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  1. Who said anything about hate... Please, pull your nose out of his ass, he'll still send you your check for cheerleading for him. Not everyone drinks his koolaid, and for the ones paying attention, his actions and postings of late make him look TOTALLY unprofessional, unhinged and irresponsible. Now, those might be traits that you look for in a professional attorney, but they're not the ones that I look for. Seriously, loosen up on the tin foil. You're sounding as unhinged as he is. STOP reading his delusional, fear mongering posts, you'll be much better for it.
  2. So sad... for $5. each, you could have made them live and fight another day: http://www.magazineblocks.com/magento/products/magblock-kits/pistols/glock/glock-19-magblock-10-15-9mm.html
  3. It's truly not that difficult. If you can field strip and clean a handgun, you can change a battery. I didn't want to give up my Droid, and have changed the battery twice on it.
  4. Of course it's about the money. Wake up. How many people received that email yesterday out of all the gun owners in the state. Maybe 5% at best. There's over 90% of gun owners who are clueless to the new mag law. Those are Nappen's future customers when they get busted the next few months going to the range with their 15 rounders. Sending out an email to the people who already know what's going on isn't a big deal. You're being played...
  5. Ha Ha, assuming it's a true picture with a true address, that would be great if they were all 10 round compliant. I hope the guy gets video of the SWAT team from the NJSP kicking in his door and shooting his dog.
  6. Found over at Reddit, not sure if it's real though...
  7. Two days after a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue left 11 people dead, Gov. Phil Murphy on Monday began a new push to make New Jersey's already-strict gun-control laws even tougher. The Democratic governor said he'll work with the Democrat-controlled state Legislature to enact a second round of new gun laws just months after signing a package of six laws in June. Murphy called it "gun-safety package 2.0." https://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/10/murphy_wants_even_tighter_gun_laws_in_nj_after_pit.html
  8. The Supreme Court will NOT take a 2A case, even if they had a 7-2 majority. Think for a second, do you really think those judges want to be treated the same way Kavanaugh was treated by the Democrats, with all type of death threats and other bodily harm against themselves and their families. They'll punt every time so they don't have to be subject to the crazy antics of the Anti-2A group. Apparently you missed Murphy's statement that he will have Anti guns laws V2.0 in the near future. He ain't close to being done.
  9. Bend over and take the 5 rounders next.
  10. Do you like that phone? Why not just replace the battery for like $20.
  11. That bill is already written, and sitting in the bullpen, ready to be called. We've already saw it. They also have a bill already written that doesn't allow one evil feature, so it basically will try to eliminate most semi-auto.
  12. Awesome Please post the list of the ones he WON!
  13. What's wrong with the suit?? Easy question to answer. WE DIDN'T WIN! I'm not an attorney making $100 of thousands of dollars a year claiming I know it all. He is, but from everything I've seen, he gets crap results. Doesn't get any clearer than that. Do you normally hire tradesmen to come in and do work in your house, pay them the full amount up front, and accept that fact that they didn't provide or complete what they claimed they could? Same situation? Do you continue to send money to those same tradesmen, even though you got nothing in return all the previous times? If so, you're an .......
  14. You might get that chance... With sales falling after the implementation of corporate gun control Dick’s Sporting Goods may have to close 35 stores across 18 states. Dick’s Chief Financial Officer Lee Belitsky made clear no more of the company’s Field & Stream stores would be built and CEO Edward Stack went even further, floating the option of the closing the Field & Stream stores that exist already. Stack explained the corporate gun control Dick’s adopted in February, which precipitated the slumping sales: With sales falling, Dick’s now faces the option of closing its Field & Stream stores altogether. The Washington Free Beacon reports that Dick’s has 35 such stores across 18 states. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2018/12/11/corporate-gun-control-fail-dicks-may-close-35-stores-across-18-states/
  15. The bottom line, did we win or not. Play all the semantic, word games you want. The proof is in the results. Nappen loves to beat his chest and make everyone believe he's the best thing since sliced bread in the legal gun law business. Guess what, without PROOF, it's nothing but hyperbole and words. When I "play", I play to win. PERIOD. BTW, got that list of Nappen "Wins" yet. I really want to read them.