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  1. Lakota

    Dna genealogy kits

    ok I see your point.
  2. Lakota

    Dna genealogy kits

    The NSA has hacks and backdoors into just about everything hardware and software alike.
  3. Lakota

    Dna genealogy kits

    Anyone who has ever had blood work go through any lab has their dna in a DB. Its just whether or not somewhere along the line you gave permission at which point the "regular folks" and more local authorities can put a name to the DNA. But big brother has all that info behind the curtains anyway. im not saying its legal .. but anyone who thinks the government doesn't collect info like this and other data behind the scenes to be data mined is fooling themselves.
  4. Lakota

    Daily humor thread

    Oh Boy .. Murphy, Grewal and the rest of their cronies are sure to get their panties in a twist over this lol It will anarchy in the streets! http://963theblaze.com/diy-micro-hunting-rifle/
  5. Well yea I get that ... but let's not forget "their law" is unconstitutional crap to begin with. The whole shall not be infringed thing... 6 weeks or 30 days... im feeling pretty f*king infringed on.
  6. Shit i will take 6 weeks. if that was consistent. The best ive had is 6 weeks, my last batch of permits was just under 90 days. Always comes down to the mental health check and how slow the state is with that
  7. That will only work until they start charging NY state sales tax. That i will come as well. Every state is adopting or using this SCOTUS ruling to make it a state law on their own time. Just get use to the fact that you will now be paying sales tax on everything regardless of how you buy it. Food and clothes in NJ as the only exception right now, but im guessing by the time Murphy is out of office he will have changed that as well.
  8. "These fees are still collected by Records personnel at Police Headquarters. Until such time that an online means of payment can be received by the town, this step must is required and must take place before we can move forward and begin to process any firearms related applications. We apologize for the inconvenience." At the speed that some towns adopt new technology im guessing this step will take another 10 years lol I hope this is a at least makes it quicker.. that is until this archaic and unconstitutional process can be removed altogether.
  9. Lakota

    Whats the story behind this? Henry Rifle Kaboom

    regardless of the reason .. I still can't get past how something like this happens and the gun gets put away with it being being noticed. Seems to stick out like a sore thumb to me.
  10. Lakota

    Whats the story behind this? Henry Rifle Kaboom

    My money would be on a squib. Just because its factory ammo doesn't mean it doesn't/cant't happen.
  11. Be Careful with comments like that, you may be mistaken for a democratic socialist lol
  12. 3 blocks away lol? I had to walk that just to get to the bus stop. Elementary school was 1 mile away, middle school was 6 miles away and high school was 4 miles away. Either way ... we had it easier than our parents.. and the kids today have it even easier than we did. My father still drops the old fun line that when he was a kid he had to walk 4 miles to school in the snow up hill both directions lol
  13. Somewhere along the way everyone became pansy asses. I grew up here in North Jersey... I remember standing waiting for the school bus, while it was snowing, in my snow boots standing in 4-6 inches of snow and still went to school. now we get the potential for a inch of snow and school is called off. I just dont get it.
  14. All NJ cares about is getting their share of the $$.

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