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  1. Haven't heard anything, I'll send you an email.

  2. Let me ask a follow up question, because I am a little confused. Has this new law passed, is it in effect now, if not and has passed, when will it take affect?
  3. Welcome from Blackwood, new myself.
  4. What is the proper way to do it face to face in NJ. In Florida they handed you money, you verified they were a Florida resident, you handed them gun. No paperwork at all.
  5. If this is in the wrong spot I apologize. As stated, what is the procedure in NJ to privately sell a rifle? Keep hearing conflicting answers.
  6. I'll bring my Savage 10FLCP-SR .308.
  7. Should I bring along my rifles?
  8. Thank you Brian, I will be there.
  9. Here you go, already done for you. Very good read. https://ar15nerd.com/best-ar-15-buying-guide/
  10. I have shot $3000 AR's and I will say they are built well. The problem with pre-built is you have to settle for what they built. What if I want a different barrel, or anything different. I have not found one size fits all, to my liking, and prefer to build it myself. /
  11. I like to build the rifle myself. Gives me complete control of what I consider to be the best components. Pick the best barrel, upper receiver, lower receiver, both upper and lower parts kits. This is the only way you're assured of the best components. If you buy the AR completed you're not really sure of what you're getting. Companies invariably look at the bottom line and will scrimp where they can. I also find this to be much cheaper.
  12. Name is Bill, came up from Florida to be close to my son and grandchildren. Wow, what a shock after living in Florida where everything was legal, no gun state registration. Still trying to navigate all the laws and restrictions. I am getting into long range and precision shooting. Hope to eventually join the 1000 yd. and mile club.
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