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  1. Checking in from Clinton, Hunterdon CO. Spirits are very low in the house tonight. I came home from work, drug my ass back here from Millburn again, and was so happy to find none of my guns killed anyone while I was away. Looks like Phil the Pill, Philly Fingers, Hannibal Lectur Murphy is in charge now. I'm only 15 minutes from the border now. I think I'm out of here.
  2. Hi all, Been lurking on the site for a while and figured it was time to join the masses so I could share this gem of an editorial article with you. I live in Clinton and receive the weekly "Today in Hunterdon" newspaper. It's a mostly left-leaning publication that's always good for a laugh. Anyway, here's the "Letter to the Editor" I want to share. All spelling and grammar mistakes were printed as is. Imagine that... someone equating the Vegas massacre to the killing of Tonka the dog. Wish I could say I'm surprised but unfortunately I've accepted that these people exist and we share Rt. 78 every morning. Scary.