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  1. I’m also in northern jersey. I’ve been to Monmouth county PRC and loved it. Typically shoot indoors though and wanted to do more outdoor, bench and steel for both pistol and rifle. I applied at Monmouth county PRC (mentioned in the first post) but it’s actually 2-3 year wait. Still looking for more options and places to go to. Don’t mind an hour or so drive. Not sure cherry ridge interested me as it seems it is only bench shooting.
  2. I'd be interested. Dont have any spotting scopes or steel though. Hopefully its on a Sunday...
  3. I'd be interested in picking it up tomorrow, around 5:30-6pm if its still available. cash.
  4. A 10.5 barrel with pinned surefire flash hider with carbine tube will be 26.75. A full 3/4” over. The 10.3 pinned and welded will make it over 26” OAL for sure.
  5. Don’t mind the chest pubes on the bathroom floor. 26.75". Better than the Troy. @Blacksmythe it lives.
  6. please consider moving my ar based non nfa picture thread over to the full sub. Thank you.
  7. Looks sick Blacksmythe!!!! Nice build! Need to find someone willing to pin and weld a barrel....
  8. Not sure why someone would put that they have a CC on their resume or even disclose it to an employer, unless of course its a security company or that was his previous profession. But I appreciate the sarcasm.
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