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  1. ROC Training

    Any update on Monroe ranges?

    Folks, Clarification; our classes do not utilize half of the range space. Parking can be challenging on the weekends and we are taking steps to free up spaces in the future. Members have priority over non-members. If we ever have a class and you can’t park. Come see me directly. ROC
  2. ROC Training

    Any update on Monroe ranges?

    There is quick ordination and qualification once you sign up for membership. Once completed that allows you to shoot in either range. We have others qualifications for holster draw, multiple positions and rapid fire. We are not performing those just yet. Probably within the next couple of weeks.
  3. ROC Training

    Any update on Monroe ranges?

    Our normal business hours have changed within the past few weeks. Here they are: Monday thru Thursday = 10am - 8pm Friday = 10am - 9pm Saturday = 10am - 9pm Sunday = 10am - 6pm These times do not reflect Legend Firearms or ROC Training's hours of operation As of today 15 yards is the minimum for our lower range. Usually Ranges with distances greater than 30-35 yards set minimums to ensure shooters hit the bullet traps and reduce ricochets that could impact equipment or the shooters themselves.
  4. ROC Training

    Any update on Monroe ranges?

    Greetings Folks. This chain is massive. I'm here to answer any questions you have. If I don't know the answer I'll find out. Hopefully I get the notifications. Go.....

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