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  1. Looking for a 100M range. Just picked up a new optic and would like to zero it. Everything locally to me is 50 and under...I applied to CNPRC and I'm will be waiting for another year or so for possibility of membership.
  2. anyone use this method of making a stock "fixed"? opinions? legality wise i believe this would be fine? seems like a better way than using a pin on a stock, and of course would require tools (allen key) to move the position of the stock. https://www.rangeroll.com/stocklok-info/
  3. when is there going to be a lawsuit against semi auto comfort features?
  4. someone email state police and get the ball rolling. so we can give Franklin armory some cash!
  5. Yeah. No one is over thinking it. Just trying to prevent someone from going to jail over a stupid mistake like not compensating for the thread over lap of .5" is all. sorry for helping out!
  6. A 1.5" brake is actually 1" because of thread overlap. malice4you covered it earlier. If you are thinking about the battlecomp 1.5, the 1.5 doesn't refer to inches. Still a 1.5" comp wouldn't be legal on a 14.5. They are usually 2.1"+ or longer
  7. Ok. 14.5" barrel = 14.5 1.5" comp/brake = 1" meaning you're only at 15.5" and legally in possession of an SBR. (Thats a Federal Law) you forgot overlap of thread which amounts to about .5" inch. Most comps that bring the 14.5" barrel to 16" or greater are 2.1" minimum in length.
  8. Good to know. Was trying to do the same.
  9. Seems like the laws have to be tackled one by one. Where can we donate?
  10. Fantastic! Good job! Somewhat crowded for a Sunday but was eager and happy to see that. Keep it up!
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