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  1. Member here. I ve been there as a guest for matches and I was immediately amazed by how nice the facilities are, so I joined the club last year. Yes, the club is expensive to join but I find it totally worth it. The range is always open and it's almost never crowded. Since all the matches are hold in mornings (6-7 am till noon) , most members won't be affected as most people choose to visit in the afternoon. People there are very friendly and professional, and there is no regular mandatory meeting except for the first 2 for joining the club. You should check CJPRC website out and maybe go there for a match on Sunday to have a better idea. TBH, I ve been to a few other places but CJRPC is the best so far.
  2. if you don't mind the driving, CJRPC is another great choice. It's a bit expensive to join (300+ 600 initial fee, and 300 usd per year after that) but totally worth it. The facilities are just great (may even be the best in NJ) .. and my favorite part of the club is it's almost never crowded and everyone I meet there are friendly and professional. There are also many match events every weekend at CJRPC, like knock-down steel, USPSA, benchrest, NRA highpower, 5-stand...etc. https://cjrpc.org/
  3. it's insane how the police and court can dig out all your past from somewhere. Apparently, they can access to all court and Police records across the US even if you have not been arrested or committed any crime. I was wrongfully denied a FID from another state so I contacted my local PD and got everything sorted out. I have never been arrested or shown in court room for anything (except for one traffic ticket resulted in no fine). Supposedly, this should not have left any record but I was wrong! When I was applying for FID in NJ last year, the detective called me and asked me how that happened..She said she found that from a police record (not from state police!). I was really shocked that they even found that out. I myself almost forgot that ever happened! The good news is that I got my FID at the end, but that's still shocking to me. With this story and mine, I think people should be more careful with law enforcement. You sure don't want to break the law but you also want to avoid them as much as you can. Your call to them is always recorded and your interaction with any police in duty, even during a regular traffic stop, is filmed all the time...just scary that to think anything you say to them can be evidence against you decades later..
  4. hi guys, I am trying to get into precision shooting. I wonder if there is any 600 yard or beyond distance range for public use in NJ or PA (but better be close to mid-NJ). I currently only go to Range 14 and use their 200-yard range, which becomes less challenging as my skill grows. also, my job keeps me very busy so I can only spend a weekend day at range, which is why I don't want to join a shooting club. I simply can't always do my duties as a member. anyway...the goal is to find ranges like Range 14 (no member duties) but with longer distance rifle ranges. Thanks!
  5. same thing happened to me!!! exactly!! A security officer and a senior partner had a meeting with me talking about firearm policy. They apparently didn't appreciate firearm ownership but they also stated that they won't say "no" to it if it's only for the lawful purpose (sporting/hunting). Fortunately, I didn't get into trouble with them. This was kinda scary for me 'cause I love my job there and I really don't want to lose it.
  6. I believe that guy is indeed an officer. I found his name from the police annual report. However, he is not the same person that went through my FID background check.
  7. In that case, I m very certain they will just revoke FID or deny my application at first place. I can't imagine in such a anti-gun state, PD actually has pressure on approving FID...It took forever already (>4 months)
  8. My FID investigation took a long time (4 month) but there was no actual issue. I am very certain that PD has no concern about my background. They contacted the company I m working for and my references. I was also interviewed to answer some of their questions, as well. I was very polite and willing to cooperate the whole time. I don't think anyone is concerned about anything from me at this point...
  9. It happened last month, I received a call from the local PD (about a month after I got my FID), the officer told me they always follow up with new FID holders on if they have any plan or have bought any guns...so I told the truth: I bought a bolt action rifle for sporting purpose. The officer is very friendly and the call ended peacefully. Nothing actually happens afterward (so far), but is this normal? anything I should be careful about? Thanks!
  10. thank you guys. My next question is that if police officer is informed that you are transporting firearm legally, will he/she (ask to) search your car (legally?)? so basically, my concern is how to interact with the police officer when transporting firearms.
  11. Hi guys, Recently as I read through NJ gun law, I found it scary that illegal possession of a firearm is a very serious crime and is punishable up to 10 years in prison. I understand that one can only transport a firearm from home to a range or the other way around (along with few other exemptions). However, is there any possibility that the police officer can arrest you for illegal possession of a firearm even such transportation is legal? I know the arrest is unlawful if one drives directly from home to a shooting range, but in reality, does anyone get into trouble even they are legally transporting a firearm? should law-abiding gun owners honestly inform officers of guns in the car even such transportation is legal? Thank you!
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