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  1. Lakota

    HI from Kearny

    Wow they messed up there. I can see losing a day or two on the whole process depending on how quickly they contact you and you pick them up vs when they get dated and printed... but May? wtf?
  2. I'm assuming his "manifold thing" is a patch panel. You will need a tester like one linked above and a couple of good known working RJ45 patch cables to use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab3dMA0ksfk For those that don't know... This is a patch panel... they come in various sizes and styles: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0020/4433/0057/articles/What_is_a_Patch_Panel_and_What_Is_Its_Purpose_300x300.jpg?v=1554980655 This is a network switch:, again various sizes, and styles: https://static.bhphoto.com/images/images500x500/cisco_sg112_24_na_sg112_24_110_series_24_port_1450349494_1204486.jpg This is a punch down tool: https://images.homedepot-static.com/productImages/6c2dbfb9-1bfe-4b13-8075-d2e0e19f216c/svn/ideal-network-tools-cable-testers-35-485-64_1000.jpg And wires get punched into the back of the patch panel, and any network jack using the punch tool: https://www.handymanhowto.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Cat6-Ethernet-Jack-Punchdown-Wiring.jpg There is a specific color code as to where each wire should be punched in .. so if it comes to that make sure to do a little research to know what goes where. Its not hard at all.
  3. Lakota

    HI from Kearny

    Looks like he hasn't been on since the middle of September. Maybe he got them and has been too busy at the range I just submitted for more permits using the FARS system. It will be interesting to see if I run into the same sort of slow down that he did with processing in this town.
  4. I think the biggest problem with all of this debate is the data being used is flawed.. or at least biased to how certain groups want to perceive it. the BS of mass shootings defined as 3 or more fatalities... or this data set over here is defined as 4 or more not including the shooter... blah blah. BS If the study doesn't include non fatalities, only considers public spaces... and doesn't include drug or gang related violence, which none of them seem to do.... then the data is tainted when being used to talk about shootings and gun violence in America. Take away private property shootings, where most gang related and drug shootings occur, take away gang drive-by and turf wars and only counting the ones with higher fatalities, or fatalities at all, paints a completely different picture. Include it all and your "Since 1982, 54% of mass shootings, (in which 3 or more fatalities were reported), were committed by white men" data point would go up in smoke, big time. It would probably be closer to 95% of all shooters are black if you considered all of the data points. Even the Stanford definition, which I think does a better job than mother jones, includes shootings even if they are non necessarily fatal, yet they still exclude anything gang, drug or organized crime related shootings. "The definition of mass shooting used for the Stanford database is 3 or more shooting victims (not necessarily fatalities), not including the shooter. The shooting must not be identifiably gang, drug, or organized crime related." Why do they do this ... because most folks are desensitized to black drug/gang related violence, especially when the info or data comes from places like Chicago. It doesn't help their narrative so therefore is not included. Throw in non-fatal, drug/gang related firearm shootings/statistics... and the % for scary black "assault rifles" being used in shootings, wouldn't even be enough to register on the pie charts. But that wouldn't help the so called "assault weapon" case now would it. Every time I see a newscast or read an article that starts talking about mass shooting statistics from one source or another it makes me want to vomit, because I know whats to follow is going to be a load of horse shit.
  5. Guess it depends on which municipality is handling your process. Some towns seem to add additional paperwork or process into it even though its technically illegal to do so. In my town, once everything comes back to the local PD from the state as OK ..I was told they then do a quick local background check. Then they issue the permits/FID etc.
  6. @10X The one i was on is called The Yankee Lady. https://yankeeairmuseum.org/fly/
  7. Dam that is tragic. Prayers for your friend of a friend. Those planes are awesome though. Back on fathers day 2013 my son and I took a flight on a B17 out of Teterboro around NYC. Was the smoothest airplane I have still ever been on in my life and by far one of the best experiences in my life.
  8. stands for "Bump To Top"... By posting that it brings the forum topic back to life so to speak .. makes it show up as some new content so it gains focus again.
  9. Lol . yea i know. your getting me back for busting your balls at the last meetup i get it lol
  10. fyi going to cancel going to clinton tomorrow. All of a sudden im running a fever and feel like garbage so i going to assume i will not feel up to it in the morning and will have to wait until next weekend to go. @NJSigfan
  11. Hey im always open for others showing up. Didn't want to try to go all official all last minute, but i plan to be at Clinton around 9 if anyone wants to come. Like always bring whatever party favors you may have. I will have my thrower ,sans a wobbler at this time unfortunately, i have a license etc... Now lets just hope its put together all good and I dont need to do any in field adjustments lol
  12. I figure I will shoot to be there about 9am lol yea...i still need to get the wobbler attachment,. Then I can be a badass like you lol
  13. I was actually thinking about going down to Clinton on Sunday to bust some clays. Just picked up a wheeleybird 2.0 and put it together last night. Need to go play with the new toy
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