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  1. I have a Vector and just a standard ar-15 collapsible
  2. Need a stock or 2 shorted for the gf, any recommendations?
  3. Looking for a place or guy who is good in powder coating guns/ anodizing, have a 1911 (kimber) done in a very specific color scheme. Wondering if anyone knew of a place or guy. Sorry if it’s been said I looked for a bit didn’t see much on here about it. Also for a AR project in the future. Cheers
  4. geezz tahts cheap, anywhere around north nj i can get a hand on one of those?
  5. as the title states anyone had major problems with any kits, which is best or better than other and the ammo best for using in the kit itself. looking for a kit for the female (she doesn't like recoil) and just for the cheap ammo usage when upstate.
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