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  1. I've got a boat load of Shimano reels, both in freshwater and salt water versions. Never had a single issue with any of them. Based on the abuse they've taken, they're pretty much indestructible! Oh, and I've caught tons of fish with them too.
  2. Just looking at those two bottom photos just calls to me to run out and pet them,. such gentle, family dogs.
  3. From the first paragraph of that article: ...."Anti-gun officials need to start factoring the cost of the inevitable lawsuits into their consideration of new gun laws. The idea is that before long, gun laws will stop being proposed to any significant degree due to the cost of not just implementing the law, but the inevitable legal challenge." The problem with that line of polyanna thinking is that the States have really deep pockets and a lots of lawyers on the payroll. They could care less who sues them, and they know it's only a matter of time before they can deplete the funds of any organization trying to push these lawsuits and challenges. This is why I believe none of these laws ever get overturned. There isn't an organization that can get it to the finally inning, they run out of money and resources...
  4. and that was just the pit crews... I remember being at Dover one year and there was a dude sitting next to me that passed out even before the green flagged waved. I said to myself "why even come to the race??".
  5. Nah.... it's more like opinions are like assholes, everyone has one... but which one is the CORRECT one? It's regarding "possession" versus "transport".. There's that "opinion" thing... So, his "opinion" claims "transport" is illegal now.. Seems to be the plan all along.
  6. Why was that, because of the lack of teeth by the fans?
  7. Is that for sure? There's been a lot of debate on different threads (there's been a few) here regarding "transport" of those mags to the range, and only possession at home is now legal until Dec. It's been circled around and around. Has it been 100% verified that using them at the range until Dec. is legal?
  8. Actually, I've always felt that it was a very impressive sight to see all the teams and officials lined up on pit road for opening ceremonies and the National Anthem. What other sport do you see that large of group?
  9. Team members have been told they would be immediately sent home and suspended by some owners if they kneel.
  10. Also notice, no one was kneeling on pit road during the National Anthem, like with another sport left un-named.
  11. Yes, they all have a prayer before the national anthem, but sometimes the TV network doesn't show it.
  12. You make that sound like it's a bad thing.
  13. I was thinking the same thing, there's a slim chance an injunction could be had or even get the law reversed. At that point, they'll be a whole bunch of guys with epoxied base plates on their 10/15 mags, and they'll have to go out and buy new 15 round mags.. wouldn't that suck?
  14. So, YOU like losing your constitutional rights, and instantly becoming a felon, instead?
  15. Like what someone else posted, you mail them on day 180 to your least favorite Dem politician's home, so when he opens the box on day 181 or 182, he becomes an instant felon. Make sure to take a picture of him bringing the package into the house, then call the local LEO's and news media to rat him out.