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  1. 20 minutes ago, leahcim said:

    Starting with Trump's limitation on SaLT deduction.  Makes me laugh when he calls out the deductibility limits placed on local taxes when the only reason that is an issue is because those local taxes are so obscenely high in the first place.  

    It's funny how the Blue states had the biggest complaint about that Tax Bill and the SALT deduction, but those same Blue state governors forgot to look in the mirror, at the REAL reason why residents couldn't take that deduction... the HIGH taxes that were in place YEARS before the tax bill was passed.

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  2. I'm sure Murphy will find some way to blame Trump for this:

    NJ close to dead last for economic competitiveness

    The economic outlook is worse for New Jersey than nearly every other state in the country, according to an annual economic competitiveness index released by a conservative think tank.

    In the 13th edition of "Rich States, Poor States" released Wednesday by the American Legislative Exchange Council, New Jersey ranks 48th among the states based on 15 factors considered by the organization to be "important state policy variables."

    Specifically, New Jersey ranks in the bottom five for its top income and corporate tax rates, along with personal income tax progressivity and the property tax burden. Although the state in 2018 eliminated its estate tax, the report still gave New Jersey the worst possible mark in that category because it still levies an inheritance tax.


  3. Isn't this nice, that the taxpayers will be the ones helping the government workers retain their jobs... isn't Socialism wonderful?

    ...."A generation of New Jersey taxpayers will most likely pay back tens of billions of dollars after the state Supreme Court unanimously ruled Wednesday that Gov. Phil Murphy could borrow money to plug an estimated $10 billion budget hole caused by the coronavirus. 

    The ruling by New Jersey's highest court has enormous implications for a state that is already one of the most indebted nationwide, and it unburdens Murphy, a Democrat, from austere measures that could have put state employees out of work and cut deeply into social service programs. 

    New Jersey currently has more than $200 billion in overall debt obligations — five times the amount of the state budget — and taxpayers contribute about $4 billion each year toward paying that off, according to the Treasury Department. Borrowing another $9.9 billion, as Murphy is now allowed to do, will add that annual cost to taxpayers for decades.

    What the hell, a few billion here, a few billion there, and before long, you're talking some real money!


  4. Wondering.... has Murphy been known to grovel and crawl on his knees? Where is this coming from?

    .....WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democrats in Congress are now rallying behind New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, who has essentially ran his state into the ground during COVID-19, saying they won’t sign on to a new stimulus package unless there’s a bailout for New Jersey.

    “Democrats said, ‘Our way or the highway.’ Republicans wanted to send cash now for schools, testing, and unemployment benefits… Democrats said nobody gets a penny until Texas and Florida bailout New Jersey,” Senator Mitch McConnell said."


  5. 1 hour ago, Sniper said:

    “If you believe this business is unsafe to your residents of Bellmawr and you believe that laws have been violated,” Long said. “You have the right...to revoke this license”

    Where do these idiots come up with this crap??  Also from the article:

    ....."“Atilis Gym’s brazen conduct is abhorrent to an organized judicial system, jeopardizes the public health and the safety of New Jerseyans, and must not be tolerated,” the state Attorney General’s office has said."

    The gym owners don't FORCE anyone into the gym, they just unlock the door. People walk in with their own free will. Not only that, the patrons are PAYING to come in...

    This Democrat, intentional pissing, on the Constitution and Bill of Rights needs to stop, with these screwed up EMOTIONAL rulings!!!!!!!

  6. 38 minutes ago, revenger said:

    not that we ever stood a chance but now taxpayer's are really screwed.   taxes up property values down

    And that's why this happened:

    ....."The Republican tax plan’s limiting of the federal deduction for state and local taxes, plus the high cost of living in the state, led to thousands of millionaires leaving the area in 2018, according to a research firm’s new report.

    The report by the firm Wealth-X showed that more than 5,700 residents with liquid assets worth $1 million to $30 million left the New York-New Jersey population center last year, The Record reports.


    38 minutes ago, revenger said:

    NJ supreme court allows murphy to borrow 9.9billion

    The state needs DOUBLE that, just to balance the budget, NOW!

  7. It gets better..  Fascism at it's best... Constitution, we don't need no Constitution....  the Karens win:

    ......"A borough council in Camden County voted Tuesday to rescind the business license of a gym that has repeatedly defied a state order to close its doors under coronavirus restrictions.

    The Bellmawr council voted 5 to 1 to rescind the mercantile license of Atilis Gym after an hour-long hearing that featured comments from the gym owners’ attorney, the borough’s lawyer and council members

    Howard Long, the borough’s attorney, presented information about the citations issued to the gym and advised the council on what they could do about it.

    “If you believe this business is unsafe to your residents of Bellmawr and you believe that laws have been violated,” Long said. “You have the right...to revoke this license”


  8. 2 hours ago, oldguysrule649 said:

    Also don’t forget that  much of what you have on your phone may also be syncing up to the cloud depending how you have set your phone to backup and/or sync to the cloud (Apple, Google, Verizon, etc.).

    Even that doesn't matter. All those fun FREE apps you've downloaded on your phones have already sent ALL your personal data, personal information, texting history, financial information, emails, Internet searches, contact lists, geo locations, etc.... back to their respective motherships..

    There's a reason those apps are FREE.... because YOU are the product being sold!

  9. 59 minutes ago, Scorpio64 said:

    Many rural and suburban homes run off LP for hot water, heat, range etc.  The actual point to my post, which you already knew, but engaged in some sort of attention seeking behavior, is that one can have that kind of capacity for indefinite storage of LP fuel, and many already do.

    But that WASN'T the original point of your post. Yes, anyone living in the boonies has a large propane tank to power their furnace, water heater, cooking, etc. You weren't referring to that. But, since you have a poor memory, let's recap:

    5 hours ago, Scorpio64 said:

    Only idiots buy 20# tanks during an outage. 20# tanks are for grills and camping trips.   All the cool TEOTWAKI kids have a couple 100# tanks tucked away, if not a 500# (or larger) above ground tank.

    That infers, at the time of the outage, people should have a large above ground propane tank, to power their portable generator (since that's what we were discussing here with portable tanks). There was nothing in your comment to suggest they tap off their existing tank, which is already powering all their existing appliances.

    You can try to backpedal and straw man all you want, no one is buying it.

    But, I'm sure you know many people who do have 500# propane tanks in their backyards, just to power their portable generators, right?

  10. 49 minutes ago, WP22 said:

    What size is your generator and what's the running time on a 20lb tank? I'll be buying one after this eases up and I would like to be able to run it on multiple fuel sources.

    It's  a 3250 watt, propane only, Generac. I get around 12 -14 hours on a tank.

    26 minutes ago, Bomber said:

    Rationing generator run time is the smart move. You never know anymore how long the outage will last.


    26 minutes ago, Bomber said:

    Once the fridge is cold its kind of wasteful to run it just for a couple of fans during the day.

    Rationing is the key. Like I mentioned earlier, I have 2 battery banks that I run all the low powered items off of. I only fire up the genny to get the fridges cold, and to top off the batteries, which is only an hour or two at a time. During the Winter, if it's cold, I'll also fire up the furnace at the same time. During Sandy, we would also run the washer and dryer during that same period.

    The rest of the time, lights, TV, radio, charging devices, etc, run off the batteries and inverters.

    With this method, a 20 lb. tank will last almost 3 days.

  11. 1 hour ago, Scorpio64 said:

    Don't be an asshat.  There is literally no logical point or purpose to that question.  One thing has nothing to do with the other.  What are you getting at.

    Just making a point about your logical comment about someone putting a 500# propane tank in their backyard to power their genny.... yeah... logic...

  12. 2 hours ago, Scorpio64 said:

    Only idiots buy 20# tanks during an outage. 20# tanks are for grills and camping trips.   All the cool TEOTWAKI kids have a couple 100# tanks tucked away, if not a 500# (or larger) above ground tank.

    What about the guys with gas gennys? Do they have a 500 gallon gas storage tank in their backyard?

  13. 3 minutes ago, Bomber said:

    I've read those 20lb tanks of LP sell out quick in a widespread outage while stations that remain  open are still pumping gas.

    That's why you need to be prepared, ahead of time.

    During Hurricane Sandy, many gas stations were shutdown, and weren't pumping gas, due to no power. I was able to buy all the filled 20 lb, tanks I wanted, from multiple sources.

  14. 13 hours ago, Bomber said:

    I never run the carb dry on any outdoor power equipment. No problems whatsoever over  the course of many years..  

    And I run mine dry every year, with zero problems, for decades. Summer equipment gets run dry for the Winter. Snow blower gets run dry for Summer storage. Starts next year every time, NEVER needed to touch a carb.

    3 hours ago, Malsua said:

    I had a 4000XL Generator before my standby. When I started it every 6months or so it was fine.  When I left it longer, it'd need carb attention.  I replaced the carb in that 3 times.

    Which is why I think propane is definitely the way to go. Never had to touch the carb or any adjustments on my genny. Plus, never have to screw around with gas storage, adding Stabil, rotating gas, and the dangers of having 5 gallon cans of gas sitting around. A tank of propane pretty much lasts forever, and never goes bad. Plus, in a pinch, almost every backyard has  a 20 lb. tank of propane in it.

    The added benefit of propane is it's multiple use. One, for the barbecue, Two, for the genny, Three, for the portable heater, Four, for the gas fireplace, Five, for the camping lantern, Six, for the camping stove.

    Can't do all that with a five gallon jug of gas.

  15. Another DOT on the radar stating ammo to get even tougher to find, and might not improve for years. Last warning to stock up!

    ....."Jacobs tells ABC11 that his friends in the ammunition industry cite the shortage of primer as being a major factor. The primer is the chemical or device that is responsible for making the bullet combust, according to Jacobs. This key ingredient is manufactured in Italy, a country devastated by COVID-19 in recent months.

    "That created this huge backlog in the need for primers," Jacobs said.

    As a result, many shops are needing to raise ammo prices. Jim's Gun Jobbery has had to raise theirs by 100 percent.

    In addition, companies are having to prioritize who gets new shipments of ammo, creating longer wait lists for businesses.

    "There are certain manufactures that are only distributing to military and law enforcement. As far as the civilian market is concerned, that is only going to push the availability back," Jacobs said.

    According to Jacobs, he's hearing through the grapevine that this ammo shortage may last several years. He encourages gun owners to become more frugal with their ammo."


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  16. On 8/6/2020 at 6:02 PM, Sniper said:

    A battery bank is the way to go if you have a generator.

    I wonder if this guy was reading my post here? Oh, and I have a Generac....

    ........"Aaron Jagdfeld, CEO of Generac, in an appearance on “Closing Bell” said new battery technology has opened the door for households and businesses to become energy independent from the traditional electric grid and break away from centralized systems.

    “We think that there is a massive change coming real soon in the grid,” he said. “You’re going to see a lot more decentralized, on-site power generation, from solar to wind. Batteries are a key component of that, of course, because you need to be able to store that energy so that you can use it and deploy it at different times during the day.”

    Battery technology is a key component to power decentralized electrical systems, and Generac has made progress to gain exposure to the emerging segment of power generation, Jagdfeld said."


  17. 20 minutes ago, gleninjersey said:

    Depressions don't automatically recessions.  I think you need to look up how many recessions there have been versus how many depressions there have been.  Recessions may be followed by periods of slower growth but it's fool hearty to assume every recession is followed by an intense depression.

    So, we entered a Recession in February, and then all the Covid shutdowns happened. Which past Recession did you see this chart happen?


    During the last Great Recession, the highest weekly number for unemployment was 675K.

    So you feel that this slowdown is just minor and temporary, and the current number of people unemployed at 31 million will just blow over, and everyone will be back to work soon? And business will come roaring back?


  18. 3 hours ago, JackDaWack said:

    I shut the gen off at night and if we're not home. I still want to build a battery bank for my wood stove blower with an inverter. 

    A battery bank is the way to go if you have a generator. There's no need to run the genny just to keep a few lights on. I have two battery banks and inverters. I fire up the genny for a hour or two, to get the fridges cold, and I charge the batteries at the same time.

    Then, when the genny is off, we run off the batteries for lights, charging devices, running a stereo or TV, etc. Then, like every 4 - 5 hours, I'll fire up the genny again, and go through the cycle. During Sandy, we also did a load of laundry during that time and ran the furnace.

    Running the genny on this cycle, I can go almost 3 days on one tank of fuel. And, I don't have to listen to the genny racket all day long.

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  19. 6 hours ago, Krdshrk said:

     We got maybe 1" of rain, didn't even need to pump any out of the pool. Wind was worse, if we didn't get a piece of that tornado, it was really close. I saw the clouds spinning, and two neighbors across the street and one next door all had trees that were 12" in diameter, snapped in half. Two ended up in the street, and it took a bucket loader from the town, to move them out of the way. This was the worst damage in the neighborhood, so it will be interesting to see if it was actually part of that tornado.

    Been without power since about 1 PM.

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