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  1. ^^^^^ this... Read, dive deep...learn... If you a general user that just wants to drop a round in to go boom.... follow the chambering on the gun If you want to get to the ballistics behind it all... well done.... then you can do the deep dive... As well as semi version bolt... rear locking lugs front lugs...safety lug no safety lug..etc. Example The ENFIELD RFI 2a and 2A1 are interim rifles to get the indians using 7.62 prior to FAL adoption - that used .303 smle actions that have one lug ... it is a 7.62 barrel on a .303 action....there are those that will tell you that 308 win is fine in it... really? The headspace on the RFI's are all.over the place..generous chambers and mild ww2 steel They r lucky they can handle 7.62 let alone 308... you. The internet is awash with those that say it is fine...me not so much Remember this, all it takes is One...only one detonation in front of your face to go bad to make a very bad day for you.
  2. You are missing the point.... do what you want Give advice you want to give...I don't really care. And you said it 11 hours ago... However, for the general uneducated user ( not pointed at the OP )...yes my comment stands. Until such time as they educate themselves...in depth, too little knowledge, following unsound advice, will get them hurt
  3. It is not at all misleading - at all - is the rifle is stamped 7.62 NATO fire 7.62 NATO - you also forget 7.62 CETME - Put a 308 in that - watch the fun !! And you left out the balance of my statement - "unless it is proofed for both" How many people put .308 in old RFI 2a or 2A1's and stretched the receiver - sure the round will chamber but that gun is lucky it can handle the 7.62 let alone .308 The problem is that most folks do not bother to know or care (not suggesting the OP) what goes on behind the scenes in the round. Yes dimensionally they are the same - BUT, you did not mention that the MILITARY brass is much thicker than commercial brass as well - hence a loading in a commercial case has more room than a military case. The absolute easiest rule of thumb - fire what the rifle is proofed/stamped to shoot. Hence, if the rifle is proofed/stamped for 7.62 use 7.62 - if the rifle is proofed/stamped for .308 - fire 308 - KISS. Now my M1A is proofed to 308 - but I fire factory 7.62 and handloaded 7.62 168Gr SMK TO THE OP - they are NOT *easily* interchangeable.......and should not be considered to be so - IMO YMMV
  4. They are not interchangeable...at all... Unless the rifle has been proofed for both
  5. Please lock....no longer for sale...shipping to my kiddo in a free state...
  6. Your pics are too close.... Does the ohaus measure have the powder hopper?
  7. Post Labor Day sale $ 495.00 - after that I will pull a new permit and just keep it - ! - Or ship it to my Daughter in SC or VT - Last call !
  8. They got involved with the two lesbians, somehow - or were rebuffed - booze drugs whatever - got out of control - the guy and 21 year old killed them - he then off'ed her - easy peasy - LEO just needs to connect the dots... He is as guilty as the day is long. Modern day Bonnie and Clyde Gone awry - and the poor girl is as good as dead.
  9. Union is no issue - I will take the lead - pending price - what about the molds - can you provide a list of what they are? Any marked H&G I will take - regardless of type - please let me know
  10. There also a full.jungle carbine there with bayo...
  11. Lead pots molds....what's the deal? Where r you located?
  12. Take an old 1940's shot to heck Colt 38 Super and decide to send it out for your 55th birthday...5 months later... slide to frame fit....... match grade supported barrel.... fit match grade barrel..... machine for supported ramp..... NM bushing and fit................. lower and flare ejection port........ refit trigger................ retro beavertail...Harrison Design.... machine/fit/install beavertail.............. bevel mag well.... FMSH and stipple...... stipple front strap......... Novak front sight machined and installed... retro rear sight supply and install.......... Brown thumb safety installed..... Brown extractor..and fit........... Harrison Commander hammer concealed style... cut/recrown muzzle.......... Trigger job....... EGW high mag catch...... dehorn/blend........... parkerize finish.......... Priceless, and an heirloom piece... Karl Sokol's work
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