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  1. Appreciate the double duty you’re pulling on reddit too for r/njguns
  2. I just recently completed a Change of Address FID and permits in north jersey (two weeks ago completed, whole process took 3 months...) My local PD office was not using FARS...had to complete the manual paperwork I was used to and they mailed out letters to my two references. I'm probably not up to speed, but how prevalent is this FARS system?
  3. Not going to comment on your marriage, i think folks talking about divorce are out of line- but I will share that my experiences with GunSitters has been excellent. I live in north jersey and currently renting my apartment so it its quite a different scenario. Wife is not a fan of guns but understands why I feel they are necessary. We have compromised to keeping my two hand guns locked in a safe in the apartment. My long guns and most of my ammo are sitting in storage at the GunSitters facility. This keeps the visual evidence to a minimum so "out of sight, out of mind" keeps the wife happy and I am happy that I know I can protect us better than without. Wife has also gone to the range with me once a year so she has some very limited basic knowledge of how to handle. Better than 0 trips, but I am working on that. Yes you will eventually pay more $ than the guns/ammo are worth by storing your firearms/ammo outside your home. You will need to calculate if that is worth the peace of mind/relationship/hobbyist pursuits. The guys at GunSitters have been really helpful, even helping me move all my stuff from the car to my locker and respond quickly whenever I need to make a trip to my locker before/after the range. For me, this is "short term" until I buy property of my own-at which point everything is coming back under my roof securely stored. That may still be a couple of years away but it has been worth it to me.
  4. hope you find a seller, I used to carry this every day and its such a sleek knife you can use it in an office and not spook others vs. whipping out my spyderco yojimbo lol
  5. Just wanted to give an update, thanks for the tip @Sevenshot the ladies at the record Bureau were really helpful and efficient, they helped me gather all the forms I needed. This was just for a change of address FID card, the whole process took about 3 months total. While that is definitely longer than my previous township, I noticed they were much more stringent on employee verification and references. My previous township just called my two references while Weehawken PD mailed out hard copy forms to each my references to fill out and mail back in. Also for some reason they "could not use" the employee verification hotline that my HR team provided me as there is a cost to get that level of detail. (My work can be sensitive in nature so your experiences may vary)- so this definitely added onto the delay as we worked out a separate solution back and forth.
  6. Thanks 124gr9mm, I could definitely use a good pistol course so I will see what they can do.
  7. Also interested in this. newbie here got my FID a year ago and have the holy trinity (AR-15, handgun, pump shotgun) and really want to make sure I have my basics down correct. Only "problem" is I am up in North jersey so I only know of Gun For Hire. I did pay for a shotgun basics class there but I really felt I learned the same amount as watching youtube videos. Any recommendations for classes closer to North NJ or at the farthest central (nothing south of Trenton)?
  8. Remind me, with the new laws is it just HCPs that could potentially take your rights away or can it even be someone as benign as a neighbor or co-worker that can cause your 2A rights to be stripped? Lately I have been keeping my mouth shut/even removing firearms from my social media accounts, all over this headache BS murphy signed into place.
  9. Ah thanks for sharing, i was leaning towards buying new 10 rounders because looking at 10/30 just looks too silly now. I could stomach the sight at 15/30 but now with this bs 10 rd limit it just looks like i'm hyper overcompensating. Sigh guess i'll figure out what to do with all my 15/30 hexmags in a few months...
  10. a little off topic but has anyone had experience in blocking HexMags 15 rounders to 10 rounds? I got 6 hexmags that I bought which are 15/30 and just sitting tight on them. If there are cheap conversion kits that meet the regulations of "permanently blocked" i'd rather just do that than buy new 10 round mags.
  11. ^ I'm curious as well, i would imagine it would vary from county to county. Has anyone here had experience with that?
  12. you will not be reimbursed, by transporting the 15 rd magazines i THINK (someone pls check me on this) you are technically already breaking the law. I doubt police are accepting mags outright without questioning you... NJ made this as ambiguous and frustrating as possible for a reason to deter gun ownership and make it confusing as all hell to be law abiding citizens.
  13. lol this thread is hilarious, i also did not know there was a fb page and was scanning NJ guns on Reddit for some notification
  14. my plan was to wait as long as I could (legally) and by that time, hopefully have found someone who can block my mags to 15 rounders. Is blocking 15 round mags to 10 not an option anymore? Havent seen this response yet
  15. Benchmade Griptillian or the mini Griptillian are excellnt choices. Mini-grip is friendly looking enough that people won't raise eyebrows when you break it out to open packages and such. My favorite small folders under 3.5inch are Benchmade 940 Osbourne and Spyderco Sage 5 or Spyderco Para 3. All have S30V steel which holds an edge well and very corrosion resistant. I prefer S30V for EDC or S110 if I can get it
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