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  1. Im no expert...N should be 69... i would have to look it up in the book
  2. So you both agree then that there be a litmus test, for a codified right in the USCONN, in order for someone to exercise that right? They must demonstrate some pre-conceived allegiance to a particular 'group think', to exercise that right? Seems it is good for me and not for thee, because you don't think like me.... So You must then advocate for mandated training for them to exercise a right? Curious all around....
  3. Curious....not looking argue just general question...did you mic the heads? Given that the heads were probably oversized.... The seating die.....all things being equal....will perform the task at hand... BUT....if yours heads are not sized correctly... the crimp doe would help....
  4. I am glad another piece of hardware worked for you, that the original could have done !!
  5. How's orange county rifle and pistol club in the orlando area?
  6. Primers and powder trades all pending....delivery/pickup
  7. They arent....its incremental... No its not...and just saying...i am NOT selling my M1...if it comes to that....it is not going anywhere....
  8. What did you honestly think was going to happen with these 'other' firearms? Want an SBR? SBS? Move to a gun friendly state and file the stamp... Someone will buy it.... and they don't care how many thousands have been sold... Also AR15 is next, in NJ no grandfather, rest of the country yea...but you won't be able to sell it or transfer it... hope i am wrong, but it seems that way is coming..... I no longer own an AR, i pulled a lot of money out of an 800 rifle in this craziness.... Hope is not a plan....i know....but i hope it does not go that way
  9. Sell it while you can...it will never be grandfathered...and you will NOT be able to own it or shoot it at a range... However, if you just want to own it...to say you do..have at it !
  10. I understand....and i don't do that...ymmv. If the stock die is setup right and all things being equal and within tolerances...you don't need to...i never have...not saying that is wrong if it works for you. The OP has other things going on that must be remedied first before any other things are looked at IMO.
  11. In 45acp the crimp die is not needed for lswc....if the seating die is setup right as well as a properly sized lead bullet...you don't need it. I would also advise against it..... pistol cases that seat on the rim..38 357 44 etc...need a crimp specially magnum... round that space on the shoulder...sure..especially when neck sizing only.. But 45 acp specifically need the case mouth to be where it is supposed to be to headspace the round... The OP should inspect his chamber...saami is saami.... maybe he need a feed ramp and chamber polish.... look at the hood of the chamber...are there machine marks??? Is the bullet seated to the proper depth? Has it been sized to spec? Are the mouths of the cases your using free from burrs? If the round is bulging the cases on insertion for final seating..that should tell you the bullet is not the right diameter and needs to be resized... Whether i buy, cast my own, lube or now just powder coat...they all get re-sized in a star sizing die. Ymmv
  12. That's because your bullets are not sized...properly.....and/or your flaring the case mouth too much and your seating die is incorrectly setup. The 45 spaces on the case mouth...if you try to crimp it...your into the barrel a bit...that's bad.
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