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  1. Items sold removed. If it's listed I still have it.
  2. WTS New Aero Precision Upper Receiver $50 Shipped***SOLD***
  3. WTS Reloading Equipment I never did get into this like I thought I would. Moving in a couple months, rather not make space on the truck. If you want to bundle let me know I can work a price up. All prices are negotiable. I'll edit as things are sold. Any messages, picture requests please send me a PM. Used Lyman Flash Hole Uniformer $10 NEW Lee Charging Die Kit PN#90995 $24 USED Lee Decapping Kit Used PN#90292 $10 NEW Lee 4 hole Quick Change Turret X3 PN#90269 $12 ea, USED EX. COND.Lee Classic Press PN#90998 $95 USED EX. COND. Lee 4 Hole Classic Turret Cast Press PN#90064 $99 USED EX. COND.Lee Precision Press Stand PN#90688 $95 Will sell 2 presses with stand $250 NEW Lee Safety Primer feed (Small and Large Feeders) PN#90997 $24 NEW Lee Safety Powder Scale PN#90681 $29 USED RCBS Trim Mate Case Prep PN#90386 Crimp Remover Military Small and Large $25 NEW Hornady Lock and load Straight O.A.L. Gauge PN#31075 w/NEW 308 Modified Case $30 NEW Hornady Catridge Gauge 223 PN#380707 $20 NEW Hornady Catridge Gauge 308 PN#380716 $20 USED EX. Cond. Hornady Lock and load B234 Headspace Comparator Kit PN#31249 and NEW Anvil Base AB1 $35 NEW Hornady Trimmer Pilot #1 (224), #9 (308) $8 NEW Hornady Shellholder #1 .30 Cal $5 NEW Hornady Shellholder #16 PN#09216 223 Cal $5 NEW Ballistic Tools Swage Go/No Go Gauge Large Primer PN#857042-005049 $10 NEW Ballistic Tools Swage Go/No Go Gauge Small Primer PN#857042-005032 $10 USED Frankford Quick and Easy Bullet Puller $10 NEW WCT 6.5 Grendel Trimmer With Case Prep Adaptor $30
  4. Info sent to Kanwalb18. Sold in a matter of seconds to Kanwalb 13.
  5. ***SOLD*** Devil Dog Concepts Side charging Handle System, Fits any standard AR15 forged receiver. Simple drop in design, no permanent modification. Especially handy for AR's with scope mounted. New in Box. There are three models, this is the foremost (front) picatinny rail model. Will not interfere with mounted assemblies. Can be removed in seconds, and put on another AR $100 Shipped Priority Mail. Will accept Paypal as a gift or add 3% for invoice sent.
  6. He has to go away until the 17th. offered me money to hold it, I declined and told him it will be waiting for him when he gets back. Does seem like a nice guy.
  7. The Man, It's yours (without side charging handle) for $475. Contact me thru PM and I'll give you a phone number to make arrangements.
  8. It is 16 in. carbine. Right now I'm getting into long distance shooting. I am using bolt action rifles. Savage 10 in .308. The only trades would be reloading equipment.
  9. AR15 for Sale. I am no longer into the AR platform, so I decided to clean the safe. I built this during the early winter with everything I liked to make it my supreme AR. Any Questions or need more pictures please contact me. Everything is New, Never Been Fired Anderson Upper Premium Forged Mil Spec Upper Receiver (Mil Spec is Mil Spec no matter what the name is) 5.56 16in. Nitride Hbar Barrel 1in7 Shark Muzzle Brake Fail Zero Nickel Boron BCG Handguard: 15" Slim Echo Keymod Devil Dog Hard Side Charger (non reciprocating) Anderson Forged Mil Spec Lower Receiver (Mil Spec is Mil Spec no matter what the name is) Strike Industries Enhanced Lower Parts Kit Strike Industries Right side Extended Mag Release Strike Industries Extended Take Down Pins Strike Industries Left Side Mag Release Nickel Boron Trigger/ hammer Assy. Hogue Overmolded beaver Tail Pistol Grip Magpul STR Buttstock Tactical Armament Buis Flip up sights Fab Defense magwell Grip Fab Defense Foregrip with thumb rest Anti Rotation Pins Trinity Force Rubber Rail protective Covers NcStar Rubber Rail Protective Covers 5 15/30 Hex Mags Choice of: Dagger Defense model DDH-B Red dot (not Pictured) or Ozark rhino Red dot 1x30 with Cantiliver Rail, will co witness with BUIS. (Pictured) Leapers UTG Covert Homeland Security Gun Case with Adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle $535 with the Devil Dog Side charger, $475 without. This ran me $850 to put together.
  10. I only want to make room for other toys. I now reload and shoot long distance.
  11. Haven't heard anything, I'll send you an email.

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