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  1. ha .. sold out already
  2. I carry my g19 in my alien gear when im out of state
  3. I'm worried about the midterms first before any of us can rejoice. Having BK on the SC is a good step in the right direction, but if the Dem's gain any kind of power back next month in the house or senate we're screwed, I guessing it will be nothing but 2 years of nothing getting done and the dems doing nothing but working towards impeaching BK and Trump all leading into the 2020 elections. Im hoping this bullshit with BK's confirmation enraged enough to wake up the red dragon for the midterms.
  4. Also have County Line Firearms in East Hanover on RT 10... which is not that far from there either. Smaller shop but probably still worth a look.
  5. No .. save it for when you need to fix your internet connection
  6. Already have my ticket
  7. I wear a fitbit. plenty for me.
  8. yea for me personally it's between the investment on the apple side, in apps and such since i've been using them since inception as well as the fact that android is just horrible. I know some people do like it but it's just not for me. I use both PC's and Mac's at home, I have iPhones, IPads and even a few android tablets in the house. At work I have to support both platforms and if i was to run a report on help desk tickets related to both platforms, i would have a dozen or so for the apple products and thousands for the android platform, so I know its not just me that has issues with android lol
  9. Your correct, my mistake... its Lenovo now. Even worse by percentage: https://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/totals.php?id=D000027194&cycle=2018 However I dont fault anyone at this level .. the point is unless someone here is living like the swiss family robinson, everyone here can look around their home and find something that is made by someone who has donated to democrats or democratic causes .Kinda hard to avoid these days. Personal I use iPhones (and other iOS devices). Superior products in my opinion. Im not a phone jumper for the latest and greatest shiny whistle or slightly bigger screen..., i have been using iphones since inception, i am well invested in apps on that platform, i think the android OS is a piece of crap.. and while the phone may be made outside this country, like just about every other dam piece of electronics these days, i take a little sliver of solace, however small, knowing that at least the company is an american company. I like your conviction to the thought process of it though.
  10. Better ditch your moto z then while your at it. https://www.opensecrets.org/pacs/lookup2.php?strID=C00075341&cycle=2010
  11. Welcome
  12. Just get them from https://www.codeisfreespeech.com/
  13. targetsportsusa is great .. i use them all the time. Good prices. I also have their "Ammo Prime" membership. Even cheaper prices, and free shipping on everything, even if I only buy a single 50 round box of ammo. Orders wont ship overnight, usually takes a extra day to leave the warehouse. i typically get my ammo about 4 days after I order it, depending on the day I order it. As long as gov dipshit doesn't kill our ability to internet order ammo, I will continue to use them