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  1. will also cover an accidental/unintended discharge as well. No brainer in my book.
  2. You shouldnt man handle the CPU period if your hands are dirty or oily. However its really a moot point as most thermal paste these days is sold in little injector tubes so in reality you would have zero reason to use your finger. In fact you dont even need to spread it around with a razor blade or a credit card. Your BB to pea sized blob of thermal paste should be smack in the middle of the CPU and then evenly press straight down on the heatsink and the blob will spread out on its own. Just dont lift the heatsink up off it again and do that over and over again. You really do not want any air bubbles in the paste.
  3. yea they get hot very quickly, especialy with a heat sink not in the right position. There is a chance that the CPU is still ok. The way you described the booting earlier sounds like it maybe and just hitting its internal thermal sensor and shutting down. All depends on if the cpu/mobo was designed to shutdown during a thermal event in order to save the CPU. But you need to get the heatsink cleaned off, the CPU cleaned off and get a new tube of thermal paste and apply it as directed. And then of course the heatsink needs to be reconnected to properly secured over the CPU. Then cross your fingers and power up Good luck
  4. To me it sounds like it's either the CPU itself because its now bad, or your dealing with a thermal shutdown (ie CPU too hot) since it sounds like it happens at different times. The thermal paste that goes between the CPU and heat sink can and will dry up and become useless/less effective after a while. This sounds like it could be approaching that age where this could be an issue. Now it could have also already over heated the CPU to a point where its bad and would need to be replaced, but I would suggest at least getting a $6 tube of thermal paste, taking the heat sync off the cpu and cleaning up the old paste on both the CPU and heat sink and putting new stuff on it following the directions. I have seen in the past a bad component also cause an issue after post. This is a fairly simple test as well. Just take note exactly how and where everything is connected and disconnect everything, ram, drives, dvd, etc even the mouse and keyboard. Start it up and take notes on where it gets to, what it does and what, if any messages is gives you. Then start adding stuff back one at a time, powering it up fresh each time. Keyboard next (as your board may give you a no keyboard error so at this point that one would be resolved) , then the mouse. Then one stick of ram. then the boot drive (assuming its the SSD) etc. If its acts the same way on any of those steps even before you get the rest of the equipment back in, then I would push my focus back to the CPU as stated above. On a side note .. all those extra drives .. for photo/video space etc and lightroom. My suggestion would be to invest in a Synology NAS unit and put in what drives you want in it, rather than keeping them in the PC. Use a RAID level that gives you the performance and protection you would need/want. As far a a MAC because you use lightroom/photos... eh .. yea you could but that's a steep learning curve if you have never used mac before. They are good. I run both PC and apple products, and have used lightroom on both but you can do just as much on PC and if that's where your experience and expertise is, i wouldnt suggest a platform change at this time unless their is a specific reason to do so, like a piece of software that does not exist for windows. As far as getting a Dell. Actually they hold up quite nicely now a days. However I would stick with a PC from the "business side" of their "work" side of things. When you go in to get a desktop per say you pick "home PC' or "work PC. Its does make some selections either not available or available depending on your selection, but for instance you can get an XPS either way, however its the support here that makes the difference. When you get the support package add on.. and i would also suggest adding the 3 or 4 year package on. When you call for support and you have "home support" your getting somebody physically in India, Pakistan etc. Not very knowledgeable, they follow scripts and are a pain to deal with, most of the time hard to understand. When you have "work" support, the support desks are here in the states (sometimes canada) and you run into a lot less problems. not saying you still won't get someone with an accent, but the help desks here in the states for the business users are miles ahead and better than that of the "home PC" support desks
  5. Awesome .. looking forward to it Troy, and thanks for the leg work involved.
  6. Thanks Bully.. you certainly explained it better than I could. I know what i read from numerous sources.. but being able to then explain it to someone else in a fashion that is understandable... yea .. i cant do that yet Well I can only say so far that it looks even better in person than it does online since I have yet to shoot it. I was pleasantly surprised by the glass that came with it. Seems like some decent glass to start with, which also helped in my decision on this one as I didnt have the cash to go drop on a vortex or something else equivalent. It's a heavy bitch, the weight of this thin shocked me... I can't wait to shoot it. I got mine through brownells because i had handful of GC's from christmas. good luck with whatever you choose.
  7. I just recently picked up a Howa. I have yet to shoot it... still need to get my but up to Cherry Ridge to sight it in and break it in. But in all of the research I did it seemed it was a good solid starter rifle for this. I got mine in .308 with a 26" heavy barrel. I wanted the cheaper round, longer barrel life and more emphasis on me actualy learning to shoot better. Seems to be that 6.5 is just easier to shoot long range so IMO i'd rather start at .308 and practice my way to good long hits rather than taking the easier approach. Looking forward to some long range plinking. I just fell in love with the cerakote design on this special edition, i just had to have it.
  8. I second Keepass. I use it personally and it's what my company uses as well. Another useful resource to keep an eye on if anyone is worried that they have been breached in anyway is : https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Plug in your email address and it will tell you if that email has been part of any major breaches and/or if its been found in any pasted on any known login/password black sites
  9. Nope .. i got one .. but that was all they let me order. They tried to deliver today ... wtf signature of 21 and over required? Its a freaking metal box with a spring in it. lol no hassle having ammunition sit on my front porch, but beware the metal box with a spring lol. Not sure how the hell I'll ever get it delivered if that's the case. Only one that might be here when the UPS trucks come around is my son who is not old enough. Even saving 15 bucks, I would not have bothered to order due to the delivery hassle had I known.
  10. Not sure what 10/7 is to the other folks, but I just realized 10/7 is also a GSSF match @ RTSP. That would make it one extremely long day of shooting lol
  11. Count me in