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  1. dam .. if i had known i might have been able to play hooky as well and join ya. I'm a member there myself and have yet to go shooting there. i've done the orientation and have never had the chance to go back up. Need to christen my .308 Howa.
  2. lol .. muscle doesn't scare me. Also every one of their RO's that i have talked to are the nicest of folks, male and female both. They may look rugged, since most of the them are active/retired-LEO/Military, but i never seen any hostility out of a single one of them.
  3. I do as well. not only is it counter intuitive to get more people involved in this hobby if you charge on top of the membership fees... ie; in some ranges its priced as if its only for the rich and elite... and frankly for me it's about principle. if im a member of something.. I shouldnt have to pay to range time. im in to "join" the club ...not a get a coupon card that gets me a discount.
  4. Thats why I prefer RTSP.
  5. I say the more the merry .. not only will it help keep membership and range prices reasonable (hopefully).. the more gun ranges around, the more people ( newer people get exposed) and start shooting and getting into guns. The more it becomes normal and less scary or or hidden. maybe more people will start waking up to the anti liberal agenda against guns. One could hope anyway.
  6. That was horrible last night. took me 6 1/2 hrs to get home.. for a 15 mile trip. I sat there in my truck watching netflix on my way home. No road prep, no salt, no brine, no plowing. each town i got through was a shit show. I was in 4 wheel drive the whole time and and i had to drive around i dont know how many dozen stuck cars that had absolutely no business being out on the roads in that.
  7. Is Sigtember when @Zeke buys us all a brand new Sig? My size is a .45 acp just saying
  8. As far as i know we skipped the pumpkins because it was opening day for hunting pheasant and their would be mobs of fudds including the rangers around. Guess shoot'n pumpkins could be "frowned upon" ... rules are always a bummer.
  9. wow throw me under the bus .. lol how nice of you. I thought I only phucked up when i was supposed to shoot a purple clay
  10. In fact I almost peed myself a little laughing when I heard her tell you that she labeled her boxes with her name and you got snagged lol
  11. Yup i heard that argument from the other side of the range and laughed lol
  12. Yea as im watching the action i turn around and i was literally surrounded by cigar smokers lol... Some continued to smoke and hold em while they shot even.
  13. I did .. @ RTSP I think she would have tased you for shooting her ammo if she could of ! LOL
  14. Yea somebody had to have said something. It hasn't even been shot yet .. in fact this was before any of us took a single shit. It simply was pulled out and it leaning against the wood stand. We saw them pull in and within a minute of that they came walking over and what seemed to be aiming straight for that. Now maybe they just came over to see in general and spotted that first .. dont know. They never bothered to ask any questions to us or ask for anyone's license. And yes they were dressed up what i would considered tactical. That may be the norm for the WMA but out and about town it would have been considered tac-gear. They never said it couldn't be shot and ultimately i think there were three of them there and all of them were being used at one point or another.
  15. Well i know i went through just under 125 rounds myself. as far as the clays .. yea we certainly "threw" a lot. Had to have been close to 4 boxes worth of "misses" picked up at the back of the field at the end of the day if not a little more. Nice pictures, thanks
  16. What about painting with shock collar 's ? lol
  17. Nope .. Patrick offered to let them try it if they wanted but they declined. Kinda just checked it out and left. Seemed almost like the one had never seen one up close and personal... *shrug*
  18. in @Ray Ray's defense ... i was the second on site with him. It certainly seemed like it was going to be a bust .. there was no parking, orange fudds and dogs walking up and down the sides of the field, but we made it work .. people found ways to park and as the hunters slowly left it was fine. I think the most interesting part was the police/rangers come hauling ass in and immediately went to check out Patrick's Shockwave. looking at the measurements and such. Seemed like one knew it was fine and legal and he was show n tell'n that to the other one. This happened right at the beginning of the morning before most of the folks had even arrived. I had a blast .. we need to do it again real soon. Oh and if a purple clay is coming up for me .. dont tell me. lol
  19. They didnt .. the law took effect on November 1st. If they are doing $100k or more of business in NJ they need to start charging sales tax. It sucks yes.... but legally you should have been claiming the tax not paid on out of state purchases each year on your tax returns anyway. It was inevitable .. we enjoyed it while it lasted. Your other option is to find some retailer that is smaller .. they might not be at the 100k threshold and you can get away without paying the tax... but then dont forget to claim it on your next years tax returns lol *wink*
  20. meaning after 10 am the craziness dies down and people get their allotment of birds and leave? or its still a shitshow all day just a little less after 10am?
  21. Well yea .. but these are off duty officers with training. Im going to make a wild assumption and say they would be able to know when and when its not safe to shoot.