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  1. I did not think about it being a suicide prevention thing. Now I understand why, kinda sucks when you want to go shooting and don't have people around to go with. Guess I will have to wait and see if I get my PFId.
  2. So every firing range I have looked into has a rule you need to have two people to rent guns. One mentions on their site and exception, if you have you are active or retired LEO or have your PFId. Is this a state law or just a safety rule?
  3. Thanks all for the welcomes and info.
  4. Awesome info all, thanks. Now I understand how this handgun thing works in NJ. Odd that they will give you a permit then have to do the whole application process over. Then again it is Jersey.
  5. Did not realize there was all those shops and ranges near me. I take it some of these club ranges you need to be a member? This week I am going to finally go out and try some of the pistols I am considering to purchase, if I get my FPId. I was actually out near RTSP the other day and stopped in. Nice looking facility and the staff seemed friendly. A bit far but I do need places that rent firearms and hopefully they have at least one or two of the pistols I am looking to purchase. So far both ranges I was in had the Victory and one had a Mark III but not the Mark IV. Now I go from getting too many notifications from these forums to not getting any, I hate my luck...
  6. So I have read posts on other forums and a couple here and I got a little confused on the whole deal. So I searched the NJ sites and I am still unclear on the laws. As I thought the law was, you apply for your FPID which allows you to purchase long guns and shotguns with no other permits. The handgun permit lets you purchase one handgun per permit up to three at a time? Then you have to wait 30 days before you can apply for another handgun permit up to three? Please help me figure this out. What are the laws for handgun permits?
  7. So I live in the Amboys area. I know of and actually stopped by Shore Shot last week just to have a peek inside. What other ranges/shops do you all recommend for me to check out? I don't think there is much close to me, I feel I will be taking hour drives to ranges.
  8. That is cool I am going to keep that link handy. Time to start saving up for my first gun and my CCW.
  9. When I put in my application I put in for a handgun permit as well. Figured might as well even if I can't afford the gun I want at least it is done and no need to wait. Should be able to get one of the .22's I have been looking at. I have been looking through the site I will look for the post with the NJ laws, that is the most important one for me right now. Don't want to break any laws.
  10. Oh ok, good thing to know. Thank you. Thank you all for the welcomes.
  11. Firearms permit? It's actually a purchase card? I will eventually do the ccw thing but money is very tight for me. So one thing at a time, lol.
  12. So no need for classes or anything? Do I need my NJ permit first?
  13. Yeah I am not going to NH, just could not afford to move or take a vacation to get the permit. You need to take classes for that as well, right? I couldn't afford all that.
  14. Thank you all for the welcome. It sounds right to me, I am a noob. But I live in NJ. From NJ, I am looking to start off with a .22. The upcoming weeks I am going to put my hands on and some rounds down range on a S&W Victory, a Ruger MkIV if a range has one for rent and I will see what other .22's the ranges have. My budget is pretty low and I am only looking to do target shooting for now.
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