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  1. ...*cough cough*... where does Scott bach maintain residence..... where does... the fat man..... ? The very livelihood and the life they lead is funded by your oppression... Wake up..
  2. I dont wanna scrap it.... This is once fire range brass...literally once fired... There is almost all 40cal...maybe some 357sig... maybe some 223/556.... i grabbed all the 45....there maybe some strays 45..and some 38 etc I will sell it for scrap price...current rate is $ 1.67 per lb.....let's call it $ 1.45 per lb and you come get it or i meet you at Cherry Ridge Each container is plus/minus - 85lbs
  3. Ok so the stats are shown...the stats are BS.... Where is the constant push from the 2a groups to argue the false narrative from the state, other than preaching to the choir...?
  4. Shotties...pistols...revolvers etc....cannot resist and armed occupation...they need to go after RIFLES..... Once they have those, they will go for the rest... But they also forget history....
  5. I'm 54.... my wife is 53....we lived in jersey for 28 yrs.... my Dads on SI ..Moms dead...my wife parents are on LI.... if they chpose to m9ve great...if not that's on them
  6. OK Sounds good responded to your PM just let me know when Responded to your PM I have you covered as well. ALL primers accounted for... for now - maybe more to come. Heads are available 62gr spoken for.. box of 55grn available
  7. Vernon can meet along 287...like we did for the Swiss way back when Like you said... Blah BHP's are awesome....lol Lemme know tnx Nick
  8. Want to trade - 2K CCI 400 SRP's and heads. I have more than I will ever use..... Will provide for exact counts of all..... WTT for LARGE PISTOL Primers.... one for one Heads - will provide a count -looks to be about 2500+/- PS I also have BOXES of once fired brass - a bunch for free as part of the trade.
  9. Its not, not at all....even if you are able it is not easy....i am here 28yrs...this is my home, no my house...my wife corrects me that our home is where we are this is just a house... If your young, go.... middle age...go older ...go There is life outside of pizza bagels pork roll or taylor ham.... this state is crumbling..dont get caught under the landslide..
  10. Again guns are but ONE reason.... However, it is apparent nothing is changing here... you know it.... others know it.... ranges and associations know it... attorneys know it. Think of it as not a retreat but a consolidation of forces to more favorable battlefield... States will and can push back....some states won't... LIFE is too short to be unhappy.... 12k a year in taxes is insane.... 8k a year in car insurance and we have stellar records... is insane... This state does not have the representation in numbers to flip the switch the other way.... If you are not plugged INTO the gun community there is NO community... Meaning i see no pro gun media, I see no pro gun advancement, I see NOTHING pushed outward by the ANJRPC for engagement to other groups... all the gun groups in nj do, is preach to the same old choir...with the same old rhetoric, using the same old mantras. The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over again and again and expecting a different outcome. Sorry man, its just a fact....
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