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  1. Well, that's going to leave a mark... Approximately 30 people were taken into custody by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement at a manufacturing company in Sanford Tuesday morning. It happened at the Bear Creek Arsenal. The Lee County Sheriff's Office said it was the result of an ongoing investigation by ICE into identity theft and fraud. "He was like, 'yeah they took her and what they were doing is taking people to the breakroom, and if you didn't have valid ID, they were taking them out,'" he said. Bear Creek Arsenal said it is cooperating and added that "Homeland Security has confirmed that our Human Resource Department had complied with all laws, rules and regulations in our hiring practices." "It is unclear at this time if the local business was at fault," Sheriff Carter said in a news release. "What I want Lee County residents to know is that this was not a random operation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Lee County, this was the result of an ongoing investigation by Immigration and Customs and isolated to one location." https://abc11.com/30-people-taken-into-custody-by-ice-at-sanford-company/5122017/
  2. The number one piece of home protection I have is my video security systems. It's been proven, more that once, that video evidence is the best way to catch these knuckleheads either during or after their fun. All the other layers of deterrence and protection comes after the video systems. I read the police blotter each week to see what's going on. I get a laugh after all the "car break-ins" reported. In just about EVERY case, there was no "break-in" because the owners just left the cars unlocked. All the thief had to do is open the door.. Even in the video in the OP, the thief was caught on camera walking up to the car door, it was locked, so he just walked away. First rule of defense, LOCK YOUR DOORS!!! (on your car and house).
  3. Joking... no, just qualifying... I'd doubt a "pro" would try to break in and rob you if he knew you were home, unless he had a vendetta. A "tweaker" on the other hand, just needs a quick smash and grab, and doesn't normally use common sense, so in their case, they would be more likely to run into a armed homeowner at the wrong time. I treat ANYONE coming in uninvited as a threat. Even my kids know not to stop in unannounced or surprise me without warning. That's why it's my dog's job to be the first welcoming committee. The second welcoming committee (me) won't be as nice!
  4. But, it just could be your drunk neighbor stumbling into the wrong house at 2 AM through your locked and dead bolted doors and activated alarm system. You just can't assume that it's a bad guy in that instance, right?
  5. There also was the one in Holmdel in December, and they did take his guns.
  6. That is my primary reason for home defense. Not the pros.
  7. Just make sure you have a weapon light. That's the only way to do H.D. (so I'm told).
  8. No. Your best answer will come from either the CO inspector or the Fire inspector, depending who your town sends out. Towns determine on their own what they want, similar to how police departments decide what paperwork they want for FIDs.
  9. I wonder if he had a weapon light on that AK?
  10. Big Bird's word of the Week? So, what made him "light up" (this should be good).
  11. Actually they do, they will also chirp for a while to let you know to replace the battery. Only if you ignore that chirping for quite a while (or take the battery out, a normal occurrence), will the battery finally die.
  12. That's a great reminder for everyone. It's exactly what I've done with old extinguishers with my family. Everyone needs to experience it so if it ever happens, they'll know what to do.
  13. Come on, first, that guy must of had some sort of flammable liquid on his pants, or maybe a butane lighter in his pocket that got hit. Go watch the video. Second, if he complied with the security guards, he wouldn't have gotten Tased. See how easy that is!
  14. This is true, as most people who die in fires actually die from smoke inhalation, not the actual flames. In trying to fight the fire, you can get quickly overcome from smoke and fumes. In every body that we pulled out of a burning building, it was the smoke that got them. Also true, they need the concentrated gas to help pinpoint the source, versus having to check each appliance after the house was ventilated. Definitely true. I went through CERT training last year, and part of it was training with a fire extinguisher. Watching the class fumble around trying to put out a small fire, was scary and comical, all at the same time.
  15. It doesn't rain all the time.
  16. Actually, they do run in the rain:
  17. One week, and the real fun starts!
  18. Actually, it depends, from what I read, if you're just a gun owner, then no. But, if you have a CCW, it's allowed. Not sure if this guy was a legal CCW holder, though. http://www.osba.org/Resources/Article/Legal/Guns_in_schools_FAQ.aspx
  19. This guy comes to his daughter's middle school carrying a handgun and ammo because of an issue with his ex-wife and the transfer of his daughter. What the heck is the world coming to? These guys walk among us. USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Charles Landeros, 30, was fatally shot in the head by officer Steve Timm at the middle school of his daughter. At the time of the shooting, the leader of the Antifa militant group “Red Arm” and founder of “Community Armed Self-Defense” was at the middle school resisting arrest. Landeros was not only a leader in the Far-left militant group out of Eugene, Oregon, but he also was the chief firearms instructor for the organizations. The stated mission of the group is to, “defend the oppressed.” School officials asked Landeros to leave the property when he refused to leave the grounds the school staff called a resource officer. Officer Steve Timm responded to the call and once again requested Landeros to leave immediately or face arrest for trespassing and disorderly conduct. He still refused to leave, so Officer Timm called Officer Aaron Johns for back up. The two officers tried to get Landeros out of the school, but Landeros became combative. It was at this point where the officers informed the member of Antifa that he was under arrest. Landeros pulled out a 9mm handgun and fired two shots at the officers. Officer Johns tried to wrestle the gun away from Landeros. When the two hit the floor struggling for the firearm Officer Timm fired the fatal shot to the head of Landeros killing him instantly. https://www.ammoland.com/2019/01/antifa-member-killed-by-police-after-opening-fire-on-officers-video/#ixzz5eKUixAce Youtube bodycam video from both officers at that link.
  20. It's not a Greenday answer, just because you don't agree. I would never be in that hypothetical situation, so it's a non-starter and something I wouldn't even need to address or consider. My AR would be like my third go-to choice, with other preferred items ready first.
  21. Hope it looks like this when you get done with the customization:
  22. How about neither. I that case, I grab a handgun (or two), as it will be a close encounter, and trying to swing a rifle around corners in the house is less than ideal.
  23. In between there you can also consider a handgun caliber carbine in 9mm or .40. That can fit between the AR and the 10/22 for inside of 100 yds.
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