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  1. nondisclosure

    RTSP- Union

    Fantastic! Good job! Somewhat crowded for a Sunday but was eager and happy to see that. Keep it up!
  2. nondisclosure


    won 20$ cause the eagle's suck.
  3. I'm a little astonished at the opinions surmised here, purely based on tattoo's, and beards. There are many police officers in the state of in NJ that have full sleeves. Our Presidents have had beards in the not so distant past. Would you have a different opinion of Law enforcement because of their tattoos and beards? There are quite a few cops in my gym with full sleeves, And beards...
  4. Found and purchased. Thanks.
  5. nondisclosure

    AR pics, lets see'um!

    More pics!
  6. nondisclosure

    looking to buy my first rifle

    Cory, The Scar is not cheap. Buy the AR15 and several thousand rounds of ammo, and go shoot with it. Then get the scar and or get a 458 socom upper for it later. You'll be happy you did.
  7. nondisclosure

    AR pics, lets see'um!

  8. nondisclosure

    AR sling

    Never mind! Found it and sadly it's discontinued!
  9. nondisclosure

    New slim muzzle brakes

    "Description The EPSILON 556SL is the ideal muzzle brake for 14.5" rifle builds. Featuring an outside diameter of .745", the EPSILON 556SL can be pinned and welded to your barrel while still allowing full maintenance and removal of your gas block without having to remove the muzzle device. The EPSILON 556SL utilizes a new aggressive chamber design that improves gas flow and reduces felt recoil significantly. It also features deep channel cuts that greatly reduce the overall weight toward the front end of your build. Slim in design does not mean slim in performance. Users can still expect the same great performance they have grown to trust from VG6 Precision muzzle brakes. With the EPSILON 556SL, you have the optimal solution for a lightweight, legal (when pinned and welded) and flat shooting 14.5" Rifle Build." - Nothing in the Epsilon slim description says its a flash hider or even mentions its flash hiding capabilities unless of course they modified it. Either way- It is now advertised as a straight brake..... ? I'd say, thread it on there!
  10. nondisclosure

    What is your go to EDC blade

    Outside of work EDC. Otherwise its a Kershaw And Leatherman.
  11. nondisclosure

    AR pics, lets see'um!

    That is cool!!
  12. nondisclosure

    Retail Pinned magazines?

    Stagarms.com is having a sale on metal 10/30 pinned mags for $15 each.
  13. nondisclosure

    Elftmann ultralight stock

    Busy at work- lol edited the post - trying to multitask and failing!

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