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  1. Only AFTER Dec. 10th, here is why: That was the purpose of the "grace period", so people can make what ever arrangements they want during the 180 days. After Dec. 10, 11+ becomes "hi cap" mags.
  2. @AVB-AMG, what happened, did someone hack your account?? Your starting to sound like a Republican, as everyone knows, Democrats don't believe in Personal Responsibility, and believe the government will take care of them and provide for them. So, who hacked your account? You're not sounding your "usually", you're sounding "logical".
  3. You said EXISTING law for hi cap, that would be for 16+ mags, and no transportation for them, which is what it has been for years. and allowed transport them until Dec. 10 with the NEW law, because they are NOT hi cap mags at 16+ and grandfathered to the 10th. AFTER the 10th, then we lose the ability to legally transport the 11+.
  4. That's what I thought, a good "what if" read to make you start thinking of all the possibilities and to make sure you have them covered.
  5. What's the interpretation of all the other 2A lawyers? One lone opinion isn't enough.
  6. you missed.... counting.... number of shots before reloading.
  7. Yeah, but I wanted the guts to be a bulletproof Ruger 10/22. That's the important part. Does the window curtains really matter in that case? I did that too, lots of it. Like I said, it wasn't about the money, that wasn't a consideration, there's lots of that too.
  8. So, what will the guys here, who neutered or replaced their 15s with 10s say, when they go to the range a year or so from now and still see other people show up with 15s and never get questioned?
  9. Me too, they didn't seem to go after people when the 15 round law was passed. I think it will be just like Colorado, where it won't be enforced except in special situations. https://www.ammoland.com/2015/05/colorado-gun-magazine-ban-goes-unenforced/ There will be THOUSANDS of people going to the range with 15s after December 10th, and won't know the law. Actually, that might be a little more accurate. I really believe very few people (besides the members here) even know of the law, including LEOs, as LtCap mentioned above.
  10. Gotta be good Boy Scouts and "Be Prepared".
  11. Because it was a play project during the Winter, it gave me something to do. I don't give a crap about the money, that's never an issue.
  12. Tons... thousands... and they will all be going to the range with their 15 rounders next year, still clueless... So, what will the LEOs do, bring in a corrections office bus and take people out of the range by the busload because they're possessing 15 rounders come January and are felons?
  13. Why would it be hard to pull off? The Antifa crew and Soros crew can rally their base and get them on buses to protest in a few hours notice through social media. Would we need to pay our protestors too? I was trying to find an accurate number of how many gun owners are in the state. It's a tough number to find. A few sources said 11%. So, if there's 8 million in the state, does that make 800,000 gun owners? It's also been said that 3% involvement can make a difference (remember the American Revolution). So 3% of 800,000 would be 24,000. If only 1% showed up and 99% stayed home and sat on their asses, that would be 8,000. 8,000 marching on Trenton, waving 15 rounds mags, would make a statement, wouldn't it? The 2A groups can't muster together 1% of gun owners in the state? That's really sad....