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  1. Yea, I think providing an officer who really would perform an illegal arrest deserves the court to hear that the citizen was literally giving him the legal law on what he was doing is wrong. That would be the little twist of the knife at the end. I don't want to endear or call the officer a dummy. Just try to provide him the facts of the law and maybe he actually would take a peek. But like you said, there shouldn't be any problems and the police would be educated.
  2. I have a very bad compulsive disorder with buying tools. I literally have a mechanics garage with just about every tool you can think of besides a wheel balancer for tires. I don't have a pit, but I was thinking about it. Here are just some pictures of the tools that were hanging around in the kitchen no less. I also took a couple shots of the rifle bags I use. They are both fantastic. I use the gray one for now, but will switch to the black one as well. The black one can hold 2 AR's and has hidden pockets for 2 pistols.
  3. I'm actually getting a CC permit from Utah even though I live in NJ. Just doing it to be ready if this really happens. We have a %54 chance of this bill being a law. Since I'll have a CC permit from Utah I'll be able to be in NJ, live here and carry with no ramifications because of the permit from Utah. I'll be sure to have the law on paper in my car in case I ever get stopped. It will supersede state laws since this one is federal. I really do hope it goes through, I'm just preparing and getting ready ahead of time. Don't even try to apply for a NJ permit. Never happen unless you have that justifiable need which is very hard to define. Have to spend about $200 for everything, but hey, at least I'll have a carry permit for Utah even if it all falls through. H.R. 38
  4. Just use Malwarebytes. Great program. I also am in the "technology" industry, so I run a lot of VM's off my unraid box and lots of dockers as well. Several Linux distros of course. I'm up to 64 terabytes and still going. Yes, terabytes. I have a complex network in my house all sitting in a Norco 24 bay server running unraid off a little USB stick handling everything. Pop up a VM in a few seconds, lab work, testing, compiling, just about everything happens on these network cables here. I also run a very large Plex media server for my entire family. So I have everyone's TV shows being recorded and of course movies, movies, movies and more movies! Love movies in the winter. Very big into usenet, have 4 usenet accounts and use them all at the same time, so I rarely ever get failed downloads or miss repair files. I run Sonarr and of course SabNZB+ which is completely automated. Only use high end Dune media players locally that are capable of 4K, 3D and all that jazz. Big nerd here. Now you know a little bit about me.
  5. I understand and appreciate the feedback highly. And when I say 12x24 target I meant those splatter targets where you actually have 5 targets on one sheet. I'm only after one of those targets, not the whole size sheet. I practice as much as I can. Now that my buttstock is a little longer the rifle feels more comfortable. Haven't shot it yet with the new stock yet. Maybe I'll go to the range today, maybe there will be a chance no one thought of that because of the bad weather. Thanks.
  6. Oh, you didn't know that is the new rave newbie AR owner's are doing?
  7. Ahhhhh ok got it. Just as they removed the forward assist system, that's not MIL-SPEC either. I see what happens. While trying to make things better on a very old weapon model they want to keep it as MIL-SPEC as much but have made decisions to make changes here and there that they think will benefit. I see. So maybe down the road I can grab an extension, castle nut and plate, but I still wouldn't know what fixed stock to use right now anyway. I'll keep the one on there now and survive without putting a sling on it. Not like I can walk down the street with it on my back. Thanks for the clarification. I did remove the long spring and replaced all that with a silent captured spring. I really wanted to get that spring clanging noise out of my ears, even with ear protection on. With this new spring in the tube it is very smooth and quiet. Feels really good to shoot. I've seen different variations of this type of addon, but I just happen to choose this one and it works great. Captured Spring
  8. I went with this forend grip and love it. Can place my hand many positions on it and seems of great quality. New forward hand stop / grip
  9. According to RebelArms the entire rifle is MIL-SPEC. I can see some company names on some of the parts, like the hand grip is Bravo Company, the trigger I believe is a Timney? Another company called Bootleg, they pretty much out sourced the parts, put their name on it and built the rifle. Checking out their website I see the same setup on most of their rifles. I actually measured the buffer tube and it was right on for MIL-SPEC. 1.15" diameter. From their site: "Impact extruded from 7075, the PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube is optimized for strength and rigidity while creating a solid platform for the new lightened design. Anodized in Mil spec type 3 to exceed standards in hardness and corrosion protection. The patent pending Ratchet-Lock Design eliminates the need for staking the castle nut and gives a rock solid lock up while being able to remove it easily if needed in the future. The anti-tilt lip enhances function and reliability, giving longer life to piston driven weapons by allowing the carrier to start in the buffer tube rather than transitioning into the tube on extraction. " Looks like this guy has the same castle nut and plate I have.
  10. I'm just thinking this in my head. 5 entire football fields. That is pretty far for an unmagnified shot, at least when I think about it sitting in my chair here. Haven't seen a field big enough yet to get the chance. Maybe a nice big cornfield during the winter I'll try.
  11. Come on now. Nothing is wrong with my eyes. Right now I'm shooting standing up, no monopod/bipod or AR mounts holding the rifle so I can pinpoint the red dot on the target with ease. Yes, I can do that. But as I said in a previous post I'm learning and practicing using the rifle with just free standing and shooting. Even some of the best have a little shake here and there. I guess all the guys I see at the outside range shooting their rifles at 50 or 100 yards using monopods/bipods, scopes, dots, magnifiers with their rifles sitting on a nice mount on the bench while they are sitting down and rifle has no movement whatsoever are all pros when holding the rifle themselves and freestanding shooting. My dad was in the Navy and saw some war time. He recommended to me to learn how to shoot and be %100 comfortable while standing up and just holding the rifle and shooting. Once I get that phase over with and feel comfortable enough I'll try to do it the easy way and sit my butt down on a bench and take 5 minutes to line up my shot. Do I know if this is the best way, of course not...but it is the best way for me. This is why I zeroed and learned how to use my BUS first, before anything. I'm slowly progressing at my own pace that's all. Eyes checked, no nearsightedness at all. This is a 12x24 target with me using UN-zeroed BUS around 80 yards I would say. Needed to empty a couple mags, my time was getting up. I take everyone's recommendations and listen, listen, listen, since I know some of you have been shooting these type rifles for many years. That experience is valuable to a new kid on the block and I really appreciate some of the feedback I've gotten here already. And my Dad, who is of course old school says using a red dot is cheating. I know, the technology makes things just a little easier and easier. UN-zeroed irons sites 80 yards standing up free shooting
  12. My AR is an all MIL-SPEC. I have a basic buffer tube using a castle nut which has a receiver hole for a swivel for a strap. I installed the Magpul MOE MIL-SPEC fixed carbine stock. Installed fine and they even made a special adapter that didn't cover the swivel hole so I can mount a swivel there! Awesome. The way it holds on to the buffer tube is horrible. It's just one small bolt that installs across the bottom of the buffer tube and even with loctite the damn thing kept coming lose and start to pull off, since I could see the space and castle nut more and more. I also had a Strike Industries Viper fixed stock. Had a better install system but the damn cap that you put on first COVERS the damn swivel hole for my sling adapter. Why the heck would they do that? Also, what's even more odd is that cap doesn't even fit properly over the castle nut and swivel hole. Just don't get it. I watched the dude on youtube.com install it and of course it worked perfect. Here is that video. I'll also attach a picture or two showing you what it looks like on my buffer tube. Something is off somewhere. Then I eventually find out all those slots and holes on the stock aren't for mounting anything but snap hooks which I hate. I wonder why they just couldn't include a damn swivel QD hole or something. Anyway I'l eventually make a call to Strike to find out why their adapter isn't fitting my buffer tube and covering my swivel attachment hole. That is exactly where I wanted to mount my swivel for my strap but can't do it with this stock. I'll just need to use this one temporarily, return the badly made MOE fixed stock that doesn't stay on and keep on looking. Pictures attached as well. Cap not fitting over castle nut and swivel hole Second pic of cap not fitting over
  13. I did buy some good lube and cleaners a while back. I'll try to use them all up before I spend more cash on chemicals. What I have found out that works really good is that nano dry spray. Sprays on all wet and then dries up but keeps a good slippery film there and adheres to pretty much anything I've tried. Here is what it is, in case interested. I'm sure most have seen it. http://a.co/hdjtlDe
  14. It is me again! Anyone here use a magnifier with their red dot? Is the whole idea to let you see further out or just more in your face with the red dot? How do you hit a 12 x 24 target at 100 yards? Will a magnifier let you take that task? I know for sure a nice scope would do it, but I wanted the red dot for those shorter outings and I would be shooting < 100 yards most of the time. So I picked out a 3x magnifier that isn't very expensive but has a good name behind it. They also make a 6x model. Comes with a mount where you can just push the magnifier to the side when you don't want to use it or QD right off the rail. Is it something to eventually look at? Thanks.
  15. Remember, this is my first AR15 so everytime I use it and clean it I get better and better. I exclusively use the Sage and Baker bore cleaner. Two good pulls that takes 3 minutes and the bore is shiney new again. Takes me 10 minutes to clean the other parts so I am doing good with time. I clean my handguns in about 3 minutes. Keep them clean all the time then they are very easy to clean again.