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  1. Obama looked at Michelle, chuckled and said, “You know I throw a $1,000 bill out the window right now and make somebody very happy.” Michelle shrugged her shoulders and replied, “I could throw ten $100 bills out the window and make ten people very happy”. Hearing their exchange, the pilot of the plane said to his co-pilot, “Such big-shots back there. I could throw both of them out of the window and make 256 million people very happy!”
  2. The friendly visit from local leo yea that would be a bit surprising yes.. chilling no... it would backfire on them severely. The negativity of how that would look would have a greater impact to our views than theirs. and as far as ranges... when your at a range ... your surrounded by leo's already .. customers, RO's etc .. you just dont know it because there not wearing their uniforms.
  3. Very nicely written!
  4. ahh .. yea to make things easier you should wait and get your driver's license first (and of course turn 18) so you have something with your address on it. And not being 21 you can skip the handgun permits part, since you wouldnt be old enough. As far as applying once and getting denied.... im not aware of anything that would keep you from applying again, assuming the denial is not for something serious that would be flat out disqualifying such as a felony record, mental health issues etc. But if you dont have what's needed to submit everything, ie; proof of residency etc, you wouldnt even get that far as the police department wouldnt submit it without it so it wouldnt be a denial just simply them saying you dont have everything you need. It's been a long time since I went and got my initial drivers license and I know since that we now have this 6 point system for getting renewed and such .. and when i do so I have my DL, Passport and yes I need something else like a bill for another point or two. I'm not sure what younger folks just getting their DL's today need to prove residency? Parental unit with a birth certificate in hand? I have no idea Anyone know?
  5. I was thinking the donut shop .. but sure we can go with Walmart
  6. The lazy ass girl scouts won't even go door to door to sell their cookies anymore... the cops certainly are not going to do it either
  7. I get him trying to rally the base of gun owners here in NJ .. I applaud him for that ... although at times he does seem more interested in the $$ to be earned... however in some of his latest posts .. he is choosing the wrong words to use. Rallying people is all well and good with the facts and stuff.. but this fear mongering crap has got to go.
  8. No .. here he has no control ... on Facebook he can surround himself with his groupies. If anyone lashes out they get removed from his friends list and he can then ban them where they cant even comment on his posts anymore.
  9. yes its fear mongering .. and yes with his tactics Nappen seems like a douche. And if he has truly been fighting these archaic NJ gun laws for 30 years and this is where we are at today .. he sucks at his job.
  10. total time it takes will be a while .. depending on the town. But it seems each county has 1 person processing the mental health checks for the state and hudson county has a lot of population so that is usually the hold up. I would call the police station to verify not only their specific requirements but also to set an appt to drop off the initial paperwork. Most PD's only do it on specific days or within specific time frames of the day and most seem to require an appt. You also want to fill out the forms with a computer, dont fill them in by hand.. most won't accept that. On both forms for the signing and dating .. do not sign or date either of them... you will do that while in the police station. Not sure if all towns are the same. but my town wants 2 copies of the STS-33 form and a single copy of the SP-66 form. You will drop those off, show ID, pay the permit fees and they will give you a form that has some info on it for the fingerprints. go online, with identogo, set your first available appt at your preferred location and go get them done.Those cost i think $68. You also need your two references... different towns handles this differently .. my town gives me a form for each reference to fill out and it's up to me to go get them to fill it out and return it. Once those are returned, the wait begins. There is a thread on the forums here that folks from different towns have posted their wait times and experience. Mine was 84 days.. which seemed like an eternity. Even though all of this is supposed to be done in 30 days .. seems the average for most towns is 3 to 4 months for the initial FPID. Some smaller more rural areas seem to move quicker. it also helps if your PD/Police Chief is not anti gun... because sometimes the chief then sits on the permits for a while longer before signing them just in spite it seems. A little tip .. if you plan on getting any handgun permits, assuming your old enough ... mark that off and get at least 1 WITH your FPID. There is a similar crazy process for handgun permits.. while not as bad as the initial... still sucks... so its wise to check that off and pay for at least one of those WITH the initial FPID. Good luck ... and on the subject of Taylor ham .. never had it? Thats bad parenting, your parents should be ashamed ... go to the nearest diner and get a Taylor ham and cheese.. and if you like eggs get a taylor ham, egg and cheese.
  11. lol true .. Hudson county is no paradise
  12. no i still am .. that was a play on words i guess.. what would i be considered .. a hudsonite ?
  13. Welcome
  14. Im a maybe.... i would love to .. but it will be the last push to get the house ready for xmas and I will have family staying with me as well. So .. I want to but I have to be a maybe at this time.