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  1. This is true... it's all about the marketing now. Just get the generic stuff, you'll be just as warm (and have more bucks in your pocket).
  2. Think OPSEC, why advertise what you're storing: https://www.njconceal.co/
  3. Two options, go click on your name in the upper right, then go to "attachments", then in the right side list, click on the thread where your existing attachments are, and edit/delete them from the thread, to give you space. Or, second choice, donate to Maks vacation fund below , and you can attach unlimited photos to your posts:
  4. That's a good point, FWD cars have been the norm for decades. Many people don't understand the difference between being "pulled" versus "pushed", and how the car handles differently in different situations. We learned to drive on higher powered , RWD monsters (and have the crashes to back it up), where the kids today learned to drive in mom's FWD minivan. I bought wifey a RWD sports car in the Spring. She's driven FWD cars or 4WD cars for decades. I'm not even sure she understands the 4WD on the occasion she uses it. So my plan is to take her out on the next snow day to get her use to RWD again and how it responds differently than what's she's use to. Don't want to see her bang up the new toy.
  5. They've been down since Trump won. Now, if the Dems stand a chance in winning in 2020, that would be the time to buy those stocks.
  6. Here's a sample of some of Remington's ads they're being sued for.
  7. You’ll appreciate the subtlety of this play… specially you car guys.... run time 1:38
  8. and anyone who's been injured in a shooting. Think new firearms are expensive now... just wait....
  9. Yup, I missed that one too... The dude committed multiple felonies, even before he left the house that morning.. But........ it's the gun and the manufacturer's fault...... again.....
  10. I bought wifey a HP Stream in 11" a year or two ago, which fits most of what you're looking for. She hated typing on a tablet, so this has a standard keyboard and most of laptop features, but is light and small. No CD/DVD, but does all she needs for surfing, email, music, etc. Amazon has them for like $170. https://www.amazon.com/HP-11-inch-Processor-Personal-11-ah110nr/dp/B07D9FG6WD/ref=asc_df_B07D9FG6WD/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309743296044&hvpos=1o4&hvnetw=g&hvrand=13116577411630627034&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9003973&hvtargid=pla-571127050716&psc=1 and... she hasn't broken it yet, so thumbs up for decent quality.
  11. That's possible, but doesn't the Federal law passed in 2005 already give them that impunity? It seems the basis of the lawsuit is this: ...."An exception in the law, provided in cases where the gun manufacturer knowingly violated the law through its marketing practices, paved the way for the families to launch their suit. They claim that Remington marketed the weapon “as a highly lethal weapon designed for purposes that are illegal — namely, killing other human beings.” The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled in a divided opinion earlier this year that the family members could pursue their lawsuit, rejecting Remington’s argument." So, the families are claiming Remington marketed their AR15s as "designed to kill other human beings". That seems a bit of a stretch, and if the case continues at the state level, will have BIG ramifications for Remington and the rest of the gun industry. What options does Remington have, either settle out of court (where Liberals will spin and claim they admitted guilt) or hope for the best in a drawn out court case in Liberalville CT? If they lose the CT case and appeal back up up to the S.C., you're talking multiple years and millions of dollars, even if they finally win, based on existing law. In the mean time, it opens up all cans of worms for other frivolous lawsuits against manufacturers.
  12. Are we still thinking that SCOTUS is going to save us????? ...."The Supreme Court has denied Remington Arms Co.'s bid to block a lawsuit filed by families of victims of the Sandy Hook school massacre. The families say Remington should be held liable, as the maker and promoter of the AR-15-style rifle used in the 2012 killings. The court opted not to hear the gun-maker's appeal, in a decision that was announced Tuesday morning. The justices did not include any comment about the case, Remington Arms Co. v. Soto, as they turned it away. Remington had appealed to the highest federal court after the Connecticut Supreme Court allowed the Sandy Hook lawsuit to proceed in March. In recent court filings, Remington says the case "presents a nationally important question" about U.S. gun laws — namely, how to interpret the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which grants broad immunity to gun-makers and dealers from prosecution over crimes committed with their products." https://www.npr.org/2019/11/12/778487920/supreme-court-allows-sandy-hook-families-case-against-remington-to-proceed I wonder if the parents of the two dead kids in Toms River the other day will file lawsuits against Porsche in the SCOTUS, for allowing their son's to die in that high speed crash?
  13. I read in a article last night, his Dad gave him the car. No one needs a car that can go over 25 mph, or holds more than 5 gallons of gas, or has any external accessories or addons. You should have to go through complete background check anytime you get a new car and only drive it to work/school and back home.
  14. These polls are designed to get a pre-determined result or to match an existing narrative. Most are designed to provide the required result for the person paying for them. The way the questions are worded is one key, and in what order they ask them. They can certainly "lead" the person on the phone to get the required results. There are some people that think these polls actually mean something. Yep, they get the easy pickings...
  15. Instead of constantly posting your bullshit and lies, why don't you PROVE it, by quoting where I said that. Go ahead, big man, PROVE it. I guarantee you won't!
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