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  1. I accidentally snapped of the hexnut screw of the base of the cantiliver mount when i was tightening it to the recommended torque. Will they replace this if i return it?
  2. What town are you? Now thats fast. Hows the recoils on the .45? I might rent out a dessert eagle, hopefully it wont fly to my face Is the cz 75 better than the p10? Hopefully they got 15 round mags. Im planning to get the vp9 for my 2nd. How effective are the night sights? Im just gonna rent some revolvers to get a feel for it. Dont wanna accidentally hit my face because of the recoil. Im just jealous of those people that get their permits in under a month. You sure have a lot of patience to wait that long. Nice and looks new, what intervals do you clean guns, every 1000 rounds? Also random question, can i bring loaded magazines on a separate bag for transport or does it have to be empty.
  3. thanks, good to know theres a gunshop close thanks, which is your top 3 handguns? im still waiting for my permits too. i'll check out lucianos. 10/24/17- application submitted. the lady said it would take 1-2months to finish 11/28/17- called bureau records. the lady said all the paperwork was sent to the detective on 11/14/17 and that he has to do the investigation. i emailed the capt of the detective dept to check on my status since its almost 2 months on 12/15 but he never replied. then i emailed the detective handling my case on 12/19/17 day to check on my status but he never replied. however, both of my references were later contacted that day(coincidence? i think not). i called the detective's office # maybe 3x that week and he never answered; i just wanted to know how many more weeks til i get the permit. finally got a call back the week after, and i have to say the guy is a huge dick/douche . yelling at me because i was emailing both the captain and him(which i never got a reply or callback). saying that "its suspicious that you're eager to get this guns. im gonna call homeland security. why do you need 3 pistol permits? only gun collectors get this many." he also said something about he has 90 days of processing the application even though the lady said 1-2 months. so that was the first call i had with the detective.he got pissed because i wanted him to do his job haha. i feel like his gonna prolong my application if i call him again so here i am still waiting
  4. Whats sup guys , i applied for my fid and pistol permits on 10/24/17 and im still waiting for a call or letter. Hopefully, in a few weeks ill get my permits. Can anyone suggest a gunshop in north jersey,bloomfield. Im planning to get a cz p10 and vp9
  5. im just worried if i answer "no" , its going to pop out in the mental background check
  6. is it better to say yes and ask a doctor's letter from the same PA and submit it with my application?
  7. i was seen by a Physician assistant for my insomnia/anxiety was prescribed some medications to help me sleep better. can i put no? since technically shes not a doctor 26) Have you ever been attended, treated or observed by any doctor or psychiatrist or at any hospital or mental institution on an inpatient or outpatient basis for any mental or psychiatric condition? If yes, give the name and location of the doctor, psychiatrist, hospital or institution and the date(s) of such occurrence
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