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  1. How do you actually know this? Do you measure exactly how many gallons go into your tank versus what's being shown on the pump?
  2. That's been my experience too. We've run WaWa gas in all our vehicles, like forever, with no issues.
  3. Tell your next door neighbors to stop crapping in their backyard.
  4. You didn't mention ETFs. ETFs are also a pool of stocks versus individual stocks, so they reduce risk, but they trade like individual stocks immediately, not waiting for the close of the market for the day. Many can be bought for zero commission, and have low fees or expense ratios. The ETFs can be structured around a industry (utilities, technology, financials, etc.) or structured around themes (pot stocks, retail, medical, auto industry, pets, etc.), or even around market indexes. I have a couple built around the defense industry that are kicking butt.
  5. Never underestimate the power of the Rednecks! KBDaBear @kbdabear 3m "Uneducated Southern rubes" designed and built the frame and roll cage that enabled Ryan Newman to walk out of the hospital 2 days after that horrific crash "Educated urban elites" designed the app that couldn't count votes in Iowa.
  6. So, you'll stay away from their gas, but eat their unknown sourced tuna?????
  7. Here's an article that goes over a bunch of info on them: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/20/the-biggest-things-you-probably-dont-know-about-roth-iras.html
  8. Oh my, your assertion is wrong again... ...." Debt from credit cards hit a record high in 2019, driven by young borrowers and aggressive spending, according to The Wall Street Journal. Despite a healthy economy and robust job market, the number of people who fell behind on payments increased. Serious delinquent credit card debt is classified as payments that are late by 90 days or more. That number went up to 5.32 percent in Q4, the highest it has been in about eight years — it was 5.16 percent in Q3. The rate for serious delinquency among borrowers aged 18 to 29 years went up almost 10 percent to its highest level since Q4 of 2010 at 8.91 percent." Really, you got that from the record level of delinquencies? The topic wasn't the "majority", please keep focused and don't pull a Greenday Straw man. In your "Best Economy Ever", most benchmarks of economic stability in families have been heading SOUTH, in some cases, approaching levels close to the previous recession. Somehow, you still think people are in the best economic shape ever. Funny, I'm STILL waiting for you to post the FIRST chart or data link to support your hyperbole and narrative. All I've seen is the Greenday shuffle, all assertion and no data.... just null posts... that just confirms to me, you got nothin... Sad...
  9. So...... ....."As of the first quarter of 2019, there are an estimated 5.2 million federal student loan borrowers in default. By contrast, 18.6 million borrowers are current on their federal loan payments." That's 28%, is that considered good in a "great" economy? How about the delinquency rates: ......"Delinquent U.S. student loans reached a record $166 billion in the fourth quarter. But since “delinquency rates for student loans are likely to understate effective delinquency rates” by about half, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the figure is probably a far cry from reality. Factoring for understatement would imply that about $333 billion in student debt has not been serviced in at least three months." https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-02-22/u-s-student-loan-delinquencies-hit-record I'm sure those kids are just investing their money in the stock market instead, right? Lets look at those numbers: ......"Serious auto-loan delinquencies – 90 days or more past due – in the second quarter, 2019, jumped 47 basis points year-over-year to 4.64% of all outstanding auto loans and leases, according to New York Fed data released today. This is about the same delinquency rate as in Q3 2009, just months after GM and Chrysler had filed for bankruptcy." It's a good thing nobody needs a car in a "great" economy.... they can just use Uber, because everyone knows, a car is a luxury, right? ......"Some 7 million Americans are 90 days or more behind on their auto loan payments, new data released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York shows. The number of delinquent loans follows a trend of steady increases since 2011 and has risen to the highest level in the 19-year history of the bank’s loan origination data. " https://www.bankrate.com/loans/auto-loans/auto-loan-delinquencies-rise/ Even when a lot of it is unaffordable and not being paid back by the borrowers? Just because banks GIVE loans doesn't mean the borrower can afford to pay them. @Mrs. Peel, what color blue do you like? Maybe you should call it hyperbole, devoid of data but FULL of opinion, by some.. That would be more accurate. You should go stroll over to this site, it's very educational. Here's a snapshot... It will change (by a lot) by the time you get there: https://www.usdebtclock.org/
  10. Sure... but I'm still waiting for one of you guys to actually post true data, besides just hyperbole, showing proof the economy is strong. Lots of talk/bloviating, but ZERO verifiable proof so far.. Why is that? And, for the bonus question, if the econony is so great, and everyone is making money, how come the government is running a $1.3 TRILLION deficit? Last time that happened was Obama's first year, when the country was trying to climb out of the recession.
  11. Lowering interest rates and printing money (which has been going on since last Fall). I'm still waiting for you to tell me the financial theory that supports this action during a "great" economy.
  12. It does? With the GDP running at between 2% - 3%, these record levels of debt don't seem to be helping. No, I said the high debts levels are a symptom of a not good economy. People are using their credit cards (and increasing their balances) just to pay for their everyday stuff. MOST aren't using debt in a strategic way to MAKE money. You think taking out a new car loan for 7 or 8 years is a sign that people are doing great in this economy? It's an indication, depending on what type of debt, is their economic health. If they're taking on new debt, just to get through the month, then it's a big indication. Relatively healthy? First, the stock market has ZERO connection the real world. 60% of the population doesn't even participate in it. Like I said above, if debt grows the economy, how come GDP is flat, just abut even with inflation? Jobs? Just because people are working doesn't mean they're doing OK and making money. Real median disposable income is up like $100 a month, YOY. Does having an extra $100 a month in your pocket make you want to add thousands to your credit card bill or buy a car? Only if you believe what the media "is selling you" that things are good. Interest Rates? Since last Fall, FED rates are dropping, does that happen during a great economy or down times? How about the Fed balance sheet? They've been printing money since last September? Is that a sign of a great economy? Go look again at the two charts I posted above. Exactly, and I just gave you a bunch of FACTUAL economic data points. You can either believe the print media that everything is great in MAGA Land, or you can look at actual economic data points. Your choice.
  13. and released from the hospital. Holy Crap, never expected to see this. That's AMAZING news!!!
  14. That's what I'm wondering too. In every case I can remember, there was an update on what the actual injuries were. Not in this case. Even this morning, the only report is that he's talking to family and doctors, but is in serious condition. Wifey, who is a medical professional, also thinks it might be a spinal cord issue, after taking a closer look at the condition of the car. Not sure why it's taking days to give a better update on him. He just announced he was splitting up with his wife. Maybe some legal issues intertwined in it.
  15. Yes, and I posted the charts to show that. But you said taking on the debt was a GOOD thing. I've shown that it's a BAD thing, and people are way over leveraged. Do you even remember what you post?
  16. Pros and cons, depending on your situation. They are great place to park AFTER TAX money, to allow it to grow for the future. Not a short term play. Versus a 401K or Traditional IRA, where you park PRE TAX money. A lot depends on how you pay yourself in your business, based on the corporate structure. Long term, if you park a lot in a ROTH, there are no minimum withdraws at 70-1/2 like with a 401K or regular IRA.
  17. Selective... that's funny and rich... you read the complete article, and post a SINGLE sentence to support YOUR narrative, while I post MULTIPLE paragraphs to support my narrative from the SAME article to prove you wrong... Folks, you just can't make this shit up. Didn't read what I posted, did you? Here it is again: So, you think it's acceptable to take on MORE debt because of the PERCEPTION that people FEEL wealthier. Boy, that's really sound financial logic.... not.... And it seems to be working. Many involved in this thread are being totally lied to by Trump, but since it's Trump and MAGA. they think all is good... Sad... So, tell us. The media (and Trump) says our economy is GREAT!! So why did the FEDS lower the federal funds rate three times the end of last year, and why have they been printing/injecting $50B - $100B in the overnight REPO market every night? Does that sound like a GREAT economy??? And if your theory that borrowing money and taking on NEW debt makes so much sense to grow the economy, why is GDP floating in the 2% - 3% ranges, barely keeping ahead of inflation? If debt helps the economy grow, with the level of new debt, the GDP should be north of 6%.... but it isn't.... Here are two charts, yeah, I know, those pesky FACTS... this DOESN'T happen during a "Great" economy...
  18. Watch the replay, unfortunately this was caused by Newman trying to block. NOT Blaney's fault. Newman went all the way down to the double yellows to try and block Blaney. Blaney had a big push from Hamlin, and was coming... Hell, Blaney almost lost control from the hard push by Hamlin. Newman was doing what any other driver would do coming to the checkers, protecting his position... sadly, crap happens in those situations. It's the nature of this type of racing...
  19. Not sure about that yet... he might we awake and talking, but be a quad with a spinal cord injury. In decades of watching racing, I've never seen such a long delay to report exactly what the injuries are. That doesn't look good.
  20. Did you actually read the entire article? Apparently not. Here are a few other points in the article: ....." Historically, in the United States and around the world, household debt has been at its highest when the unemployment rate has been at its lowest. But that doesn’t mean the credit card debt itself is good news. It’s time for a history, economics, and psychology lesson. The high levels of consumer debt show that there may be trouble ahead. This doesn’t mean that credit card debt isn’t a serious problem for American families: it absolutely is! In 2006 and 2007, like now, the unemployment rate was low and fairly steady, hovering at or below 5%. But consumers weren’t using their paychecks to pay off their debt — and the strength of the economy meant that lenders felt comfortable taking greater risks, That helps to explain why high levels of debt occur at the same time as low unemployment. But these researchers also found that the high levels of debt eventually forced economies to contract, because payments became too hard for borrowers to manage. the higher levels of lending and borrowing make both banks and families feel wealthier than they truly are. “With credit plentiful, borrowers typically spend more than is sustainable, giving them the appearance of being prosperous. In turn, lenders who are enjoying the good times are more complacent than they should be. But debts can’t continue to rise faster than the money and income that is necessary to service them forever,” writes Dalio. When the amount of debt in the economy starts to exceed what families can realistically repay, everybody suffers. Put simply: the high level of debt in the economy doesn’t mean we’ve hit “rock bottom.” It actually means we’re reaching the peak: the high level of debt means that things can only go downhill from here. That’s occasionally true, but when you look across the economy as a whole, we usually see the exact opposite phenomenon: families get into high-interest credit card debt as the economy grows, and then have to struggle to pay it back at the exact same time that the job market is tightening. " So, @JackDaWack, please share with us this economic theory again that "Factually speaking, debt is used as a vector for economic growth for both the public and private sectors..." You also might want to read the COMPLETE article that you post....., for facts....
  21. There's been no updates to his condition, after all this time. It's not looking good.... My guess, he has severe head injuries or a major spinal cord injury. If you look at the picture below, the whole top of the driver compartment was crushed. There isn't a lot of headroom in there, and Newman isn't a small guy. Blocking is the SOP on these types of racing. They don't have a choice if they want to win. All the drivers need to step up and force NASCAR to change the rules, this door to door racing tears up way too much equipment and injuries too may drivers.
  22. You're free to post your own data points and graphs to prove this is all propaganda. Help us out, go ahead, do it! I'll wait......................................................................
  23. Ahhh, I see... so all these people Mustang is talking about are taking on this INCREASED debt because of GOOD economic conditions and record low unemployment. And tapping out their 401Ks for loans early is a vector for economic growth. That's one interesting economic theory. I wonder how all the multiple bankruptcies factor into that amazing economic growth model in this terrific economy. Please tell us more.
  24. Yep, typical discussion here. One person brings charts, links and data, the others, bring OPINIONS (not backed by anything) which they THINK are facts. Just another day in paradise!
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