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  1. If you pushed it in with your fingers, it is not fitted properly
  2. Take a small punch.... find edge of dovetail...move some metal into the sight base. Done The thing is the sight base must be fit properly to the dovetail...without that nothing works right
  3. Let alone the true environmental destruction to create the batteries and dispose of etc. Hydrogen fuel cells...why isn't that more prevalent?
  4. No amount of glue is a substitute for proper mechanical fit of two metal parts.... Just relying on 'glue' to fill gaps etc...to do so is rube goldberg.... If the dovetail slot is smaller than the sight base you file the sight base for mechanical fitment.. If the dovetail slot is too big, you get a bigger sight base and file to fit. Once the firearm is zeroed, you stake the dovetail slot on one or both sides. Ymmv
  5. Buy a mossberg 590 Stake it...
  6. What @10X said.... Make sure it is unloaded..........and no ammo is anywhere near the cleaning bench. If you cannot clean your own firearm and not know how it operates, you should not own one...
  7. The grass always looks greener - and you are making a very brash decision based on once in a lifetime, most likely occurrence... I would say stay in your field and seek greener pastures and/or as we come out of this open your own place........
  8. HP...new crown...
  9. Please see the following it is in stock at $42.00 per LB - anyone interested in splitting it all up https://trifusiontactical.com/product/smokeless-powder-maxam-csb-6/ MAXAM CSB-6 SMOKELESS POWDER - 22LB CONTAINER CALIBER SUGGESTED STARTING GRAIN FPS 380 100GR. FMJ 3.0 980 9MM 115GR. FMJ 4.3 1080 38SPL 125GR. FMJ 4.1 900 357MAG 158GR. FMJ 6.3 1150 40S&W 165GR. FMJ 4.1 985 45ACP 230GR. FMJ 5.0 780 45COLT 250GR. FMJ 6.0 825
  10. https://www.springfield-armory.com/1911-series-handguns/custom-handguns/1911-compact-carry-45-acp-handgun/
  11. Because there is always one more Smith to collect.......or HP, or 1911 etc. Actually, IMO you should be shooting your handguns more than rifles, odds are you will need that more that the long gun... Personally, I find very little to no joy in shooting AR/AK type - very bleh, but that is for me. Ironically, for the folks shooting steel at 100yds with the AR to hear the twang, shoot would be easier for them to get a plate and a hammer than wasting all that ammo...
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