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  1. Exactly, since we were half way there in 2018.
  2. You almost got it right.
  3. Haven't seen the wall to wall coverage on the MSM with this one. Wonder if this was why: ..." Investigators say that at least two suspects entered the backyard from the side of the house and opened fire, using semi-automatic pistols, on the 16 men that were in the yard. The people in the yard say they did not see the suspects, only flashes of light from the guns. Because of that, Fresno Police have not been able to provide a description of the suspects. " https://abc30.com/police-searching-for-gunmen-who-shot-at-fresno-family-gathering/5704821/ It wasn't young, white, male Republicans using AR15s "assault weapons of mass killings". How's this for irony... this congressional district voted for Kamala Harris, the one who will use Executive Orders to take away firearms.... Hmmm, wonder if that will include her constituents in this district?
  4. News Flash... Your "Blue Team" has been doing that to us for quite a while. You just noticing that now?
  5. Who knew playing volleyball could be so stressful... Sounds like they need Safe Spaces and therapy dogs in the locker room. https://www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/safe-spaces-college#1 https://www.huffpost.com/entry/dog-therapy-students-college-campus_b_5c90ffa9e4b04d574a452c73
  6. NJ'S ATTEMPT TO KILL MAG BAN CHALLENGE FAILS AS THIRD CIRCUIT REQUIRES CASE TO CONTINUE! November 18, 2019. Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit denied a motion made by the State of New Jersey to dismiss and end ANJRPC's case challenging NJ's ban on magazines holding over 10 rounds of ammunition. The decision means that New Jersey's rush to end the case has been defeated and that the case will proceed. New Jersey officials prematurely declared victory in press releases very early in the case, when the lowest federal court declined to hear it. On appeal to the Third Circuit (middle-level federal appeals court), NJ urged the court to dismiss that appeal as well, but the court has now refused. That means that the appeal will proceed, and New Jersey will be forced to defend its unconstitutional law on appeal.
  7. Wait.... What??????? Aren't these college students and athletes???
  8. They seem to get more information out quicker than CA. Another common one, where the shooter took himself out too. Notice who helped end this situation! ...."DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - The Duncan Police Department is beginning the investigation into what happened at the Duncan Walmart on Monday morning. Police were initially dispatched just before 10 a.m. Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford tells us that three people were killed outside the store near a vehicle. One of the people killed is the shooter. Multiple witnesses have said the gunman shot two people in a vehicle and a civilian with a gun confronted him, causing the gunman to turn the gun on himself. We are working to confirm that story with Duncan police. Ford says the gun used was a handgun. https://www.kswo.com/2019/11/18/reports-shots-fired-inside-duncan-wal-mart/
  9. Still no word on suspect or suspects, motive, or type of weapon used: ...."Residents complained that other shootings have happened recently in the same neighborhood. The home where the attack took place is near an industrial area with commercial buildings near the Fresno airport. Calvin Gatison, who lives on the same block, said the street had been peaceful for years, but at least two shootings happened in recent weeks. Choua Vang told the Bee that his neighbor’s house was shot at last week and that he feels unsafe outside after dark." https://www.pressdemocrat.com/home/a1/10335639-181/police-search-for-suspects-in
  10. If you want black, I guess they fit the bill. Some mixed reviews, seem like average slides.
  11. Which "these"? I didn't see a link to the black ones.
  12. And if they come in black, they'll match those scary, weapons of war that you sell!
  13. Reviews are a lot better on those. They almost look like Accuride clones. I'm surprised on how many bad experiences on those first ones, probably because of being typical China knockoffs. It would really piss me off to spend all the time to remount them, only to have them break in a few months.
  14. Did you read the reviews on those slides? They didn't get really good reviews. I'd go look at Accuride 18" slides. We always had good experiences with them.
  15. I think those are the winners. If you go for the 20", they might be too long for the box.
  16. Do you usually put more than 100 lbs in your drawers? Maybe it's time to stop hiding your ammo in the kitchen?
  17. What brand are you considering? Depending, they do come in different weight ratings.
  18. Probably 18", if you're using the type that "snap" or settle in when closed.
  19. Was the gunman upset at the score of the game, or was his team losing? Maybe upset that he wasn't invited to the party? FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- At least ten people have been shot, and four are dead after Fresno Police say a suspect opened fire as a family gathered at an east-central Fresno home Sunday night. Fresno Police say around 45 people were at the home to watch a football game on television. The suspect came into the backyard and opened fire on the ten people that were in the yard. The other 35 people inside the home were not injured. https://abc30.com/at-least-9-shot-some-killed-as-gunman-opens-fire-on-family-watching-football-in-fresno-backyard-suspect-still-at-large/5704122/
  20. That will happen right after you see this: (and after AVB votes Republican). Sounds like your favorite channel over at CNN, you know, the one you don't "watch", but only "read" and "listen" to.
  21. I think it's Truex's to lose too, but it's a long race. What's also surprising is how some of the other top teams don't have a car in the hunt. Hendricks and Penske being shut out... and Gibbs gets 3 out of 4... impressive..
  22. Sounds like a really horrible problem to have.
  23. Any bets today? The way the weekend has set up, it almost looks like Vince McMahon wrote the script.
  24. Wait.... You just invented a new way to cook ribs!!
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