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  1. Got the platinum. Have an outstanding question regarding the turrets. I know they can be pulled off, but putting them back on is the question.
  2. Hi there. Finally got my Primary Arms Platinum 1x-8 ACSS Rectile Scope. Glass is super clear and is very forgiving. Down to the problem. The turrets for elevation and windage lift up and then you can turn them. Simple. Low and behold my brother unscrewed just the turret cap and the turret cap came off, no big deal. BUT what I don't understand is how do I know what exact position to put it back in on? Like what mark was it lined up with? Does it matter? I basically want to screw it back on exactly where it was, but that is impossible now, so my question I guess is, how would I take this scope back to like factory defaults with the turning turrrets? I just don't want to slap on the turret before knowing how to put it back on in the right place. Is there a way this can be done? I have not zeroed it yet, so making changes to the turrets is fine with me. Thinking of zeroing it at 50 or 100 yards since I won't be shooting out so darn far. If you know what I mean and think you may know the answer I'd be greatly appreciated. I can always contact Primary Arms and ask them, but I get really good feedback in here sometimes with you guys. Well, take it easy!
  3. I have not yet made the dive. I was looking at the JAPAN made glass by Primary Arms which is their platinum line. Anything below is Chinese made inferior glass and it is the glass that is the primary key in clarity that you want in scope. I was really checking this model out from Primary Arms for $1299 maybe $1099 on sale if you can, but that ATN X-Sight pro looks pretty damn good to me for the price, BUT where is the glass made? Why only a 2 year warranty compared to LIFETIME ( even normal wear and tear ) on other models which is a normal warranty for scopes. Even a Leupold $300 model has a better warranty then the $700 ATN. Your throwing this scope on an AR15 rifle. Which is usually a rifle abused and hard used in the field. Will this ATN really stand up to a daily beating? Drop it once and dent the side on the tube, I bet the will not even enforce their warranty because it was an accident. Yea, I like the crazy features and options on the ATN scope, and viewing a picture right in the scope itself has a very high "cool" factor but I could not buy a scope with just a 2 year warranty. I don't want to treat my rifle like it is made of glass and be careful with it. I want to be able to beat the heck out of it like you should be able to and not have to worry about the furniture attached. If that ATN had a lifetime warranty on it, I'd grab it right up. Any opinions on this? A really cool $700 4k 3x-14 magnification which can be used for all types of shooting and distances, not knowing where the glass is made or a Primary Arms $1299 1x-8 magnification which is great for mid-range and in but has a lifetime warranty on it. In my opinion if it has a lifetime warranty on it the increase in price is ok. I just know I'll be covered. And still couldn't find anywhere on ATN's site where the glass is made. If it's China made then forget it is a real easy decision. The PA Platinum's are Japan made. One of these, which one would you considering price/warranty/features/etc.... https://www.atncorp.com/x-sight4k-pro-day-night-rifle-scope-3-14x http://primaryarmsoptics.com/product/platinum-series-1-8x24mm-ffp-scope-w-acss-raptor-m2-reticle/
  4. Which one did you buy? This one ATN X-SIGHT 4K PRO 3-14X looks like a really nice scope for $$699.
  5. Well, I took a chance and went with this one from primary arms. https://www.primaryarms.com/pa-1-6x24mm-ffp-illuminated-rifle-scope-with-acss-raptor-556-reticle-black Looks like a nice little guy, has illumination and FFP, which I wanted. It is not in stock right now, but I'm in no big rush. It is made in China, but what isn't. And it has Primary Arms Lifetime Warranty. Even if it breaks from normal wear and tear Primary Arms will fix or replace it for free. Why not. I do want to get a quick disconnect mount. When cleaning or changing the scopes on my different rifles, I wanted this ability. Although getting it all back to 0 on point most likely won't happen, so who knows. The picture shows flip up caps on it, so I need to find out if it comes with them. I purchased it at OpticsPlanet because I got a better price there than Primary Arms themselves. Weird. Anyone recommend a real low sitting QD mount? 30mm size, so it should be pretty easy to find a whole bunch of them, I just don't like some QD's because they eat up the rail. I need to find the one that grabs the rail already, then just snaps in tight with QD lock on it. The ones like LaRue are really bad. They use a sliding mechanism that scratches the paint right off your rail. Too abrasive for me, even if it is a rifle I beat on.
  6. Well my girlfriend bought me scope ( have no idea why since she has no idea what I wanted ) but she was just trying to show the love and I can return it. She bought me the Leupold AR mod 1 3x-9 40mm MIL rectile. Ya know, I'd keep it but I really wanted a first focal plane scope...or do you guys think it really matters? Heck, she only paid $299 for it on sale and it has a lifetime warranty. I heard the glass is crystal clear and really, like you guys said I'm not going above 500 yards here, so this may even be too much. Think I should keep it? It has not been delivered yet, but it can be returned for a full refund she said. I really wanted a GOOD quality 1x-6 or similar 40mm first focal plane paralax adjustment? and something that just has kick butt quality at the distances I'll be challanging myself. I can always keep the Leupold AR MOD 1 , and look for a second one for my second AR rifle that I have. I just don't know since scopes are new to me. I heard good things about it, all the reviews on it look good but I just don't know. I've dealt with Primary Arms before. I had one of their 3x magnifiers which was horrible glass compared to almost an identical Burris one I got. That's why I never went back to Primary Arms, but maybe I'll check them out for inexpensive scopes for the distances I'll be at. Thanks fellas. More investigation is needed, and boy am I learning a lot sitting here on my computer reading about scopes. I do like the ones that are made specifically for AR rifles, since they are usually shorter and don't have such high magnification...anyway, more checking things out!
  7. Ended up getting the FN 509 Tactical and love it. Shoots like a champion and I shoot it very well. Usually takes me a little to warm up on accuracy but right out of the box this one I get great groupings.
  8. Amazing. Silencer shop makes it easy but if it’s illegal then that’s what it is. No silencer for me. And the main reason I wanted one was for better hearing protection, but NJ doesn’t care about ear damage to anyone. Yea they make good ear muffs but even when I wear them I wish it was quieter. I have very sensitive ears, eyes, nose for some reason. Maybe I’ll see if they make much better ear muffs. Using an $80 pair now that I got from Amazon.
  9. For the extra price range I do like the Leaupold VX-5HD 3-15 44mm. Sucker cost $800 without hardware. Went from a $119 Sig to a Leaupold $800. Anyway the tube is a common 30mm so there’s a lot of hardware out there. I’d like to get rings as close as I can get to my rail but would also like quick disconnects on them. If QD are not really a good idea then I can settle for standard regular rings. Leaupold makes them and can get a set of 30mm rings for around $85. Are the Leaupold rings ok? I would imagine getting the same brand name rings would be my best bet. I saw these rings for a great price on Midways site: https://ads.midwayusa.com/product/1477123043/weaver-tactical-picatinny-style-rings-matte Was also checking this one out which is a single piece. Convenient to me really. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/2420197402/vortex-optics-cantilever-1-piece-extended-scope-mount-picatinny-style-with-integral-rings-ar-15-flat-top-matte Thanks for all the info and if anyone thinks I should step down from an $800 scope since I’ll barely go beyond 500 yards and keep it closer may look for a less expensive model. I’ll try to see if Leaupold makes a less expensive model for more or less entry level for closer distances. My initial budget and what I wanted to spend on the scope was $300-$400. Jumping to an $800 model is probably too much for me now but love the gadgets! One that cost $300 that has good glass at least 40mm and magnification at 3 to 7 would be ideal. Thanks again!!
  10. Thanks a million for the feedback. I’m at the research stage now and not looking for a monster scope. Even just 500 yards or less is fine with me. Just as long as the optics are good and a nice protective cover included would be nice. Love my Aimpoint H’s which have been fantastic since they are so small and just work but I’d figure switching it up with a scope on one of my 15’s would be a nice change. I’m locked in NJ as most of us are here, so it will operate at the outside range most of the time or in PA. where I have some family living. I did read online somewhere that Leaupold has great optics compared to Vortex, Burris, and even Nikon. I was told to just go out and buy the Burris Eliminator III scope. I guess my friend completely disregarded the fact I did not want to spend that much money or even come close to such high-end scope with those capabilities it has. Built in rangefinder, trajectory information and gives you the red dot info with windage computations in seconds. Oh how nice. Not for me though. Small time $300 guy for me. I do like the Sig Whiskey3 which has 3-9x magnification. And for $119, where can I go wrong. I’m sure Sig even makes their own mount for it for a picatinny rail, which both my AR’s have. Hopefully quick disconnect capabilities since I like switching furniture around on each rifle. Looking forward to more recommendations and if the experts here think that Sig Whiskey3 is a good sweet spot for what I’m looking for I’ll take the plunge for that price easily. Thanks!!!!
  11. I have a REECE BCM4 rifle and only use Radian charging handles. My favorite one is the SD. Here are a couple pictures of two of them. The SD has small cut out holes to take away some weight and also let some gas pressure through. ( So I was told in the advertisement of it ) Since I'm a lefty I was going to get this one by Badger Ordinance but after using the Radian's being a lefty was never an issue.
  12. I have a couple red dots and want to enter the scope world. For mostly 1000 yards and less. Most of the time a lot of time at the range at 500 yards or less. Possibly for hunting, but I'm not a big animal killer and don't like deer meat too much. Still trying to find out what exactly every number means in the specifications of the model, but I think I have it down pretty good. Let me know if I'm wrong. The "3-9x" would mean that's what the magnification is. "40mm" would mean the size of the glass circle itself. The larger, the better and more surface area you have when viewing using the rectile. Would that mean a scope with a larger mm size is just larger and is better and has a larger viewing area? I'd like the largest that is within being normal of using it on an AR-15. These are the ones I have had my eyes on. Don't need anything at all that cost $3000+ from the bank. Getting tired of my red dots, want a change and what better to change out my old red dots! And when they say ILLUMINATED, does that mean the rectile/scope itself is illuminated? I understand there may be a red dot which needs to light up so it can be seen, but is there anything else illuminated while looking through the scope itself? Yea, I like to ask lots of questions, since when I do read too much online I do get even more confused since everyone has their own opinion on what something is. I've found this forum to be really cool with great people. Thanks, and I will take any of your recommendations of scopes not listed below. The ones below just caught my eye because of their price. Thanks again!!!! Sig Sauer Whiskey3 3-9x 40mm Quadplex Rectile $119 Leupold VH-5HD 30mm 2-10x 42mm Duplex Rectile $599 Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 1.5x-4 20mm Illuminated Firedot SPR Rectile $299 Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 3-9x 40mm Illuminated Firedot Rectile $299
  13. Since I live in NJ, is it possible at all anywhere in the books to own a supressor/muffler for a pistol or they are just plain illegal in ALL cases? Be nice to do some shooting on my friend's land and not have ear muffs on. I had no idea you had to go through an FFL just to get a suppressor. I could probably give the specs to a machine shop and have them actually make one for me.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm still on top of the fence on what to use the permit for. I have a few weeks to think about it. I held the FN 509 Tactical yesterday and it was very comfortable. Love the fact you can mount an RMR easily with the supplied plates. Looks like a gun I can beat on and it will keep going. Getting a 22 was always in my mind, bullets are cheap. My father has 2 Sigs. I believe one is the 320 or 220 and I did not like it at all. So that's why I never got a Sig. His has the cut outs at the front of the slide. Hard to shoot for me and just seemed "bulky". The sweetest gun I have that is the easiest to shoot is my H&K 9mm. I heard that the FN's were a good quality like the H&K's. Then there are a couple of Springfield Armory pistols I see that look great too. Too many out there! What's holding me back on that FN 509 Tactical is the $899 price tag. That's big bucks for a polymer pistol. Oh well, what will it be........
  15. Hey guys, I have one more permit left and you know I can't let that go to waste. I was thinking about getting an FN 509 Tactical since I don't have anything like it. I already have a pretty spread out list as it is and don't want to add another bullet size to my purchases all the time. Here is my current inventory: Walther PPQ M2 Walther PQ5 Match Smith Wesson 1911 Beretta 92FS Smith Wesson 627 Revolver ( love this one ) H&K VP9 Glock X19 Bravo Company BCM4 - AR15 Rebel Arms - AR15 2 Mossberg Shotguns I use them all at the range and rotate as much as I can. I always bring at least 1 AR and a couple hand guns. The list is in no special order. I like them all, but rarely shoot my 1911 45. Just don't like the feel too much, but want to keep it in my collection. A friend told me that the FN 509 Tactical would fit right into my list of firearms. The price is quite hefty for a polymer, usually $900 local and cheaper online. I was also told to check out Springfields XDS, and Walther CCP I believe it was. I would want a full size 9mm, high quality, and something that would fit into my collection. If you have any recommendations let me know. I'm not against any manufacture. I did have my eye on the Beretta APX, which looks great to me. Well thanks fella's. Maybe I'll catch some great recommendations here. Thanks!