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  1. About 659,000 people in the United States die from heart disease each year—that's 1 in every 4 deaths Hey @Bomber how many got, 'the jab'?
  2. #truth - that is some gangsta team
  3. Didn't Saget hit his head and have a fractured cranium? Maybe he just died - that happens you know - and not all death is from a vaccine -
  4. Yup - chewed out - not shot, just chewed out - "Nick, be nicer, softer, you *know* how these kids are today...." That literally was my look..
  5. I work at an engineering firm MEP & Technology..we design buildings, campuses and tenant fitouts across the country..BTW FL is exploding..........it hectic, fast moving, detail oriented and stressful. A young fella in our group, doesn't work for me, has been with us for 8 months, out of those 8mo, he has been out 'sick' for like 5 weeks.. The last round he was out, three weeks ago, jammed us up with deliverables...when he came back I saw him that morning. I said to him in front of everyone, its good to see him and happy he is back, and that his hangnail isn't bothering him and his monthly cycle is over, we have a lot of work to do this week. He welled up and walked away from his desk....snowflake. Yesterday, i decided to work remote, get an early jump to a long day... about 10am, i get a teams message from his to stop emailing and messaging the kid with things he has to get done, and whats the status of things to support my projects.... Seems he had a full on panic attack in the office and started crying that, "..there is so much work to do...." and he asked to go home and was allowed. This is a 25yr old.male electrical engineer.... I advocated that we can his sorry fragile ass and hire men and women with grit and drive....not emotional wrecks. I probably have an email from HR in my inbox this old morning...lol Some of these kids today are beyond weak emotionally....
  6. No unnecessary chatter - so I will ask pertinent questions to help others out - All SA - Trigger group etc.? - How is the stock lockup? - Cartouches? Man ME = 0 that is a lifetime rifle to shoot and hand down to a grandkid..... GLWS
  7. That never works and is a silly logic - not slamming you - lol - I just think that when people say that it's silly. Kind of like, if I have to bury a gun - that is when I need it most - There are still out there and being found today - M1 Carbines in NJ - that never killed anyone. I am not really an AR guy - I do not get the fascination with them, (I have built, owned, shot etc. eh )however, if you are a law abiding person, not mentally deficient and not a threat to others, shoot own a tank - don't care. The issue here, is that the left is not intellectually honest - no matter how many laws you have, if you are considering killing others no law is going to prevent that. Now, that being said - restricting those that are deemed a threat for purchasing a legal weapon - yes, that should be done. The parents for the Buffalo shooter admitted that he killed an beheaded a cat in their garage - ummm, they didn't think that was odd? That was NOT a warning flag? They are culpable IMO. Link mental health records to NICS - is that done or not done? I saw some has said that they are willing to send 40Billion to Ukraine - why not 40B here to protect our schools? To provide for mental health services for those in need - fix at home first - I could give a rats ass about Ukraine....(sorry a bit of a tangent)
  8. I would think they will push for a general AR15 ban with HI Cap Mag - no new sales, no transfers - you die it gets surrendered.
  9. There is already a bill in NY state.
  10. Bullseye boxes are awesome...check fleabay or yard sales they come up... https://www.tacticaltailor.com/competitionshootersbag.aspx
  11. And i am *sure* you will buy it all !!!! LOLOLOL
  12. Some smart guy in this forum.once said.... "....the antigun folks will due to guns, what the anti tobacco team did to cigarettes....
  13. Resurrected from the dead...hey its Easter... Are the 200gr SWC's like the H&G 68?
  14. @MartyZ Take him up on this - Ok some tips for BOW Hunting: Practice Practice Practice .... learn to judge distances - .... Ensure you know your distances and holds .... DO NOT take a shot unless you are sure you can cleanly kill the animal .... DO NOT take a shot unless you are sure you can cleanly kill the animal .... DO NOT take a shot unless you are sure you can cleanly kill the animal .... DO NOT take a shot unless you are sure you can cleanly kill the animal ... Wear your harness if you are climbing, my friends son fell a few years ago - he is paralyzed - wear your harness ... Practice drawing your bow in a confined space - when you are on your stand, you will not have a lot of room to move and you will have a tree behind you - take that into account. ... If you are cold and sitting - that draw is not going to be easy - practice .... Make sure you can draw, comfortable weight, you will not have gorilla strength up in a tree .... DO NOT get 'buck fever' - do NOT take the shot if it is not within your comfortable solid hit ranges....ranges in the woods look much different than a target range .... when you get a spot setup - make sure you recce the area so you know the ways in and out silently and mark objects at known ranges in your arc of fire, write it all down. -------------there is probably a lot more - @eyeinstine will advise.
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