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  1. I have been here as well. Outside and inside. They kicked me off the outside range because I was having troubling zero'ing in my AR at 50 yards. I hit the target a couple of times, but I may have had a dodgy scope on it. So the big, bad, Shooters employee came over to me and said in a real loud tone, Don't you think that's enough son? So I talked back to him with the same loud tone, NO, I'm perfectly fine, thank you. Then he said, "If you can't hit the target there's no sense in being here". I told him I was zero'ing in my setup for 50 yards and needed some hits and misses. After that, I just left. He usually drives a white pickup truck. I do think he's an idiot. In the end, after complaining I was compensated. Why would one of these guys even do that? People are there to do many things. First time shooters. Trying a new gun. All different types of things. I felt like giving him an open hand slap right there.
  2. I got lucky to get a BCM REECE dark earth model. My guy found it already NJ compliant, so the sale was easy. I have been to about 20 ranges around and have never seen a BCM before I got mine. It is my favorite AR.
  3. MichaelDiggs


    What's going on with BCM? It is one of the only companies that hasn't really updated anything on their website except for a few small items. While pretty good looking new companies are popping up all over, seem to have well made products with great warranties I've always wondered why BCM doesn't seem to care about marketing or getting their information out to the public. A few years ago if you put in a Google search "Best AR" BCM would def be on that list. Now, you see the new companies with good motivation to make some nice hardware. I try to follow BCM, but there is never any news.
  4. My Dad wants to purchase a BCM/Bravo Company REECE 16 rifle. Are these available at all? Every place I looked at they were out of stock. I have one myself, love it, but I bought it PRE pandemic.
  5. I have the FN 509 Tactical. I will be moving to Delaware and wanted to grab a couple 17 round mags, but I cannot find exact which ones they are. Can someone confirm these are the 17 rounds mags for the FN 509 Tactical? 20-100032-1 FN 509, 9mm Mag 17RD BK 845737007768 Does this seem to be a 17 rounder? Apparently I am unable to find it anywhere whatsoever. And if I do, the price tag is almost $90!!!!
  6. Well I do have 5 50mm cases full of 9mm right now and 6 50mm cases of 556. Can never have too much ammo, because one day won't be able at all.
  7. I have been out of the scene for a long time because of COVID and other reasons. Went to look online to buy some ammo and even the largest places are all out of stock. This is all because of the Pandemic, correct?
  8. I'm aware of what needs to be compliant in this state- NEW JERSEY. The only way I was able to get a Bravo Company AR was to go through a private FFL ( mas stores wouldn't go near it ) since BCM won't even ship anything to NJ at all. Somehow the FFL dealer I dealt with got it just right. What I meant about the Delaware thing was I would be able to purchase a non-complaint NJ rifle and then have the professional work done to make it compliant. I've seen some really crappy jobs when a company tries to pin a stock when they really don't know how. Anyway that WWSD does look interesting. I wonder how over time the metal and polymer rubbing together would wear? Unlike a hand gun, the metal slide usually sits on metal rails or something. I would have loved them to touch the display they had sitting on the table but it was probably a cardboard cut out! Did he say 6lbs! Wow, I could shoot that all day and wouldn't even feel it. I really want to see someone pull that charging handle and hear it. I assume it's gas that throws the bolt back into the polymer. Wowzers, can't wait to see that piece. I don't like the old school stock, but the tradition is there.
  9. Why this always happens this time of year, have no idea. I currently have everything in my signature and I'm still looking for something revolutionary in an AR-15 being NJ compliant. To me, the AR-15 is almost a perfect weapon, with quick take downs, cleanings, strong steel where it needs to be and it just works if it is made properly. I do want to end up with 3 total. I guess 2 of them isn't good enough for my small brain. I want one FULL MADE. Do not have the time or eyesight to build one myself. Those days are over. I can be your grandparent if the divide is big enough. I love anything that comes from BCM. I've had, sold, bought and had more. In the end I settled keeping the beautiful Bronze Reece 556 NATO. And also settled on a Rebel Arms MOD3. They may have been sold off or went out of business but their AR I beat the crap out of and that stays true to god. I will never let these two go, so will be looking for an AR-15 with DE. compliance or New Jersey. My dad lives in DE. I live in NJ. Is he allowed to gift me a DE. complaint rifle or that's not happening when Murphy slips in some law while we are looking at the COVID news. SLICK. So the bottom line, preferably a great quality LITE AR-15, minimilistic besides a small scope and maybe some legs on it. Nothing heavy. Older I get, the lighter I want. I will check every recommendation on the responses, so if you are sending me into the Devils pit please let me know. Something new, cool, and that works! Thanks fellas. Old man Mike here.
  10. Damn, I thought at least it would have went to family instead of another company doing everything over. Their 'new' website doesn't even offer information about lanes, shooting times, the details.
  11. Anyone know what happened to Garden State shooting center? I go to their website and this WESHOOT site comes up. Do they have a range anymore? Sales? Any news would be great.
  12. Anyone ever use Google Earth and come across places that look like a range but no range is advertised to be there? Usually a very private one. My father who lived in North Jersey found one way up in the hills of Newton township. I'm sure some people with big money and have lots of land can make their own ranges.
  13. The club sounds very interesting. My current membership will run out this winter and that's why I'm possibly looking to check out another place with more resources. My current club is 29.6 miles away and takes 40 minutes to get there. Central Jersey is 23.9 miles away and looks like it will take me 30 minutes away. So that's pretty cool, it's actually closer. Are potential members allowed to visit the site and walk around to check it out or have to be with another member? If have to be with another member, does that take away something from that member? Like points or a guest pass? And Mr. Winter is coming, do they close the outdoor ranges or keep them open all year? I'll re-read that PDF file. Downloaded it the other day. If you were to take me into the area, would we be able to roam around or do you have to go right to a certain range? Thanks for the info guys.
  14. Been reading all the replies and someone suggested a 22LR, which might be a good choice. Still in love with that Wilson Combat EDC but can't see myself putting out $2895 and then waiting for it to be built. Now, possibly on the hunt for a really nice 22LR.
  15. I was all over their website. Most of it talks about the financials and less about the range itself. The initial $700-$800 fee then you have the annual $350 fee on top of that. Literally over $1000 for the first sign up I believe. BUT they offer a lot of land, a lot of different range sizes and indoor as well. Have you ever went there on a weekend and it was really crowded that you had to wait for a lane? Do they close the outdoor ranges in the winter? Anyway, thanks for replying and maybe we can figure something out for me to take a look first without dumping all that cash out. Thanks!
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