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  1. I thought they were known as "shaggin wagons".
  2. Maybe that's why so many guns have been sold. Because the media, for months, said he was going to win.
  3. No truer words have been spoken!!!! In some places or conversations, in this god awful state, people consider you a felon if you just admit you're a gun owner.
  4. This could be why you can't find any ammo... ....."One of the best indicators of firearms sales, the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System logged 3,602,296 checks in November, an increase of 41 percent over the figure of 2,545,863 for November 2019. In fact, it was the biggest November in the NICS program’s 21-year history. However, when checks and rechecks for carry permits and the like are subtracted from that figure by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, leaving a more concrete number for over-the-counter checks on gun transfers conducted through federal firearms licensees, it yields 1,949,141 checks, which is an increase of 45.2 percent compared to the November 2019 NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 1,342,155. When added to the rest of the year, the 2020 running total stands at some 19.1 million adjusted checks, dwarfing the 2016 annual record of 15.7 million checks, and the year still has another month to go before the books are closed. Of those checks, NSSF estimates that a whopping 7.7 million came from new first-time gun buyers. https://laststandonzombieisland.com/2020/12/03/thats-a-lot-of-guns/
  5. I drove right up to the bay when I went at Manahawkin. One secret, go in the middle of the month, not the end or beginning. Don't want to be mixed in with the procrastinators.. That's a great place to check, right before you leave, although it can change at any time.
  6. In theory, I agree. But if you use your weapon in THIS state for a clean self-defense incident, you're still going to be majorly f'd up, and the brake will be the least of your problems.
  7. I went two weeks ago, mine expired back in March. They put a March 2022 sticker on it.
  8. It's all about risk/benefit. How many people have been locked up for going to the range with a 15 round mag after October 2018? Or an evil feature on a AR? Or getting busted with hollow points in their car stopping at McDonalds? Do you speed on the Parkway? Put some red locktite on it or JB Weld. True. There's bigger things to worry about in life, than getting busted with a threaded brake.
  9. Just screw on a muzzle brake, and call it a day.
  10. I like it better in the bullpup configuration than the original one. More compact and shorter reach for better control. A little bit bulkier than it needs to be, but solid quality. My CX4 is in .40, still my favorite overall.
  11. You might consider selling now, when things are still holding together and prices are up. Then go "park" somewhere for a year. We knew we were going to downsize when the rugrats got out, and the market was still in the downdraft from the last meltdown. We decided to put the house on the market at the price we wanted. Ended up selling it and went and rented for two years, to determine where we wanted to re-buy. Ended up being a great decision, and easily saved $80K+. I wish we did that a year earlier, would have saved another 10%.
  12. It's simple, they qualify for that higher payment and have the income to pay it. Remember, people buy "payments", not "houses". The mortgages and purchase price are public record. And yes, these new mortgages carry PMI for the life of the loan, not just until they reach 80% equity, so these buyers are idiots. They have to be able to afford the mortgage payment. If they put down 20%, the payment is less, and requires lower income. If they put down 3.5%, they have to show the higher income level to afford the payment. But my main point, unless they get huge appreciation, they can't sell for years, as they have little equity, and the costs to sell exceed any equity they might have built up the first few years. I didn't even tough on that. Most people also do new renovations, carpet, paint, etc. when they buy a house. So add that into the cost equation, and they're severely underwater for a long time.
  13. That was exactly what I was planning to do, but couldn't find the 995 anywhere. So, I converted my CZ Scorpion to this:
  14. Indirectly, I've seen a bunch that were technical underwater right after purchase. I track many houses sold in my neighborhood, and over the last few years, many have bought with 3.5% down FHA loans. They're technically underwater the day they move in, and don't build any equity the first several years, due to front loaded interest. So, it doesn't take much for these people to walk away and "jingle mail" their keys back, if they hit a speed bump with their finances, since they never had any real skin in the game.
  15. I'd be interested to see how many can actually qualify, based on their personal situation. My neighbor sold his house in the Summer. His first 3 deals fell apart because the buyers couldn't get a final mortgage commitment. Another thing many aren't talking about is the landlords. With like 40% of the country renting, how many landlords will get foreclosed on, because their renters aren't paying them, and they can't pay the mortgages/costs on their buildings?
  16. Correct. It's very high, but not being reported on. Foreclosures and evictions were put on a moratorium through the end of December, That all comes to an end, and Jan. 1st, evictions and foreclosure activity ramp up big time. Measuring mortgage applications means nothing. There are TONS of renters moving out of the big cities into the country, to get away from the crazy. Inventory is extremely low, since so many people can't afford to move, due to their financial situation. If you look at different economic data, in NJ, 31% of small businesses have permanently closed. Nationwide there are still 21 million collecting some type of unemployment payments, when this time last year, it was 1.5 million. And this is before all the other shutdowns and business closures.. How many of those people are still paying their rents or mortgages? How many parents had to cut back or quit their jobs to stay home and home school their kids? Here's the jobs hiring data that came out today. Hiring is slowing way down. 440K was the prediction, came in at 307K. ...."A report issued this month from the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) and the University of Arizona estimates that 6.7 million households could be evicted in the coming months. That amounts to 19 million people potentially losing their homes, rivaling the dislocation that foreclosures caused after the subprime housing bust. The number of Americans struggling to pay rent has steadily risen since this summer, according to the Census Bureau's Household Pulse Survey. In the latest survey, from early November, 11.6 million people indicated they wouldn't be able to pay the rent or mortgage next month. Meanwhile, some renters who are still paying rent are relying on "unsustainable" income to make ends meet. Among those who report trouble making rent, "More than half are borrowing from family and friends to meet their spending needs, one-third are using credit cards, and one-third are spending down savings," the NLIHC report found. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/eviction-19-million-americans-risk-moratorium-coronavirus/
  17. My first cruiser was a 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 Fastback like this one below. 302 with a Edelbrock high rise manifold, Holley 4 barrel, Hooker headers and Cherry bombs. Man, that sucker was loud... Ha... I remember the same thing.., I think gas was a round 0.40 cents a gallon back then. Couldn't pass a station without stopping.. Also remember smoking off a set of 60 Series tires every 5000 miles.. Those were the days...
  18. That was my opinion when I was looking for one. I ended up with a Beretta CX4 Storm instead. But many people have said the 995 is very reliable. I love my pistol caliber carbines more than my AR15s. Went looking for a 995 recently, to do a Bullpup conversion with it, but they were out of stock everywhere. So, I ended up doing a bullpup conversion with the 9mm CZ Scorpion EVO that I had.
  19. Exactly... because we've never had "questionable" sign ups before, right? https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/search/&type=core_members&joinedDate=week&group[3]=1 Oh, wait...
  20. Hmmm, he's back, but only signed up new one hour ago?
  21. And you didn't share it with us? Boo.....
  22. So, how many of you guys feel like this right now?
  23. Hope that everyone has a great and safe Thanksgiving, and you can spend time with your families without worrying that the Covid police will come take you away.
  24. Or, go on the upper right and click on your Profile, then click on My Activity, then on the left you can scroll through Posts or Topics that you made.
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