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  1. Not so fast; the clock is still running while you wait for them to call you for pick up
  2. Cliffside Park is obviously a different municipality but I paid when I arrived to pick up the permits. The officer at the desk was confused but I explained the FARS system (which was new to him) and then the detective that handled my paperwork arrived to corroborate what I had stated. I then handed over my money orders. I also did not have to submit the mental health form. All went according to plan for me, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work out for you in a similar fashion. Hope this helps
  3. Anybody given any thought to the sons of liberty 13.7" barrels? Saw a garandthumb vid on them today and I'm intrigued. Just to stay on topic, I'd throw on a warcomp and SBA4... and vertigal grip of course, and call it a day. I don't think anyone would look twice at it. Just a thought I guess the same could be said (has been said?) of a 12.5
  4. You’ll have to spend another $40 on a KAK super sig buffer tube to get you over 26”. Also, make sure you install the VFG onto the handguard before anything else. Stupid, I know. Actually wait, I think 11.5 is GTG without the KAK. It’s only 10.5 that needs the KAK. I could be wrong. Does anyone have an 11.5 without muzzle device measured from tube end to end of threads? Now I’m curious lol
  5. You do not. Though it may be dependent on whether or not you already have an FID. I just picked up my permits after submitting through FARS and I didn’t have to submit the mental health form. The FARS faq says as much.
  6. You know, I can’t help but be curious. What is likely to happen if someone at a range decides that you’re breaking the law? Do they call the cops on you?? Its nauseating thinking that's the type of thing that could happen. Same team?!
  7. 8/20: Received the call this morning that my permits are ready for pickup. Payment due at that time. Not too bad!
  8. Good luck. The clock is still ticking for me, though I don’t plan to check the status until the 30 day mark. Cliffside Park has typically taken about 45 days, so pretty good considering the waits in other municipalities
  9. I totally get it. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’d rather buy a DD complete upper for that amount. Again, not knocking the MM hustle. I demoed a few of their rifles at Costa class and they’re great guys with a good product.
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