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  1. When I spoke to Attorney General in PA last week, they told me you needed an unrestricted permit from your home state.
  2. I just had a lengthy conversation with Scott Wagner's office, he is a Pennsylvania State Senator that is running for Governor of Pennsylvania, I am trying to get them to introduce legislation to remove the home state permit requirement for firearms permits in PA, I told them that I feel the current law is discrimination to out of state residents wishing to apply to PA's non-resident permit program and also a huge loss of income to PA. If they were to say get 100,000 out of state permit applications for say $100 a piece, that is roughly $10 million they are losing out on in state revenue. I explained some residents of states such as NJ, MD and others that border their state, either a resident is unable to obtain a permit in their home state, or some such as West Virginia residents are not required to have a permit in their home state. It was a lengthy conversation and I think it went very well, she is going to talk to the senator and possibly soon to be governor and his staff and see if they would be willing to do something. I recommend people reach out to legislative parties on the PA side and particularly ones that are 2nd amendment friendly, you can google them and find them out, but Scott Wagner is certainly one of them. There is another one out in western PA that I have been communication with as well. All we can do is to try and change the law, PLEASE HELP ME DO IT!!!
  3. Yes, seems that they don't have an original response to much of it, we need to band together and get this changed, i have also been writing to Pennsylvania state senators that are 2A friendly to let them know what has transpired
  4. Thank you for your corrections, I have visual voicemail that transfers voice into text, i took the information off of that, and anyone that knows voice to text, knows its not always accurate, I guess I should have checked my facts better before posting, sorry for any confusion.
  5. I would recommend everyone interested reach out to Dan Schneider, he is the attorney handling the challenge of NJ's concealed carry law in the supreme court, he is the lawyer for the ARCNJ, which is our local chapter of the NRA, he can be reached at (201)967-8040, i spoke to him and Scott Bach the other day and they are considering challenging it, but they will definitely need to see there is a concern from people to get it changed, i can not do it alone, i have expressed my interest in becoming a plaintiff in the case should they decide to proceed forward with a challenge to it.
  6. That is the way they are interpreting the law, whether it is correct or not only an attorney or a court could possibly interpret it differently, but we are stuck with it, unless we challenge it, we can not be silent on the issue, I have been reaching out to lawyers to see if any would like to take on the case. I still have not received any messages from anyone else that would be interested in possibly fighting it, so i guess nobody else cares that much.
  7. It wouldn't do any good, the non resident permit would not work in Pennsylvania from any state. Received this from PA attorney General's office. Good afternoon. Under Pennsylvania law, a concealed carry license cannot be issued to a non-resident unless that individual has a concealed carry license from his or her home state. The reciprocity agreements simply document the requirements of Pennsylvania law. We recommend you contact the Pennsylvania State Police to discuss the what exceptions to the requirement to have a license to carry in Pennsylvania exist for interstate travel.
  8. Of course I do, but Pennsylvania offers a nonresident permit that I should be able to obtain as a non-resident, my having a home state permit should have no bearing on that. Everyone knows NJ's law is unconstitutional. If New Jersey isn't going to issue permits then they should change to a "no issue" state, if they did, we could obtain non-resident permits in PA.
  9. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20180417/pennsylvania-attend-pro-second-amendment-rally-in-harrisburg-on-april-30th
  10. 100% correct, we are being discriminated against, because NJ list themselves as "may issue" instead of "no issue" if they didn't provide for a home state license we may be able to qualify for a PA non resident, but since they do, we can not get one there
  11. it needs to be taken up with PA, as the change is there, NJ definitely needs to be changed and maybe someday they will, there is a lawsuit still in the works now to get the supreme court to hear the case. I think anyone that is directly effected by this should group up and let's do something about it, I mentioned the other day for anyone interested in pursuing something to message me, and haven't gotten any responses yet, I can't and won't do it alone
  12. *Virginia concealed carry licenses will no longer be recognized by Pennsylvania after the reciprocity agreement terminates on May 16, 2018.
  13. It has nothing to do with NJ, this has to do with the AG in Pennsylvania either changing something in the rules, or interpreting them differently then they were before. The agreements were definitely written differently. When I spoke to NH they said they will accept PA all permits because NH doesn't require them at all, but the Texas nonresident is also not accepted and when i spoke to Texas they said they did not know why they would take PA if PA wasn't reciprocating with theirs. They absolutely do, and someone already is suing them, but we are getting it from all sides!!
  14. Not for long, I believe when the other agreement expires it is not being renewed, i did read that on the PA AG's website
  15. Has anyone besides me been calling? we should be nonstop calling the AG's office, governors office and other public officials, or are we all just going to accept it for what it is? I have spent 2 days bothering people and asking questions about the change. We NEED to get the NRA to challenge this, it is discrimination in my opinion to issue non-residents CCW's, but only if you have a CCW in your home state. Seems like everyone is being too complacent in this, it needs to be changed, somehow. Make some phone calls, emails and letters to officials in PA!!!!
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