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  1. That fine. When you count how many rebuttals and or questions the judge had for the plaintiff compared to the defendant, you'll see how irregular the conversation was. Any valid points were clearly a forethought. Its over, mail em out. or bury em.
  2. Listening to it now. The judge is VERY dismissive to the plaintiffs argument. Its pretty disgusting actually.
  3. Wow. Unbelievable.
  4. Look, I want Large Capacity Magazine training. What's the cost? What if I already have it and can reload under 8 seconds? Does the state of NJ give me free mags then for qualifying? Where do I sign?
  5. Well written, thank you.
  6. Gee! Not full semi auto spray with reduced large capacity 15rd banana clips. oh heavens. Maybe NJ will force it's citizens to under go SF Operator Reload Training for 15rd'ers some of us might legally own and time and tax us for training so those who can reload in under 8 seconds can keep em! I wonder how much cash was thrown at Mr. Operator for his statement. If he truly believes this, he is an embarrassment to that community. Their argument is null and void even with Operators statement. It's interesting to me how they even pulled this from left field from a defense stand point. It runs counter to the obvious need for standard capacity magazines because reloads take so long. /facepalm
  7. So the defense got some operator guy, to counter argue that inexperienced NJ citizens need extensive training in 15rd mags. Am I reading this correctly? That doesn't even make any sense. That to me clearly says if you are inexperienced, you're going to need 8-10 seconds to reload. And that because it takes 8-10 seconds to reload, we would some how need extensive training in large capacity magazines? uhm, I'm not a rocket scientist, but that's almost proves that you NEED high capacity magazines for self defense because a reload could take a very long time in a life threatening situation. Also, if what I am understanding is correct, why do civilians in 42/43 states that have standard mag (no) capacity require no extensive training. Someone want to clarify this please? Maybe my comprehension is at a 5th grade level.
  8. So it's mid August... what was the date of the possible injunction?
  9. I would love to shoot a Barrett. :-/
  10. Ex post facto. 2nd. Don't make me quote articles. America!
  11. Where can I get 10/20 rounders lol
  12. What 15rd mags? IF I owned any legally purchased 15rd mags before the law, then I would not give anything up because the law changed to make me a criminal. I did not commit a crime, and just because the LAW says so, doesn't mean its legal. All laws repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.
  13. Please continue to contribute to the ANJPRC and NRA, as a hunter angler and Constitutionalist. It was joined with another thread.
  14. Well, we have an UnConstitutional fight on our hands.