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  1. This may sound silly to you...however, there is a very nice bulgarian Makarov in 9mm Mak available. This will be small enough light enough to carry all day...now the gun is also very very accurate. This is a fixed barrel....very accurate ..did I say accurate? Downside....ammo, it is available.... 8shots single stack...but heel release.... One of the pistols I will shoot with is that...and a hi power of course. Even if you don't carry with it....get one...one is for sale in the forum....
  2. LOL - a man has to know his limitations - Some are tighter than others and frame damage can ensue if the punch slips - The Inglis I have was a bear even with the press - let alone changing the locking block on an FAL/SLR type.... The new FN is not a traditional HP The Springfield is - but there are nuances with it to ensure reliability - i read it is a solid firearm but not worth the price it is getting on the used market when you can get genuine FN product at the same price, if not a few points higher.
  3. Some pins need a press to remove....some don't. The issue is if the pin you are trying to remove is stuck and you keep wracking it...you deform it more and a chance to deform the hole. A one ton press, with a properly aligned punch, makes quick work of a trigger frame pin and mag safety pin.
  4. Do not discount the FN Israelis....they look beat up but a fair majority are good to go.... They would need work and refinish, but if your looking for a reliable accurate and durable pistol you can't beat it.... If your looking for pristine, we'll that's another story.
  5. Nice...I did see that you were aware in retrospect reading the post.... The nice part about a 357 frame...is you can run a really hotter 38spl..and not get near magnum range.....and still not worry about the pistol...
  6. I'm a recluse, I don't go to parties....I dont get invited, I don't wanna go anyways...humans generally suck.... lololol I like the woods...no humans....it's peaceful....
  7. Well it is private property....do you have a duty to inform? If I am going to a home that is having a party, and I think I might need a handgun for self defense at said party, why would I go to the party and put myself in danger in the first place? if they are anything but gun friendly - leave it home
  8. Original post talked about rebarreling...
  9. You will need a frame support and barrels don't just screw on...they need to me timed....it's a gu smith job. Also you are not getting the full benefit of the 357 ballistics in 2.5" Look at 158gr...2" barrel.....858fps.... that is NOT magnum speed....or pressure
  10. ^^^^^ this..... having been a pink card holder and non paid employee...( well if you consider lunch and free dibs and surplus that comes in..lol ) I wouldn't hand a gun to anyone unless I saw and FID.... why? Because if they had an FID I was at least assured they had 'some' background in firearms...and weren't some wierd yahoo.... And if you looked like a tool...I just said no.... Its my discretion and not your right....
  11. Yes, yes they can - look at NYS. Oh you'll get the permit, but you will not be able to carry anywhere. Also, frankly, without the ability to carry civil liability insurance while carrying, is it in your best interest to do so? Carry that is.... That is a choice each one of us has to make. NOTE I am NOT trying to dissuade you - I am merely pointing out something you should consider
  12. Your overreacting..... Your doing what THEY want...stop being afraid
  13. I know an ex nypd cop that belive this..so not out of the realm of possibility Your leaving the point out that....none of us will be able to carry anywhere.....at some point....sensitive places..they r a thing
  14. Doesn't everyone have a holster footlocker?
  15. @Smokin .50 and @Krdshrk have been second amendment advocates since as long as i can recall.... you dont need to see any 990 filings and if you did a bit of research on Rosey on this forum alone you would see he and the CNJFO is a stand up organization....let alone all the other great work they have done, with little to no glory.
  16. These are all GOOD thought provoking comments. That everyone needs to think about and rehearse as well as the myriad other scenarios. Example..your in a restaurant with your family...your armed...someone comes in to stick up the joint....it's your turn to hand over your wallet.... what do you do? The correct answer is hand over your wallet....
  17. What the fuck is a hoagie? Grinder....isn't that some kinda app ? It will always be a hero....but I aint from jersey .....don't go to Brooklyn and try to order that shit.... Lol Grinder too?
  18. Not my job..... they should have armed themselves.... My job, is not to be a good samaritan,, when the very people you would likely try to 'protect' will try to have a payday, on YOU.... I carry to protect myself and my wife when we are together...my responsibilities stop there.... I am not a commando, I am not a Leo, I am not a sheepdog for anyone but my children and wife...maybe not a popular stance but hey it works for me. They are paid and trained to do that...you we arent....
  19. I see @GRIZ already commented, but this is my thought as well, hence my question. The Police have no duty to protect you personally, and you have even less of a duty to do so, to protect others. This is a very serious question and I do not know the answer. Part of me does not love my fellow man enough to get involved in something that does not directly affect me or my family.... However, you should ask yourself what you would do and are willing to rosk as well as l war game all these scenarios in your mind.
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