns and other boards with specific measurements if you don't feel like measuring yourself. And don't worry the rivet gun is lever action and only fires one rivet at a time so no laws affecting assault rivet guns (for now),
  22. Title says it all, have ~600 rounds of .308 ammo, about 1/2 Malaysian surplus, 1/2 new production. All brass FMJ. Asking $250 or best offer, you can have the ammo cans it comes in too. Located in Union county, willing to meet somewhere nearby if necessary.
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