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  1. The price of an iPad is the same as a complete laptop. Why would he limit himself to a tablet? I would suggest looking at Bestbuy. Check out the HP laptops. Since you have limited knowledge of computers, if you have an issue or technical problem, their Geek dudes will be able to easily help you out.
  2. I'd suggest a 10/22 with a Archangel kit. They make a few different cool versions for the 10/22. https://www.archangelmanufacturing.com/your-rifle-
  3. Not a bad suggestion, but he needs to determine how much typing he actually does. Typing on a tablet sucks unless you use a bluetooth, separate keyboard. There are laptops available today that also have swipe screens like tablets, so he can get the best of both worlds with one of them.
  4. You can't base it on that. Everyone uses a computer differently, so trying to determine "longevity" based on two different users, is like comparing apples to bullets.
  5. For what you need it to do, don't spend the extra money on a Mac. It's not worth the cost. For half of what you're looking to spend, you can get a nice PC with more storage then you'll ever use. Definitely get a laptop, not a desktop, then you can move it all over the house and use it when sitting on the couch. I can't tell you the number of people who got "scammed" into buying a MAC based on what other people told them, only to be pissed off later on. Beware of Apple Fan Boys.
  6. Has anyone used their new outdoor range yet? I heard it was finally open. Supposedly, it was only going to be long guns, but I don't know if that's true. Wondering if they operate similar to Range 14 with cease fires and target set-ups. Anyone got any details?
  7. Where's the APP reporter, Katie Park, to weigh in on this issue? Anyone see her story she was researching from a week ago?
  8. Saw this from Lacey Township Chatter on F.B. It's from one of the kids involved.
  9. I have the same issue, she's held one, but has zero interest to go to the range. She says I can enjoy my hobby without her being involved. When she see the UPS guys coming up the driveway, looking like he's getting a hernia, she just shakes her head and walks away. But, I bought her a present, her own crossbow, you would think she'd be appreciative.... she just says she thinks I need my head examined...
  10. That's the sad part about suffering from ALS. You stay 100% congnitive, but watch your body just waste away.
  11. "wears out"?? Just how many firearms are you buying?
  12. I agree with the above, unless you're just going to sit on the ship and get sh*t faced drunk every day and don't want to see any islands or other sights, spend a few extra dollars and go out of Florida. You'll go to more islands and won't spend days "cruising at sea".
  13. Where do I mail my check? But, there needs to be live entertainment too!
  14. He's been asked numerous times, seems to be the best kept secret.
  15. Four months is a long time for a FID, did you get any pistol permits at that time? Which town was this? It would help us and others here might also have input on how that PD operates with their approvals.