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  1. Since I have 5 semi-automatic 9mm pistols already that hold 15+ bullets and can easily preload some magazines I'll use one of those for home/family protection. I also have a nice Mossberg tactical 6 shotgun I can start off with if there's real trouble. Mostly I'd do some target shooting with it and just have it added to my small collection. I don't need anymore semi-automatics, at least until I get a nice revolver. Ruger has some hot looking ones I saw on their site. Lots of choices too. Thinking of a 5 or 6 inch holding at least 7 rounds and has DA. Shooters down in Egg Harbor has a nice collection of brands and models I can go check out. Always would love to buy locally, but when you see prices online for $100+ less it is hard to buy locally sometimes.
  2. First, just want to mention the topic was sarcastic. I know the red dot doesn't move the bullet. And on that note I really appreciate the information all of you have explained here. It does seem that shooting in the limited 25 yard indoor ranges is what made me zero at 25 to begin with. I'll take a recommendation and try to zero at 50 yards and try that out for a while. Now I kind of know why some shooters like reticles etched glass with static information on it to help you hit a target. Hitting a bullseye at 100 yards with just a single 1x red dot would be very difficult to me. I only have a simple 3x magnifier. Thinking of looking at some Vortex scopes or dots. Have an Aimpoint now, Vortex though are all made in China I think but have a very good warranty like Primary Arms. Thanks guys!
  3. I have my Aimpoint red dot zeroed in perfectly at 25 yards. I finally got the chance to shoot my second rifle outside at 50 yards. Red dot easily seen, but EVERY hole was a few inches above where the red dot was at. I know there must be a technical explanation on this and if I set my red dot below where I want the bullet to go it will go into the bulls eye. Is there a good site I can read on the technical aspects on how all that works? I didn't think a difference of 25 yards would be so great, and I certainly do not nor expect everyone zeroes their red dot all the time if they change distances. Just looking to learn and understand better.
  4. Have some rifles. 5 handguns. 3 are strikerfire and 2 are hammerfire. Guess what I'm thinking? I need a nice 357/38 revolver for that collection. I heard S&W are the best, but I saw some Kimbers that looked great. I saw a couple models where the cylinder was real smooth. Very slick looking. Then a few all matt black ones, which looked very cool. I'm in no rush, but I will have a couple permits coming my way. Is there really a better brand revolver then the other with the main stream large companies? I do have a S&W 1911 which is made very nicely but don't necessarily have to get that brand revolver. One of my friends told me if you want a revolver just go online and pick out a S&W 686 model you like and get it. Very popular and well made revolver. I've seen just a couple at the stores but online they do have many more 686 models. Anyone have suggestions?
  5. I appreciate all the suggestions. I was drawn to the Beretta's but looking at is as a collection it definitely needs a nice S&W Revolver. I casually checked the price for one that I had my eye on and it was $850. I thought those 686's were be lower in price but they did have lots of 686 models. A couple of them were beautiful. I saw a couple that were all matt black and the cylinder was matt gray. If I bought that one I'd be too scared to get scratches on it. My go to range piece right now is my Bravo Company rifile. I'll get tired of shooting that quickly then try to get some lead through my 45 or new Walther P5. Time to go check out some revolvers. Our local shops have VERY limited stock on revolvers, I'll need to go online and use my FFL. Real awesome service.
  6. What's my next firearm? here is the list I currently have. 1. AR15 Rebel 2. AR15 BCM 3. Walther PPQ M2 4. Walther PPQ MATCH 5 ( amazing piece ) 4. S&W Performance Center 1911 5. x2 Mossberg Shotguns I was looking to maybe add to the collection but I have a feeling it would be in the safe then more at the range. I dunno.
  7. NJ has the toughest laws against gun owners and it has been like that for a very long time. There are so many people crammed into NJ that means lots of money. Everyone gets their piece of the pie if they vote as their told like the good little politicians they are and it will finally be done with. Been a losing battle probably when Reagan started the war on drugs which has involved billions of dollars and got us no where. Citizens need to have a CCW day. Can NJ really arrest that many people just walking around with rocks in their pocket being harassed by the police? Probable cause officer, remember. I'll be in a free state one day, the sooner the better. Our laws are the laughing stock of a lot of states.
  8. Received my CCW for Utah in the mail the other day and I've never even been to Utah. How different "these UNITED" states are supposed to be. Think there would be any chance I could walk down the street of NJ one day before I die and conceal a weapon legally? I guess I'll just stay in the woods and trees and throw on some camo. WOW thunderstorm in NJ today. Feb 3rd, basically mid winter here and Thunderstorm. Can't go to the range, to crowded on weekends, can't fly my drone to wet out side. We need a super range down here. These small 12 lane ranges get too full over the weekends. I spend $350 or $250 for membership for privladged lane use, extra time on the lanes, etc....next time I go I'll just take out my gear to my car, turn around and walk back in for another lane. It does indicate on the advertisement members have priority over non-members. Who's got some money? Need a mega range in NJ.
  9. Love my two stage SSA Geiselle trigger but thinking of using another for another build. The SSA is already $240. Looking at the same priced SSA-E now. May give that one a try since it indicates a more clean crisp "snap" when firing.
  10. Maybe all the laws are turning into NJ laws, then no one will have firearms. Smart company maybe.
  11. While I hope those thieves get their balls cut off somehow maybe they just didn't want to fill out any paperwork for a pistol. And I did hear from a reliable source they did take a Hudson H9, the exact model I'm looking for. Thieves meet me down in Mexico, make a good deal.
  12. NJ's war on drugs is just about the same as their war on illegal firearms.. The laws pretty much do nothing. No matter how you look at it if someone wants a firearm in NJ, ANY firearm they can get it. It pisses my father off who served in Vietnam for about a year until getting shot up with 3 angry bullets and surviving thank god can't use those bullet scars and deformed thigh as credentials to buy a new gun in the states. At least I'll have a Utah CCW.
  13. http://nj.gov/governor/news/news/562018/approved/20180126b_handgun-permits.shtml
  14. I have an Aimpoint H2 Micro Dot. Sitting on a Daniel Defense (lower 1/3) Aimpoint mount. I bought a Giessele 1/3 mount for a magnifier. Magnifier and Aimpoint did not line up at all. Was told by Giessele that there is no standard in these situations. I bet you'll all know the next question. Anyone know that a good magnifier mount at 1/3 that pivots to move out of the way when not needed will match up with a good Aimpoint 1/3 mount. I do really like those mounts that have that one large 1/4 bolt on on the outside and you can easily mount it by hand. Kind of like a hybrid. Comes off very easy and goes on the same. GG&&G looks like it may work and line up perfectly, but I'm definitely bringing that $130 Larue mount back which been marring my rail and in the cross bars too. Damn thing.
  15. Trying to find out what the measurements are from the rail to the top of the mount. Has to be somekind of "standard". I didn't know different manufactures would make different heights on an Aimpoint 1/3 co-witness mount. That's why the Giessele's did not work.