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  1. @AVB-AMG That's cool .. we get it .. i was just pointing out that we wanna see pics Looking forward to see it completed.
  2. @AVB-AMG Pics or it didn't happen.
  3. good luck to those who do try and quit. I did it about 2 years ago, so glad I finally did it. Its rough in the beginning, not going to lie .. but fight through the pain... it doesn't take long to start reaping the benefits of not smoking. Just think of all of the extra coin you will have for ammo and pew pew accessories
  4. Luckygunner or targetsportsusa are my go to places
  5. For me it was Oct 23rd and then Dec 6th between those two emails... so more than a few days. All depends on the county and municipality.
  6. Your still waiting on an email that says "Status Update: Approved." And then after that you need to hear from your PD that they are ready to be picked up.
  7. Got to eat the yellow snow though. The white snow just has no taste.
  8. combination weather and still in the middle of laying carpet down in the house. im out.
  9. I know what your going through .. .Went through it myself back in the day. I didnt like waiting either.. and yea without the FID or another person you cant rent. Not sure about all ranges but I know for a fact that with RTSP the second person does not need to be an adult. I brought by son with me a few times prior to having my own stuff. not sure if you have kids of decent age or not (I think at least 8 if not then 10 ).. but they would qualify as your second person.
  10. Soon as a read "Ammunition clips" the whole poll became invalid and fake news lol
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