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  1. Who is going to make it that expensive? The State? Sure - but who is also to blame for that? Would it not be great, if that was enacted and that the 'trainers' charged a 'reasonable' amount for 15hrs of instruction - to get folks certified? Now I am not saying it has to be pro-bono - but does it have to be hyper inflated? Just something to ponder. Say your time is worth $ 85.00 per hour - that is $ 1,275.00 total - now if you can make the in-person training a small group say six people - that's around 212.50 - not cheap by a long shot - but would you then charge $ 85.00 per hour per person? It will be interesting to see what the 'trainers' come up with as well.
  2. I was going to ignore this - as it is a pointless discussion - but suffice it to say, I am far from status quo, yet I am a realist as to what can happen, what cannot happen in the short term and what needs to continue to be fought. I also rely on experts in certain areas that provide guidance and counsel in matters such as this. Please, *please* share with us your bona fides in Constitutional Law, or even common law that makes a solid case for Constitutional Carry - other than your OMO - or what you believe and want.
  3. I know a retired NYPD guy that cant hit anything with his J Frame Smith - and claims he cant, lol - dunno, I hit all my targets at 15yds with mine - YMMV -
  4. Let's be realistic here - there will be place limitations, as it is in many other jurisdictions that have had CCW way longer than NJ - LOL Also, let's focus on just getting the ball rolloing and people with the CCW - and then wporry and fight for locations etc. As well as the reciprocity talk - that is another fight - that will come in time
  5. Does it specifically state that these are the ONLY approved certification avenues? Not trying to be a douche, but there is a LOT of opinion, innuendo, guesses, 'I think' - comments that may or may not be true. We are all in a rush to get 'approved' and there seems to be a lack of definitive methodology to achieve that goal. Me I'll wait to see what shakes out....YMMV
  6. So you are saying gunforhire is wrong....in his offering? I have shot from and carried in a holster...as well as many hours of dry fire from retention etc.
  7. SC, got it right.... I have no problem with no carry and alcohol consumption....
  8. Good tell them you know and do it.....DONT rush...see what happens...we ALL WAITED THIS LONG....a few more weeks or so is not the end of the world.... It's your RIGHT, eff them.....they should be helping you NOT discouraging you.
  9. Can anyone who is certified to do RPO, certify you? Also, see this: – No holster needed – All shooting from the ready position So you should be able to shoot this at Cherry Ridge....if a certified instructor is local that has and can do RPO certs
  10. Unless it is reinforced, for me...I would pass.
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