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  1. The pin is under the adjustment lever. I own a rebel arms AR myself. Very solid rifle and can take a beating. They aren't MIL-SPEC persay but an example would be try removing the ejector door flap. You can't because the way they installed it. Little stupid things like that, but the main parts of the rifle are legit and of high quality.
  2. First off, all my mags that have not been pinned to 10 rounds are at my Dad's place who just moved to Delaware. Not too far from me either. I was actually jealous when he moved!! Since I only use the mags down at my dad's house the 15's and 10's really do get the same usage and bullets through them. I checked the followers on all of them and did not notice any exceptional wear and tear. I actually wish I did find something out of the ordinary. I can always send it to H&K from my Dad's place so there's no issues on sending or receiving. Just so they can take a look at it and make sure it is operating the way it should be. Never made any modifications or anything and it is usually a higher priced pistol since I heard H&K makes really good stuff. I guess I'll figure out what I'm gonna do. Thanks for all the responses. Sorry for the crappy video.
  3. I have a VP9 that's about 2 years old. I've shot hundreds and hundreds through it and clean it every time after I come home from the range, as I do all my guns. Funny thing started to happen with my VP9. All my 15 round mags ( which right now stay in my home and have to get pinned ) do not catch to hold the slide back. All my 10 round magazine's work just fine. These are all OEM, made by H&K. Visually all of the magazine's look the same and have no damage, but it just happens on the 15 round ones which is odd. I did make a video and will put the link in the post so you can see what I mean. Remember, the gun is always clean, lubed just a little, and fires great. Any ideas? The site won't let me embed the video, so I can only post the URL. http://www.diggsnet.com/vp9magissue.mp4 Sorry, I fell asleep before I could upload the video. The link should work now.
  4. This is a weird response but it would be easier for you to move to a pro carry state, get your address changed and then apply. It is almost impossible to get a carry permit in NJ even with sensible reasons on why you feel you need to carry. This is why there are so many unregistered fire arms on the streets illegally being carried. The more the state tries to take away, the more people take bigger risks to satisfy their needs. The state would rather see you dead with your head blown open then trying to protect yourself, even with a professional behind the trigger. Heck, when I drive through Camden to grab my pickles ( I get them at a wholesale place ) I really feel the need to bring a small handgun or something. I've seen people sitting at red lights get robbed right in front of me at gun point. In that case I would comply with the offender regardless if I had a gun or not. I would only fire if I was in full control and sitting in my car behind a steering wheel trying to pull a gun while one is already pointing at your head it is just better to comply and hope the offender doesn't shoot. Sticky situation, since some people would try to defend right away...but the offender has the upper hand. Sorry, got a little carried away.
  5. Where did you buy it? I have been looking at possibly throwing one of these in my collection too. I never thought a SCAR would be possible in NJ. Does Tier 1 have a website? And was there a particular model you bought? I see the MSRP of SCAR 17 is over $3000.
  6. Took apart my bolts for a good cleaning and noticed my BCM bolt does not have the rubber o-ring on the extractor ring. I know I see this as a selling point when viewing upgrade kits and such, but is it really needed? I know BCM BCG's are really rated one of the best and I've been eye balling their bronze colored ION plated one but the price is really up there. I have about 2000 rounds through each of my AR-15's. One is a Bravo Company BCM 4 and the other a Rebel Arms MOD 3. I haven't been able to get to Rebel Arms website the last two days so who knows if they are even still in business. They are small manufacture in PA. Very well made rifle, tough as nails as I beat the hell out of it. Anyway, is it worth to buy a bolt extractor upgrade/renew kit when you are at 2000 rounds +. A close inspection of all the parts indicates no abnormal wear and tear. When clean, everything looks new. Here is what BCM has for sale on their bolt extractor kit. For how cheap it is, I may as well get a couple. https://www.bravocompanyusa.com/BCM-Extractor-Spring-Uprade-Kit-p/bcm-exspring-1.htm I see other companies selling just the extractor for like $20. Crazy. I think I'd rather just grab a couple of the BCM kits for $4.95 each. Also does anyone know if it is hard to remove and then reinstall the gas o-rings on the bolt? Is there a tool for this or just needs to be done by hand?
  7. Just jealous I have nice soft hands. Trust me, I still have hard spots all over from doing that hard labor when I worked as a landscaper for several years. Never wore gloves then and my hands were like leather. Grew up a little bit, got a nice cozy job and took a few years to get my hands back to normal human hands instead of leather face ones. I have those MechanixWear gloves myself. I use them or rubber gloves when working on my car, changing the oil, etc.
  8. Thanks. I was thinking the same lines here with trying the Talon rubber grips.
  9. Not at all. I just happen to work in the IT field and use Gold Bond hand cream to keep my baby hands nice and soft. They are easily affected by aggressive grip textures, and the FN 509 Tactical is one of the most aggressive I have. I can tolerate all my others very easily. Don't want to use shooting gloves, I want to keep the feel of the gun still. Just found out my Dad closed on a large house/property in Delaware. Finally I'll be able to maybe enjoy my firearms the way they should be. Surrounded by woods, silencers being legal, he has the motivation to create a nice shooting range in his back yard for us. Just had to spew that out there.
  10. I would think grip tape would make them worse. I do not want to permanently modify the pistol by sanding down the grip texture. I have been looking at Talongrips the rubber option seems to be for softer hands and turns down real aggressive grip texture. Only $19.99. Worth a try maybe. Right from Talongrips website. "The rubber texture is a textured rubberized material that maintains positive grip on the firearm and is well suited for complete comfort during concealed carry. This also ideal for those with softer hands. "
  11. I want to damper the grip texture on my FN 509 tactical. After a good hour of shooting it, my hands are sometimes red as heck and raw. No blood, but the grip just digs into my soft baby hands. Is there some kind of grip tape or something that tames the robust grip texture? I don't want to necessarily cover the entire grip, but just where it is real aggressive. I know they must make some kind of grip tape for an application like this, right? Instead of making it more aggressive I want to go the opposite direction. I just love shooting this pistol, it is hard to put down.
  12. Well, here is the end result and I'm VERY happy with it. The Aero Precision mount is one of the best mounts I've handled in a long time. The fit and finish and amazing, and I love how light it is. I didn't need the rings, it just fit exactly where I needed the scope to be. I still need to pull the stock out one notch, but I'll do that over the weekend. Thanks for all the suggestions and chit chat. It really helped out a lot to spit suggestions out and just BS about it.
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions. Ended up ordering the Aero Precision SPR mount and a couple Aero Precision rings. I'll try the single unit first to see if I can get a good fit. Firstly I'll extend my stock out one notch. Then re-pin it. If I can't get the dual offset just right then I'll try the single rings. Never owned any Aero Precision gear, but it looks good. Strong stuff it is made out of and love the weight. Nice and light. Then I'll see if I can find a nice cover for my Strike Eagle Limited Edition scope, so I won't have to worry about getting any oil or spray back on it when I'm cleaning the rifle. My throw lever should be here tomorrow. And of course get some blue thread locker. I think I'm all out. Work tomorrow. Ugghhh.
  14. Ooo yes, read some things I never thought about. Can't go too low, wouldn't get a good fix on the glass. The weaver that's being used now sits up a little and is made for the AR platform, as so does that Aero Precision mount. Right from the Aero Precision site on their mount - "This scope mount is designed to fit AR type upper receivers with Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny rails and features a cross-slot keyway that offers excellent recoil protection." So I should be able to get a good read on the glass fairly quickly. It's only 3.3oz. Nice. So we are boiling it down to that Aero Precision mount or a couple light weight rings for real versatile mounting options. Yes, the end of my objective lens was exactly at the end of my charging handle. That was actually a little too close, so I just needed to push the scope forward a little bit and I got better visuals on the glass. We are all different, so whatever works best for the user. Couple questions I wanted to answer that were above. Someone asked what that was behind my ejection port from the photo looking at the rail picture from above. That actually is the ejection port covered with some cloth duct tape that discolored a little. The shells were obviously stripping the paint right off and I just wanted to slow that process down with adding something on top of the paint. It actually has helped a little and doesn't look obvious when viewing the rifle from the side. Can't stop that part of the rifle from getting wear and tear. I wish they made the shell deflectors replaceable. Was asked why would I want QD mounts? My AR's BCG's love oil. I clean the entire BCG group in an ultrasonic cleaner and then spray the rifle insides out with Lucas Extreme cleaner. Works the best and I barely need to use a brush at all. Then I oil everything up and during this process sometimes the oil drips and the spray deflects to my optics above. I've had my Aimpoint sprayed and oiled out of my carelessness ( no damage of course ) but not what I really want to happen to any optics or red dots. I do need to get a cover for that scope, just need to get the correct size. Yea, I do wish that Aero was just a tad higher up but for the price and quality I may at least give it a try through Amazon. Their return policy is outstanding. UPDATE: Yes, my stock is pinned but I can temporarily remove it and maybe pull it out one notch, which I have been thinking of doing anyway. I'm a tall person, long arms and do think I need a little more stock in there. This way I can probably bring the objective lens back to the end of the charging handle. I also want to stay off the split on the rail. Want to make sure that Aero mount sits on all single rail top. Not that good with math to actually figure it out without just trying it. Or could just order the Aero single piece SPR mount and a couple rings too and see what works best and return what does not. Aero also does make rings too.
  15. This part of my rail makes it a little more difficult to find the perfect mounting option. That Midwest offset one above with the QD levers on the right side should work just right. I like the scope pushed back about an inch behind the re-charge handle. That gives me the best viewing of the optic glass.
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