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  1. Does any one know why we dont just have a Federal CCW permit that requires a federal background check and dare I say training? Is there some law against this and thats why no gun friendly congressman has ever tried to do this? Right to bear arms is a constitutional level right ..its federal...so why is this even left to the states to bicker over at all? Maybe this has already been discussed at some point , id be surprised if it hasn't been ... but i honestly dont know .. never thought about it before .. always focused on the individual states and what they do in each state. never thought about it on a federal level. H.R. 38 would be great .. but as it currently sits that would always just give the liberal states the ability to whine and bitch about certain states requirements or lack thereof. They should just handle it at the federal level like passports and call it a day.
  2. It absolutely is .. but every Anti-gunner out there is already a special kind of stupid. I'll just call that as a blanket statement as I dont have the stamina to call each one out individually lol .. way too many of them. And if you read the rest of my statements in this topic then you'll know I dont even think menendez has "questionable" integrity... thats giving him too much credit.. i think he should already be in jail .. period. If it was a legitimate case for arrest...rather than just a PR stunt tactic that would be great to continue to hammer them on. But as i've said prior, as much as i'd love it for it to be so , even if just a technicality of a law infraction ... the Menendez stunt (and yes that's what his was as well) was done at the police academy... a police training facility which would be exempt. No weapons were transfered, sold , purchased, nada. hell you cant even say with 100% certainty that the piece of equipment he physically held up was even real or operable. So to run around like the town cryer yelling breaking news Menendez broke the law make it look like Lonegan doesn't even know the laws himself. We already have the other side as idiots that dont know their own existing laws. Our side should as least be smart about it down to the letter of the law. My opinion is it didnt help our cause except look silly.
  3. I was "in attack mode pretty quickly" ? I merely posted my opinion of the guy based on this action. I thought it was a stupid notion and a stunt based on the facts easily seen, his congress website is gleaming with "breaking news" as if its a big deal... to me its stupid and even looks stupid stunt. I consider myself an educated voter and would never take something like that as gospel or true without digging into deeper regardless of what side it comes from and the more I looked into it the dumber he looked by doing it. Again my opinion... you dont have to agree with me .. that's perfectly fine, thats one of the things that makes this country what it is .. everyone can have their own opinion. Heck it's my opinion that our dear president is an idiot at times buy both the things he says and the things he does sometimes. I still voted for him, waiting for him to continue his path to making america great again. Right now I just think he is his own worst enemy. Back to the subject on hand...PR stunts, twisting of the truth or taking ones comments out of context to make them fit your narrative is what I think is wrong with politics in general. I know both sides do it... does not make it right .. and it makes my stomach turn no matter who does it. Seems like nobody can just have an honest debate back in forth anymore on the facts an issues and do it reasonably. Its all mud slinging .. he said she said, twist this twist that. Makes me a disenfranchised voter is what it does. Now dont take any of this above as if i agree with what Buffalo Bob says in his own video which started this whole thing... as far as im concerned he can suck and egg and should already be in jail for his corruption.
  4. yea i wouldnt be able to stand there in front of them with saying some nasty stuff. Thank you Anthony
  5. Since there was a lot of talk here about moving out of jersey .. myself included... then I just came across this .. I had to laugh that Texas is trying to poach us jersey folks lol. http://www.nj.com/opinion/index.ssf/2018/04/hey_jersey_dont_move_to_fla_to_avoid_high_taxes_co.html
  6. I apologize .. I shouldnt have taken your response that way and responded the way I did. After I replied I re-read what you wrote and looked at it from a different perspective. Sometimes text can be construed more than one way. But I get ya .. I wish we could invoke the change we all know we want here in NJ .. taxes .. gun laws... etc .. I dont see how it can be done given the numbers we are against.
  7. I would love nothing more than to be able to do that... like in the case of that Democrat in Virginia who made the video cutting up an Ar-15 making it a SBR. That was legitimately a technical fracture of the law. But this Menendez event was at a police training facility. Taking the law and making it a non existing issue. And if the rolls were revered we would be saying the Dems were pulling a cheap stunt. I want to be able to criticize the other side when they try to do stupid crap like this, so I cant look the other way when its my side doing it.
  8. im not saying im agreeing with the gun laws we have .. im not .. they are a load of crap. His video and his website make it out like this is some sort of breaking news when its nothing more that an attempt to grab a headline.
  9. If this was out in the middle of some city street ... ok yea then maybe, just maybe .. there could be a case for a "technicality". But this was at the essex county police academy. A training facility with instructors... there by making it legal via 2C:58-3.2 if you want to get all technical... So .. I stand on my original statement that its a cheap stunt to try and grab a headline.
  10. explain how its not a cheap stunt? Did Bob drive to the event with the rifle in his car and then pull out from under his trench coat in the public square? Or was it transported there by the police offer standing next to him and laid out on the table for Bob to be able to pick it up and show to whoever is watching whatever he is talking about.
  11. For a technicality such as the wording on the statute .. yea. By these standards I guess I should just drop my wife and son off at the county jail so they can begin their sentence since at one point in time with me standing there, they held one of my guns and neither of them have a FPID.
  12. So that's where our standards land today? As long as they are for the 2A, they get a pass on cheap stunts? I expect better from my state representatives. Look, on election day if its this guy vs Menendez I would vote for this guy all day long. Doesnt mean I still wouldnt think he's stupid for trying to pull a cheap stunt.
  13. Didn't realize if I didnt address your response word for word you would be offended. That seems to be the problem in today's day and age everyone gets offended too easily. Ok Yes I know im not the only one "feeling that". You ok now that I addressed your question mark?
  14. lol this guy is a special kind of stupid I guess. This guy that hard up for Menendez's seat that he tries this? Not that I like Menendez, but this guy is an idiot.