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  1. The point was, if someone had serious enough mental illness that they wanted to take their own life, how can you be so sure one extra squeeze of the trigger can't be considered by them? You're assuming they can be logical in their thought processes. Bad assumption. How many murder/suicides do you hear about in the news on a regular basis?
  2. It's the Certificate of Eligibility form you received along with the carbon copy. It will be a full sheet form with the serial number and dealer info on it.
  3. Along that train of thought, who gets their milk out of plastic bottle? Real men get their milk like this:
  4. Sniper

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Ha I hope you have it all ready to go, your weekend looks very "interesting"!
  5. Wait, what... You're not going to cook it for us and serve it too? What a Communist!
  6. Constructive possession?
  7. Exactly, And if Remixer was a nice guy, he would also include his favorite recipe for French Toast too, as a bonus!
  8. Sniper

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Update this morning on potential ice. Seems the NWS has moved the ice line down, and isn't sure on amounts. Here's the chart: Also, here's the latest snow fall prediction:
  9. Sniper

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    I don't run my generator the normal way, by firing it up and letting it run all day. I usually run off of batteries/inverter for normal lights, TV etc., and only fire up the generator to recharge the batteries and get the fridges cold again. This way, the genny only runs for a hour or so at a time, and a few times a day. I can get almost 3 days from one 20 lb tank with this method. Otherwise, I think continuous run time on one tank (4 gallons) is like 10 -12 hours, based on load.
  10. Those are probably the same guys who got busted for having 15+ round mags.
  11. Sniper

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    I did something similar. I have the 12v batteries, inverter and some solar. If power went out when I wasn't home, wifey wouldn't attempt to hook up the generator. If she needs lights, she knows where the lanterns are and she can easily run an extension cord to the inverter, to plug in what ever she wants. If it's cold, she can fire up the gas fireplace, which heats half the house.
  12. If you can "prove" your destination is a range, no matter where it is, you'll be fine. Some guys have said, when they travel to PA with the firearms, they enter in a local range in their GPS near where they are going. In the case they get stopped along the way, they'll just point out that they're heading to the range, even though they passed a few already. Also, one other recommendation. Keep a copy of the COE form in your bag you received for the handguns with you. This is just another helpful point if you ever get questioned about ownership of them.
  13. Sniper

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Same here. When I moved to the new house, I installed a transfer switch at my panel, so it makes it easy to feed certain circuits. Actually never had to roll the Genny out since then, except to regularly test. I also bought a propane generator, so I don't need to worry about gas going bad or scrounging around to find it. This generator runs off of standard 20 lb propane tanks, and propane never goes bad and I don't need to worry about gummed up carbs from old gas. Plus, in a pinch, if I run out of tanks in a SHTF situation, just about every backyard in town has 20 lb tanks for their grills. Plenty to "pick up" during midnight runs.
  14. I agree with this. At first I figured no problem. But then thinking further, and the laws in the state, the stop at the BIL house is a deviation. That would be an area of concern.
  15. And this is why there's concern with ranges: A 21-year-old man shot himself and died at the range in 2015. Two months later, a 28-year-old man also shot himself and died at the range. Both deaths were ruled to be suicide and isolated incidents. What if they wanted to take someone else "with them" standing nearby?

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