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  1. Actually there is, no one gets off the planet alive. Eventually we all end up looking at the brown side of the grass.
  2. Exactly... I do it at the change of the seasons, every 3 months. Helps keep the tires rounder.
  3. Remember how well that worked out for the white dude in Florida?
  4. Why can't you just do this instead:
  5. The point is, you'll be charged something on top of the tire cost, but if you have a warranty tire issue, who takes responsibility? I'd rather not have to fight the "He said - She said" of finger pointing on a tire issue. I put Goodyears on my wife's SUV a few years ago, and they have no issues and she hasn't screwed them up, so I'm considering those for my truck. She's pretty brutal on vehicles.
  6. Actually, since this thread came up and I'm shopping for tires, I went back and checked Tire Rack to see what they had. Comparing the same tires from them versus the local tire guys, tire rack was $6 less on each tire cost. Plus, on top of that there is the standard mounting, balancing, etc. which you pay no matter what. So, for $6 more per tire, I'd rather buy from the local tire guy who will do everything. This way I have someone to go back to in case of a tire issue. Plus, I like to support the local businesses when ever possible.
  7. I agree with this. I'm looking for new tires for the fronts on my truck. They came with Michelins as OEM from Honda. They are 5-1/2 years old, and are totally dry rotted and cracked on the sidewalls. The rears still have a lot of tread on them, so I could push them longer, but it's the dry rot that concerns me. I did some research and it's true, Michelin definitely has an issue with early dry rot. I liked the way these tires drove and handled, but I'm not going back to them. I don't drive as much as I use to, so these replacements will probably be on the truck for many years. Having to deal with dry rot in another handful of years isn't in the game plan, and these aren't cheap tires. I'm also pissed that I have to replace the rears, even though the tread is fine, due to dry rot and safety concerns. So the Cap is correct, Michelin ain't the cat's meow.
  8. I have a LC9S, and I've tried just dropping into a cargo pocket on my pants. That seems to work OK, but since I'm in the Communist state of NJ, I haven't tried walking around town with it in that pocket. Would that be an option for you?
  9. That's NOT their chests they're thumping. It's something else...
  10. Or, get the Elon Musk/Tesla version: https://www.boringcompany.com/not-a-flamethrower/
  11. It wasn't my attachment, I was just asking questions about it, which was posted by someone else. Lighten up Francis.
  12. Well, we definitely are a minority in this area. But, I personally don't mind being called a "mutant"... it's a lot better than being called a "sheep"... It's NEVER been a goal of mine to be part of the herd. Mutants . or Group of uncool or different people. I've used that multiple times when someone pointed out how dangerous guns were, did you know how many people have "assault knife blocks" sitting on their kitchen counters? I agree... but there are a whole bunch of deaf ears it's falling on.
  13. That's interesting, and it doesn't appear to me that they separate long guns from handguns, but call everything firearms. What's posted in that document doesn't make it sound like you can just travel around the state with a long gun and ammo in your trunk 24/7. It appears to say only to ranges, hunting or shooting related events. I'd like the guys with more legal experience to chime in. Actually, the second point in that document stipulates where you can transport. One item missing in it, if you own two houses in NJ, transporting between them isn't listed as an exception, so if you were stopped, you could be nailed for illegal transport.
  14. I can remember years ago going to Dick's and buying a few bricks of 525 (I think it was 3 boxes) on sale, and when I got to the register to pay, the kid working asked me "so where is the revolution?". And this was from a kid working at a sporting goods store. There's lots of ignorance and false narratives floating around. I think the reality is, only us "gun nuts" think in "cases". My brother-in-law has had a handgun for decades, but hardly ever shoots it, and when the discussion came up about ammo, he said "I have a bunch"... So when I asked him to clarify "bunch", he said he had 3 boxes (150 rounds). So maybe, we truly are the mutants in the state????
  15. Such a good Boy Scout!