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  1. I meant more of a point of not having the original box and lot number. Tnx.... i was wondering more of not having the origninal box with lot number. As a reloader i felt it was better for self d rounds to have the original info etc.... maybe overkill has been talked about in the past.... if they r looking at your ammo you have bigger problems...
  2. Speak for yourself Someday someone will let me design their security to a level that would require one as part of the physical layer...... Corporate property management just does not see the need....... smh. So a serious question for self defense ammo - as I am sorting on a rainy day. I was given in a trade 100 Rounds in a dillon box of Federal .357 158Gr Jacketed soft points - the fellow cannot find the box- these are them. All my self defense ammo, I keep the original box, with the production data of it - or if I move it to another hard box, I clip the box production code information and type and place it in that hard box. So I am hesitant to use this ammo for self defense - Am I being overly anal about this? What are your thoughts? ( and I realize it is not legal advice )
  3. Armor piercing? I mean if your gonna go...go bi----g.. go through...and keep going...
  4. Hope all is well....

    1. YankeeSC


      Yes - thank for checking!  Just laying low for a while ... was laid off from work beginning of January but started a new job Feb 8, in the process of buying a house ... so lot's going on right now.  How about you?

    2. CAL. .30 M1

      CAL. .30 M1

      Well i know where you are and hear what's going on in CHS..was hoping u did t get the bug...

      Both kids got it in dec, didnt come up...mild thank God and they are fully recovered.

      Sucky abt the job, old doors close new ones open....!

      House???  Nice  curious as to where...  lol

      Being this is public ill take more to PM !


      Glad ur good....

  5. ..... sadly and with respect your talking out your rear......with statements like that.... lol 30yrs in Vernon and the stoves IS the go to My woodstove and 5 plus cords..... will keep us alive.... During Sandy.... my stove...cooked...warmed...and overall..kept at least a few families cozy ..that had..no heat etc... We also had a gennie to pump water...etc.. but the stove was constant I am in Fl now... my kiddo is in vernon.... power was out 10hrs... the STOVE kept her warm, made food and provided till power came back.... If... she needed more..she could have spoooled up the generator....BUT the down and dirty stove was there...
  6. I have bulk loaded hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of 5.56 on my hornady lnl with NO issues....as long as case prep is good.....you can easily feel the primer seat perfectly.... Try it!
  7. Ensure proper seating depth.....no issues...in 5.56 and or 30 cal... I have crap load of srp..i will NEVER use....would trade for lrp spp lpp.
  8. ....since when is a 357 equal to elmer fudd...lol
  9. Surprised? Not at all.... See it coming? Yes, 10000% It is nothing but a blip for me..... I have been planning for this since ...well forever as i can recall... i always felt if you want to ban firearms ownership, the lowest hangin fruit to get to that goal, is limit ammo or make is prohibitively expensive TOO shoot. 10k +/- rounds of .22 fits nicely in a two round 81mm mortar can amd two take up no space at all. Primers, powder projectiles - lead etc... easy peasy Hope all is well frankie
  10. If you make the trip.... grab the 38 S&W.... I'm good for it....
  11. No reloads? Hmmm... Segregate brass by head stamp.... keep box they came in... reload brass..place back in box Voila... People should have planned for this after sandy hook
  12. And two hours later i made gold..... 600 rounds.... And lets see come average pre panic prices math
  13. Lol....no but how about 40oz of canadian maple leafs....or other 40oz of silver combo
  14. When did you become the arbiter of what is fraudulent or not? I mean listen to yourself... And we blame 'karens' for their behaviour... It is truly none of your business....and you possibly jammed someone up that was poasibly totally legit.... Is a Red Flag dime drop next? Sheesh ...
  15. Yeah...i just do not get it.....lol. Heck at this point someone swings by with an M1, Hi Power, smith model 27 etc..... boats there's....lol
  16. It really is none of your business to interfere in other peoples commerce...just sayin.
  17. LOL - all good thanks for the interest
  18. Losing a friend is never easy - however, I shall celebrate that such men have lived and continue TO live in our hearts, minds and the flag as it flies.....
  19. I am pretty solid on 38 - is the 357 factory ? if so let me know what it is - Ill get some pics later
  20. I have a full - AK stock set from the Bosnian conflict I was told and some spares - I can take pics if anyone needs them - Will trade for anything WW2 - Kabar - PAL knife - packs etc.
  21. Its evidently to much work for the youngins... Immediate gratification and all.... Lol
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