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  1. Not a lurker anymore!.. very nice, welcome to the forum Steve. It was nice to meet you last week. Your Atlas clay thrower was awesome and I appreciate you letting me shoot a round with it. I handled the wobbler on the whirlybird without issue but that extra axis on the Atlas was a whole new level.
  2. Yea it was fun i had a blast. looking forward to the next one.
  3. were those shotgun hulls you were popping off on top of the box?
  4. I have my ez-up in the back of my truck ..just in case we want to use it as well.
  5. 0o0o good point... @Krdshrk if it is Friday .. then i'm out. If it is Sat and its the 27th and the 26th was just a typo then i'm in. You don't want anyone seeing that she can dust clays better than you?
  6. 0o0o0o Ive been itching to dust some clays. I would like to say im going to go to this .. just need to clear it with da boss.
  7. Let us know how you make out .. and what you wind up getting
  8. I still like mine .. although im guilty of not using it as much as i should. Mine has held up fine and I dont regret the purchase at all. I would still recommend one if someone was interested in training with some feedback. i think it gives valuable info back to the shooter.
  9. Luciano's Guns and Ammo in Lodi has good prices as well. Its in bergen county though. The trip may be worth it depending on pricing. Lok em up on facebook. I like dealers who are not afraid to post their prices online. beat me by a few seconds lol
  10. The prequel they are working on will be timelined thousands of years before the iron throne was even forged. About the only familiar thing you will see is the children of the forest, dragons and maybe an early targaryen race
  11. This whole post screams like it needs a meme about real men drink coffee blah blah ... i just dont have the time lol
  12. I have a taurus model 66 wheel gun which is 357/38 and it operates just fine. Never have had any issues with it. or any reason to suspect any QC issues. Shoots and feels just as solid as some S/W 686's i've held and fired.
  13. Steel case is fine at Cherry ridge, you need to pick up your own casings. Steel core can also be used. Tracer, incendiary, or armor piercing ammunition are NOT allowed... and 50 Cal BMG has limitations on when it can be used and on which range and subject to not being allowed during very dry conditions.
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