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  1. A 10.5 barrel with pinned surefire flash hider with carbine tube will be 26.75. A full 3/4” over. The 10.3 pinned and welded will make it over 26” OAL for sure.
  2. Don’t mind the chest pubes on the bathroom floor. 26.75". Better than the Troy. @Blacksmythe it lives.
  3. please consider moving my ar based non nfa picture thread over to the full sub. Thank you.
  4. Looks sick Blacksmythe!!!! Nice build! Need to find someone willing to pin and weld a barrel....
  5. Not sure why someone would put that they have a CC on their resume or even disclose it to an employer, unless of course its a security company or that was his previous profession. But I appreciate the sarcasm.
  6. Phone was updating .. so.... I had the opportunity to shoot the full Modern Material line up yesterday with the main focus on the SBF. While conditions weren’t the best, random thunderstorms, rain, 90*+ degrees with roughly 100% humidity, I was able to make quite a few shots on steel targets varying between 50-100 yards using a red dot. I am not a good shooter mind you and the humidity did cause my glasses to fog adding to the challenge. The SBF was extremely light, accurate, (as accurate as I could be), and surprisingly was not as loud as I thought for its short size. It was actually rather tame! If anyone has ever considered something small for home defense, this would probably be the best alternative hands down. I will be ordering one of these in the near future from MM. what an awesome little package!!
  7. Assuming they are both identical barrels, yes, they will be just as accurate assuming only the length is different. Except, on the 8” your projectile is losing velocity way faster then when it comes out of your 20”+ barrel. You will have a flatter trajectory with a longer barrel to about 20-24”. It starts to drop (the FPS of the projectile) significantly as the barrel length gets shorter. Accuracy never changes. Projectile velocity does... this chart is only covering 223. 556 is a little hotter with a bit more velocity.
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