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  1. Sroc113, I have a buddy that is an FFL and he ordered this for me a month ago from PSA....https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-mid-length-5-56-nato-1-7-nitride-13-5-lightweight-m-lok-moe-ept-rifle-w-mbus-sight-set.html He pinned and welded a muzzle brake, and pinned the stock and now NJ compliant. Ran 100 rounds through it and so far no issues. Just have it shipped to an FFL that can make it NJ compliant.
  2. Its been a few months and about a 1000 round since I got the Browning Buckmark Contour SS with the 7 1/4" barrel and so far I love this gun for messing around at the range. I find myself taking it with me every time I go. I mounted a True-Glo red dot to this gun and several spare mags. I have it dialed in to take the bulls eye out of my targets at 25 yards every time. I originally got it for my daughter to shoot when she goes with me. So far this gun has been very reliable with no misfires. Been feeding the CCI 40 grain through her. Has anyone had any issues and if so after how many rounds?
  3. Thanks for all the info guys....There is now a proud new owner of my 144.......
  4. Thanks Oldguy....this gun doesn't need a think. It is complete and looks like new. I put it up on a rimfire site and here and already have a bunch of interest. I am taking pics tonight to send out. I will be happy with $300.00 but no less on the rifle.
  5. Thanks guys...Made up our minds this weekend. My daughter shot my 9mm, Bodyguard 380, Ruger 22lr, and my brothers Browning Buckmark with red dot sight. She can handle all of them but she fell in love with the Buckmark. Looks like I am now in the market for the Buckmark 22lr for her...LOL.
  6. Thanks Bob, We are going out this weekend and she is going to try my brother's 380 and his wifes M&P 22lr. I want to pick up something she will enjoy shooting....
  7. Oldguy, Just thinning out the herd. I got this rifle when I was 15yrs old when I joined our rifle club in school and started shooting in local competitions. I haven't shot this gun in many years and my daughter has no interest in it. I just picked up a new handgun for myself and am ready to use the second permit to pick up a pistol for my daughter to shoot with me. She has no interest in the rifle but does like shooting pistols. This one is one of the first ones that Mossberg made so I am told. It is prior to the LS model made in 1949 - 1954?
  8. Good Afternoon everyone, I am new to this site after stumbling upon it looking to get information on an old target rifle I have that I am getting ready to part with. Does anyone have some good references on 22 rimfire clubs or sites that are familiar with the Mossberg 22lr's? It is a Mossberg 22lr with t-bolt, mossberg front and rear peep sights, original scope and still has the green and red pegs for safety. This gun is near mint condition. I am trying to put a real world value on it. I am told it is a desirable gun for the collector target shooting crowd. I am also looking for a nice pistol for my daughter in either the 380 or 22lr caliber. I have my permits in hand.
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