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  1. Anyone ever use Google Earth and come across places that look like a range but no range is advertised to be there? Usually a very private one. My father who lived in North Jersey found one way up in the hills of Newton township. I'm sure some people with big money and have lots of land can make their own ranges.
  2. The club sounds very interesting. My current membership will run out this winter and that's why I'm possibly looking to check out another place with more resources. My current club is 29.6 miles away and takes 40 minutes to get there. Central Jersey is 23.9 miles away and looks like it will take me 30 minutes away. So that's pretty cool, it's actually closer. Are potential members allowed to visit the site and walk around to check it out or have to be with another member? If have to be with another member, does that take away something from that member? Like points or a guest pass? And Mr. Winter is coming, do they close the outdoor ranges or keep them open all year? I'll re-read that PDF file. Downloaded it the other day. If you were to take me into the area, would we be able to roam around or do you have to go right to a certain range? Thanks for the info guys.
  3. Been reading all the replies and someone suggested a 22LR, which might be a good choice. Still in love with that Wilson Combat EDC but can't see myself putting out $2895 and then waiting for it to be built. Now, possibly on the hunt for a really nice 22LR.
  4. I was all over their website. Most of it talks about the financials and less about the range itself. The initial $700-$800 fee then you have the annual $350 fee on top of that. Literally over $1000 for the first sign up I believe. BUT they offer a lot of land, a lot of different range sizes and indoor as well. Have you ever went there on a weekend and it was really crowded that you had to wait for a lane? Do they close the outdoor ranges in the winter? Anyway, thanks for replying and maybe we can figure something out for me to take a look first without dumping all that cash out. Thanks!
  5. I always use Garden State as my indoor range. Really nice guys there, have a good selection for their size and they have a lower shelf in your lane! Some lanes at other places just have a single shelf. I need more room for my targets, other hardware, ammo, etc. Anyway I have been looking at NJRGC and yea the damn huge fee is a real put off but they have keyfob 24/7 access, outdoor and indoor. Lots of space. Are there any NJRGC members here? Do they really allow you to use the range 24/7? Or just the indoor? I assume they allow AR-15 rifles, and do they limit those to ONLY the longest rages or you can shoot them at the 50 yard ones? Just trying to get a low down on specifics. Getting tired of shooting my AR's on short lanes all the time. Do they have metal targets setup for you so you don't need to walk out and setup your targets? Paying over $800 to join I'd figure they have whatever you want but after you join is when you start finding the limitations. What do you think?
  6. Is that X9 really worth the price? I was checking out the 365. Since I don't have a small one. I like the fact it has 10 rounds and the size. Plus the price is good.
  7. It's that time of year I treat myself. I usually get a handgun or rifle type firearm. My signature shows all that I have now. I've looked all around at all the new stuff and just can't find anything that peaks my interest. I would love to get a 9mm Wilson Combat but for $4000 I can't justify that on any measure. I'm sure there are guns out there just as good and reliable that cost $400 to $1000. Anyway, maybe someone can give me some recommendations for something that I can take to the range, shoot and just be happy with it. I've shot hundreds and hundreds of rounds through all my guns and I love shooting them all, except for the 1911. Not saying I don't like it, just a little bulky and heavy. I'm also a left handed person and would love to get something that has the capability for ambi. I think I went to Buds online and just went page after page just looking to see if anything visually would pop out. Help me spend my money!
  8. If you change your mind and want an regular AR, then I would always go for Bravo Company ( BCM ). I used the very good people JT Customs, Jack to get my Bravo rifle. Can't buy them at dealers since they do not ship to NJ at all. Jack was able to obtain a NJ legal version which I have been very happy with and will rely on that weapon with my life if I ever had to. It just always works and every part on that rifle is made to last.
  9. Yes, that is the bag I have. Right now it seems to be a perfect bag. Where can you find a bag with 20 magazine holders, room for 2 full size pistols, room for ammo, some tools, ear protection, eye protection, etc. Even though I feel it is the perfect bag, I still chase the dragon for a better one. It is an obsession.
  10. I have a small obsession with range bags. I have a few but all of them are not perfect. One is almost. It is the Osage River range bag. The larger of the two they make. That bag comes close to a perfect range bag. When I visit the range I carry my bullets in snap cap containers. Tops can't fall off. They are see thru kitchen type containers. They are very light and come in different sizes. Been doing it that way for a long time. Since all my ammunition at home is in all 50 CAL cans I just grab and fill my containers and stick them in my range bag. Seems to be very efficient. I can get setup and ready to shoot at the range in a couple of minutes. I also have one of those 556 autoloaders. Where you put all the bullets in a bin at the top, secure a magazine to it and pump away. Magazine fills up in a matter of seconds. I see lots of people looking at me and most come up and ask what the hell is that? I just tell them I don't want to spend time filling up magazines while in the range. Well worth it.
  11. The pin is under the adjustment lever. I own a rebel arms AR myself. Very solid rifle and can take a beating. They aren't MIL-SPEC persay but an example would be try removing the ejector door flap. You can't because the way they installed it. Little stupid things like that, but the main parts of the rifle are legit and of high quality.
  12. First off, all my mags that have not been pinned to 10 rounds are at my Dad's place who just moved to Delaware. Not too far from me either. I was actually jealous when he moved!! Since I only use the mags down at my dad's house the 15's and 10's really do get the same usage and bullets through them. I checked the followers on all of them and did not notice any exceptional wear and tear. I actually wish I did find something out of the ordinary. I can always send it to H&K from my Dad's place so there's no issues on sending or receiving. Just so they can take a look at it and make sure it is operating the way it should be. Never made any modifications or anything and it is usually a higher priced pistol since I heard H&K makes really good stuff. I guess I'll figure out what I'm gonna do. Thanks for all the responses. Sorry for the crappy video.
  13. I have a VP9 that's about 2 years old. I've shot hundreds and hundreds through it and clean it every time after I come home from the range, as I do all my guns. Funny thing started to happen with my VP9. All my 15 round mags ( which right now stay in my home and have to get pinned ) do not catch to hold the slide back. All my 10 round magazine's work just fine. These are all OEM, made by H&K. Visually all of the magazine's look the same and have no damage, but it just happens on the 15 round ones which is odd. I did make a video and will put the link in the post so you can see what I mean. Remember, the gun is always clean, lubed just a little, and fires great. Any ideas? The site won't let me embed the video, so I can only post the URL. http://www.diggsnet.com/vp9magissue.mp4 Sorry, I fell asleep before I could upload the video. The link should work now.
  14. This is a weird response but it would be easier for you to move to a pro carry state, get your address changed and then apply. It is almost impossible to get a carry permit in NJ even with sensible reasons on why you feel you need to carry. This is why there are so many unregistered fire arms on the streets illegally being carried. The more the state tries to take away, the more people take bigger risks to satisfy their needs. The state would rather see you dead with your head blown open then trying to protect yourself, even with a professional behind the trigger. Heck, when I drive through Camden to grab my pickles ( I get them at a wholesale place ) I really feel the need to bring a small handgun or something. I've seen people sitting at red lights get robbed right in front of me at gun point. In that case I would comply with the offender regardless if I had a gun or not. I would only fire if I was in full control and sitting in my car behind a steering wheel trying to pull a gun while one is already pointing at your head it is just better to comply and hope the offender doesn't shoot. Sticky situation, since some people would try to defend right away...but the offender has the upper hand. Sorry, got a little carried away.
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