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  1. Can I have a rifle that has a folding stock or threaded barrel shipped to an FFL who is also a gunsmith? When the FFL receives the rifle they would do the stock pinning and muzzle pinning there before I receive it. Would I be good to go doing this?
  2. Building 2 at the moment and honestly just being lazy haha. Seemed like a good deal too since I already have the furniture and trigger for it. Thanks again. Won't be ordering it. Now I know for the future. Thanks!
  3. Yeah this isn't technically an ak47. would just be considered a variant. Thanks for the info! There is no way of doing the pinning and bayonet lug shaving yourself it sounds. It seemed like a good deal, but I guess having to pay someone to do the work instead of myself I might as well stick to building or buying the completed =(. Thought I could save a few bucks and be lazy haha. Thanks again for the info.
  4. I hope I'm posting in the correct location. I'm looking to buy a Romanian AK barreled receiver through Atlantic Firearms. This has no furniture or trigger installed. The muzzle is not pinned and the bayonet lug is not filed down. Would this be ok to purchase and have sent to my FFL since there is no pistol grip on the rifle or does it not even matter since it can accept detachable magazines and has the 2 other evil features? I'd of course get the muzzle device pinned and bayonet lug taken care of after I receive it and touch anything else on the rifle. Thanks in advance for any answers. Here is a link to what I'm looking to buy: https://www.atlanticfirearms.com/products/aam-romanian-barreled-receiver
  5. Hey everyone! I'm looking to head out to a gun show out in PA. What I'd like to do is buy 30 round AK47 and 74 mags out there and convert them to 15/30 while I'm out there. I have some riveted mags limited to 15 rounds. Should I drill and rivet in the same location? I'm not sure if all mags are designed the same and would have the same measurements if that makes sense. Also the 5.45 mags would be different. Does anyone have any experience with this? I've looked on youtube and multiple forums, but had no luck. I appreciate any advice and help! Thanks!
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