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  1. Where can I send a small sum of money? Please advise.
  2. Looks like there is no other option but to leave. I'll be attempting my way out. My money is better elsewhere.
  3. Ok great. Thank you. The fact that we would have to surrender legally purchased items isn't right in my book. Surely, all of us here agree.
  4. So we have to give up our legally purchased mags? Hmm
  5. So has this been approved in NJ?
  6. Elizabeth- Applied in January- 2 Pistol Permits - Approved April First time was a month or so. This time they blamed the mental health background check on the county not getting back to them for a while. A buddy also waited 3-4 months for his FID and 2 permits.
  7. Marbury vs Madison, 5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 174, 176,(1803) Miranda vs Arizona, 384 US 436 p. 491
  8. Can you sell a firearm that will basically be noncompliant for someone?
  9. Woman stabbed to death over the weekend in Camden running from her boyfriend. Justifiable need much? It's sad
  10. I'll be there .
  11. So what do we do??? Give up our property???