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  1. I'm fortunate in that I can work from home as can my wife. She is constantly on he phone with work, which means I get to play Mr Teacher for the 14 year old to make sure he is doing his home schooling work on google classroom on top of my work stuff
  2. Nope, They get an email sent to them with a link to follow and a small online form of info to fill out and submit and that's it.
  3. Ouch... NICS UPDATE As the coronavirus pandemic grows, gun sales are surging throughout the country. Here in New Jersey we continue to receive an extremely high volume of transactions submitted. Please understand the NICS Unit is working very hard on yesterday’s 550 submissions 3/16/20, Monday. There are currently over 300 new transactions in the queue for today. Today’s work will NOT be completed, as we do not have the staffing to support this extremely high volume. Feel free to share this information with your customers. Please understand the transactions are completed in the order they are received. No exceptions! We are fully staffed and ask that you continue to be patient. Thank you and stay healthy. - NICS UNIT
  4. PA doesn't honor any non-resident permits anymore. You can apply for a non resident PA permit in PA but only if you have a permit from our own resident state. So if you live in NJ your SOL.
  5. Just a little bit of panic buying. I had a NICs check ran Sat morning, it was in before 10am where they still had 145 in the queue from 3/13 and it took until around 4pm on Sat to come back. I cant believe they are still working on Sat's Nics.
  6. given the nature of gun registries.. I think the "cloud" is the last place anyone would really want their gun info being stored.
  7. You will want to base that on the FFL software(s) you plan to/need to use. I see a lot of FFLs using macs... not sure if thats because the better FFL software is only available on a mac or what not but that's what i would base your platform choice on.
  8. You cant carry a gun here, but as long as your not a prohibited person and over 18 you can carry a taser if your worried about your safety.
  9. Good luck on your endeavor here Chris!
  10. Welcome fellow Taylor Ham person
  11. The WAWA in Parsippany quite often usually has the lowest price in the area and I have never had a problem using their gas in my Silverado.
  12. Not necessarily .. somewhere in the middle of all of this is the required mental health check that the state does as well. Im not sure when in this process its done. I never received an email on that step assuming they even send an email for that. i dont know if they run these checks consecutively or if that check is run first or after the criminal check. it also seems to matter the county your in on the mental health check where more populous counties take a look a little longer. Some local PD's are not very 2A friendly and drag their feet at their end as well.
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