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  1. It wasn't my intention to start any sort of drama, so if I did I apologize. I haven't been on the forums very long since I just recently became a gun owner a few months ago and I mostly lurk around for any updates on legislation. I was just curious what the general consensus was on "firearms" since you guys seem to be the most knowledgeable community on NJ firearm stuff (at least more so than Reddit). I suppose I should have stated in the original post that I'm not looking for a definitive answer or anything, just wanted to see everyone's thoughts. While I want SBRs, suppressors, and CCW in Jersey as much as the next guy, projects like the one in the Reddit post are as close as I can get. I was actually really peeved actually that PA changed their reciprocity agreements since I got my NH non-res permit in the mail a week prior.
  2. So someone on the NJGuns subreddit posted a 27" OAL non-NFA AR platform firearm build they had just completed. There has been a decent amount of discussion surrounding the legal status of "firearms" like the Shockwave/Tac-14/Black Aces Tactical DT in NJ within the past few months, so just wanted to know everyone's opinion on the matter since this is one of the first posts that I've come across where someone actually made the leap of building one. He carries around various ATF and NJSP letters validating the legality of the components in his build as CYA material, but as we know, it is still basically up to the discretion of a LEO. I don't think I would want to risk it with how iffy the laws are here, but it would be nifty having what is basically an NJ legal AR pistol with no restrictions on evil features, albeit it must abide by the 26" OAL minimum.
  3. I don't think I would actually try and go for it since it seems like it would raise a lot of eyebrows at then range, regardless of legality haha. I was just researching if it was possible since the NJSP letter on the shockwave seemed to have opened up a lot of vague gray area revolving around pistol braces and "firearm" stuff in Jersey.
  4. If I had a CZ Scorpion Carbine (rifle version) with a pinned muzzle brake, would I be able to add a folding pistol stabilizing brace such as the SBTEVO without running afoul of NJ's wonderful laws? https://www.sb-tactical.com/product/sbtevo/ I can't seem to find any restrictions regarding pistol braces in Jersey (or if they just consider them as a stock anyway) from my brief googling. The rifle is listed as 26" when the factory stock is folded if OAL is an issue.
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