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  1. Agree 110% - small needles files worked for me with gentle strokes and constantly checking fitment. I just recently fitted a new barrel to a S&W 4516, that I was talked out of trying 45 Super on... (LOL) - and all it took was some stone work on the hood area to get the proper lockup...did however needed some file work to get the ramp fit...but like anything else not a dremel was in sight.......
  2. http://www.brazoscustom.com/magart/0609.htm
  3. USRifle30Cal

    Ham radio

    So..... ham radio=dead.... Sad to say.... dumped the gear for pennies on the dollar...
  4. Exactly..... if the claw is too thick the case rim does not properly fit under and there is not proper tension on extraction...as the gun recoils the extractor has to hold the case to the slide face as it slides back until it hits the ejector. If the proper fitment and tension are not there, you can have extraction and ejection issues....this *could* be a cause. Just another thing to look at... Some firearms are rarely just drop in parts...and work you do, do it slowly and methodically..you probably do not have to remove a lot of material to fit it, if it needs to be fit. These are tight tolerances
  5. The claw needs to be fitted as the round enters into the chamber area to ensure positive contact with the case rim
  6. Especially with two mags..which are hard to come buy..saw one on fleabay go for 75 bucks.. Good solid pistol made at Radom...in a nice thin package with a nice round
  7. You said you replaced the extractor and spring....did the extractor require fitment? Or did you just drop it in place....you might want to check your getting proper engagement on the case rim.... I had to replace the internal extractor in my HP...it required fitting....
  8. Have you tried 124gr ammo? Are you limp wristing it? Have you tried mag spring as well?
  9. As i have stated before, this marriage is doomed...and other have said this is not about guns....you have chosen poorly. You have been and slowly are being emasculated...i can guarentee your MIL watches the view.
  10. I do not regret much in my life or tje choices i made - i however fully REGRET that i never enlisted - long stupid family story. Make sure he does it - don't let him get to my age and be regretful. Best of luck to Him.....
  11. I have a 4516 smith that i am dying to try 45 super in.... they say a spring change and its good to go... Anyone have experience with the round?
  12. And it is NOW back in effect at 5pm today - the same judge issued a stay on his own order - I wonder who got to him? He will probably end up with a mysterious heart attack like Scalia........ In response to a motion from the California Department of Justice, US District Court Judge Roger Benitez, who issued a permanent injunction against enforcement of California’s “high capacity” magazine ban, has just issued a stay of his own injunction. That means that the window for ordering standard capacity magazines is closing. His order goes into effect at 5:00pm Pacific time on Friday, April 5. You can read the full order here, but this is the relevant portion: The ban on possession of “high capacity” magazines will not be enforced while the case is argued and decided, but California residents will not be able to buy them after 5:00pm tomorrow.
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