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  1. Could be worse.... you could have lived in these areas... https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/12/17/winter-storm-gail-northeast-snow-totals/3931908001/
  2. Wrong. You never want to purposely lie on that form. Just do what Smokin .50 suggested above cost be dammed and do so quickly. Does it suck yes, but right now you need to decide if your going to fight for your rights or give them up and walk away.
  3. Yea, at least part of the time anyway lol .. in Albrightsville... Towamensing Trails.
  4. Would love to go again but just bought vacay house in the Pocono's so all xtra $$ goes to that endeavor for now.
  5. i just looked at the weshoot ffl transfer link and the prices listed on the site are way lower than what the OP had listed. Must have updated their prices... What it says on the site right now is: Fees: Non-Member Transfer fee: $50 + NICS Member Transfer Fee: $40 + NICS Person to Person transfer fee: $75 NICS fee: $15 Shipping Transfer Fee: $25 + Shipping cost
  6. lol I dont know why .. it was funny .. but you had more wardrobe changes that day than JLO at a concert lol
  7. Based on the last outing i'd be surprised if he didn't show up with at least 5 different t-shirts lol
  8. I’m tentatively in .. will have to be a game day decision depending on how things are going here.
  9. i have been jonesing as well but I have been booked. I got a lot of shit going on right now and no free time to pew.
  10. yea i completely understand... in all honestly to give the most beneficial info on this forum for those who ask questions like this we should honestly answer both ways even if and when we don't agree with it. answer with the true technically as far as the law states... then give the reality of the situation even if we don't want to condone the over reach that the reality is in a case like this. To not do that causes confusion and could cause legal problems for folks whereas we all would benefit more educating everyone on what the actual statutes say and the real world scenario's and what is probable/possible to happen in that real world and let the end user decide how to proceed. Right or wrong with how the police or DA's interpret it it and prosecute for it should be discussed and not outright dismissed, regardless of how we feel about them doing so.
  11. thats true I concede technically the whole passenger compartment thing is not cited in the statute. And your right its an issue that we have to worry about any of this and all other infringements that get pounded over our heads. But as a reality check, right or wrong, i'd rather spare myself the few nights in jail and the 20k of lawyer fees and the hassle that would come with it just to prove a technicality of the statute. Over a little padlock.
  12. Its not really contradicting The NJ statute is for transporting within the state of NJ... and its irrelevant to FOPA .. it seems pretty clear to me.. just needs to be unloaded and at minimum in a fastened case or tied package or in a locked case (3 options your choice) as long as the compartment is separate from the passenger compartment. Where "locked" becomes required where you don't have an area separate from the passenger compartment like a SUV, mini van etc. as an example... So when i use my pickup truck and I put the firearms in the bed of the truck, that's a separate area so the gun case just needs to be fastened or tied.... but when i already have too much crap in the bed of the truck and i place my gun cases on the floor of the cab behind me in the second row, the cases should be locked. If your going to go over state lines then FOPA should rule the road and the cases should be locked regardless of a separate compartment or not. As a side note I just noticed that the NJSP faq now finally states "Ammunition magazines may remain loaded during transportation and shall be carried separate from the firearm." where it never used to say that.
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