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  1. There you go. Facts!! I don't qualify either. Go figure, the people who DON'T qualify are actually the same people that pay the majority of the federal taxes in the country, while the people who will get a windfall in these checks, pay nothing. Isn't Socialism wonderful?
  2. But wait, I need to watch the dog when I'm at work... What are you waiting for, a break in? My perimeter is completely covered by multiple cameras.
  3. Try this: https://www.amazon.com/Bayer-Advantix-Mosquito-Prevention-XLarge/dp/B004QRJJ0K I haven't had to pull a single tick off my pup since he's been on this, and we're in the woods all the time.
  4. I had issues with cloud based cameras too, that's why my systems are hardwired and record to a DVRs in my house. I'm the only one with access to them, not a bunch of cloud technicians or LEOs, who knows where they are. Plus, I control the length and type of storage, not some cloud company technician, that can turn it off with a click of a mouse. Plus, there's been multiple reports of their systems getting hacked, and hackers watching what's going on in your house. No thanks... I'll be the technician...
  5. They've already cracked. Is their a local "chatter" page for your town on Facebook? Mine has one. Those people are beyond the help of medical intervention... it's scary... Just remember, if you don't store the video on your own hardware, you don't own it.
  6. Look at the NYC numbers: ...."Only 8% of the cases of coronavirus in New York City are from people above 75, according to the city’s health department. However, 52% of the city’s 199 total deaths were people older than 75. 95% of the deaths were people who had underlying conditions. In New York state, where there are now more confirmed coronavirus cases than in France or South Korea, nearly 54% of hospitalized coronavirus patients were between 18 and 49, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, said. Another piece of the puzzle: In the U.S., 18.5% (13.7 million) people between the ages of two and 19 are obese according to the CDC. That figure rises to 42.7% for all adults. When an obese person has difficulty breathing, their lungs won’t expand as much as a healthy person’s lungs, Poland said. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/by-far-the-worst-virus-i-have-ever-endured-olympic-gold-medalist-cameron-van-der-burgh-31-on-contracting-the-coronavirus-2020-03-24?mod=home-page
  7. beginning?? Have you been on Facebook recently?
  8. Just wait until these "insects" start showing up at your house. My PD said to just file reports online, they weren't coming...
  9. Check out that link in the WuFlu flu thread that Tex just reposted. Some really interesting data. Here it is, EVERYONE should read it, updates are on the bottom: https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/
  10. It's not isolation time for me, just another day in paradise. Nothing changed because of the shutdowns. Working the pup hard on the nice days with tracking and trailing for search and rescue, and training him for Mud Dog obstacle course races coming up. Hopefully they won't be cancelled, like everything else. Doing some upgrades and add-ons to the RV, had two upcoming trips coming up that were both cancelled (really pissed about that), and looking to schedule others. Got some new pin striping for my truck, next warm day, that's on the schedule. Doing exterior yard cleanup and getting garden ready. Wifey wants the pool opened now, I told her to do it herself... That's the toughest part, having her here ... she just loves to start projects, that I get to finish... I can't even send her to Kohls or mall to burn off some hours... they're closed... Not seeing the rugrats as much, the kids are trying to stay self-quarantined as much as possible. Those little ones are active germ machines, on a normal day.
  11. Correct... looks like all in NJ, and maybe others too. The New Jersey Campground Owners and Outdoor Lodging Association, an organization representing more than 90 private campgrounds across the state, sent a statement to all of its members Monday, recommending that they remain closed for “all vacationing and recreational activities” in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus. New Jersey Campground Owners and Outdoor Lodging Association Executive Director Joann DelVescio told NJ Advance Media that she and the association are also urging campers to follow the stay-at-home mandates issued by the governors of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey so camping season can arrive safely.
  12. Meanwhile, a dictator and King Sheriff in La County, California closes them down, while letting 1,700 felons loose into the community: ...."LOS ANGELES - In a sit-down interview with FOX 11, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva declared gun stores as nonessential businesses that will be forced to close. Sheriff Villanueva also said he’s adding 1,300 deputies to patrol, that he’s released 1,700 nonviolent inmates from county jails, and criticized how local politicians have handled the messaging behind the numerous stay-at-home orders. “This is about taking care of people, not elected officials or politicians,” Villanueva said. The Sheriff is also the Director of Emergency Operations, meaning he is the number one person in charge during a crisis like the coronavirus. All FEMA requests go through him, and all National Guard requests go through him. One clear message that Villanueva is sending, is on gun stores. “We will be closing them, they are not an essential function,” Villanueva said. “I’m a supporter of the 2nd amendment, I’m a gun owner myself, but now you have the mixture of people that are not formerly gun owners and you have a lot more people at home and anytime you introduce a firearm in a home, from what I understand from CDC studies, it increases fourfold the chance that someone is gonna get shot.” https://www.foxla.com/news/la-county-sheriff-orders-gun-stores-to-close-adds-1300-deputies-to-patrol
  13. Someone is using a prong collar.... Hey, @silverado427, every time I see your avatar, it looks like there is a broomstick stuck in the back of your pup. Can you photoshop it out? It looks painful...
  14. Exactly how I feel, and got a ton of crap for it. No one knows your house better than you. I think the guys who think they need a WL, have never actually did any drill or practice to see how they get around in the dark. The worst thing you can do is give up the tactical advantage of knowing your surroundings by advertising with a spotlight "Here I come!!!"
  15. Hey... wait a second there...you stole my dog!!!
  16. No. I absolutely agree for the majority of situations. I was just spitballin, as I expect the "tweakers", out of work, who are just trying to do a quick "grab and run" of a few dollars to feed their habit. Maybe some rubber bullets will make them think twice about stopping back, and eliminate the whole messy legal crap and clean up on "Aisle One". Just another "war game" exercise... That's why I asked the question. NJ doesn't have a clear Castle Doctrine like other free states, I was just speculating on how to turn the threat away, without having to put the family through legal jeopardy. My whole defensive plan is built around pulling the trigger as the last resort, showing that I deployed other measures first to deter the threat. Most of that is designed to help my legal defense. I have zero concerns or worries if it comes to pulling the trigger. But I'm also cognizant of how much bullshit I'll go through after that act. How screwed up up is that? Having a plan of action to help prove your innocence, instead of just defending against threat, because of how we're treated in this state.
  17. Just passing on recent information and guidelines.
  18. I agree with you, but someone around here doesn't. I believe factual political statements should be presented, if they relate to the thread, but apparently I'm a minority on that point too.
  19. Careful... political posts AREN'T allowed in the general population. A little birdie told me.....
  20. Almost missed it today. Make sure to give all your pups a special T-bone steak in celebration!
  21. I would check with those campgrounds, more and more are closing every day. I've had two trips cancelled in April. If you get stopped, just tell them you're going out for beer. Liquor stores are consider essential!
  22. That's true, but we need to go one step further, and instead of just talking contagious, we need to also include the severity of the virus. It needs to be qualified just how sick people get when they test positive. There are tons of people walking around TODAY, who actually are positive, and don't even know it. On the Diamond Princess in Japan, HALF that tested positive, were asymptomatic. That is a HUGE data point. Wait... if we do that, where will we get all our cheap China crap from? Apple iPhone 11s just don't grow on trees, ya know..
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