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  1. The prequel they are working on will be timelined thousands of years before the iron throne was even forged. About the only familiar thing you will see is the children of the forest, dragons and maybe an early targaryen race
  2. This whole post screams like it needs a meme about real men drink coffee blah blah ... i just dont have the time lol
  3. I have a taurus model 66 wheel gun which is 357/38 and it operates just fine. Never have had any issues with it. or any reason to suspect any QC issues. Shoots and feels just as solid as some S/W 686's i've held and fired.
  4. Steel case is fine at Cherry ridge, you need to pick up your own casings. Steel core can also be used. Tracer, incendiary, or armor piercing ammunition are NOT allowed... and 50 Cal BMG has limitations on when it can be used and on which range and subject to not being allowed during very dry conditions.
  5. wtf... I at least expected a bit more of a fight from them in their response. To me it reads as if they know their going lose, so they let an intern craft the response just to get some experience.
  6. Oh i agree... but NJ will drag their feet kicking and screaming the whole way. And their way will be to delay as long as possible.
  7. I have no doubt NJ asks for another extension and probably gets it as well.
  8. I never understood why some people need to nit pick every little detail of a movie they didnt like....Like down to the name tag of the underwear some extra wore in the background... and get all but hurt because they didnt do it this way or that way .. or follow this book or this story line. Its a f'n movie people. Its made to entertain you. So either A) you liked it and it entertained you...great maybe you will watch it again at some point... or B) Nope you didnt like it, it didnt entertain you. the point here... its a "movie". not real life, not a documentary, not a based on a real life story, just as made up as pro wrestling ie; not real. Now if your real life profession is professional movie critic.. then ok .. i guess its your job to nit pick films.. i never listen to what a movie critic has to say .. but to each their own.
  9. Sounds like he's not supposed to have the pistol either lol
  10. No thank you .. i prefer my arm to not be bruised black and blue lol
  11. for those that are lazy that dont want to search for it:
  12. Thats it... your off the christmas card list
  13. Specific vendors did not start charging sales tax because someone posted something on a public forum. Anyone who believes that is the reason ... they are misinformed. Read the tax law and understand what your referring to before making false statements such as that. It's really quite simple... there are thresholds to meet in the number of transactions to this state and/or the amount of sales being done in this state. Breach those thresholds and they must collect NJ state sales tax. Saying some business started collecting sales tax because someone talked about it in a forum is a moronic statement. Economic Threshold Consistent with Wayfair, legislation was enacted that requires certain remote sellers to collect and remit New Jersey Sales Tax. For sales made on and after November 1, 2018, a remote seller that makes a retail sale of tangible personal property, specified digital products, or services delivered into New Jersey must register, collect, and remit New Jersey Sales Tax if the remote seller meets either of the following criteria (the economic threshold): The remote seller's gross revenue from sales of tangible personal property, specified digital products, or services delivered into New Jersey during the current or prior calendar year, exceeds $100,000; or The remote seller sold tangible personal property, specified digital products, or services delivered into New Jersey in 200 or more separate transactions during the current or prior calendar year. A remote seller that does not meet either of these criteria does not have to register with the Division of Taxation to collect and remit New Jersey Sales Tax.
  14. Thats the dumbest reason. Glad that's not my range. Worse case they should say "if you shoot steel case you have to pickup your own brass because we're too lazy to sort it later as we make money on everyone's brass that they leave" Its a shame they are so stringent with cases like that
  15. Usually ranges ban "steel Core" ammo, not "steel cased". The case itself shouldnt matter. This ammo has a lead core but a "bi-metal" jacket on it. Are you sure this specific type of ammo is not allowed? I would double check with the range with the specifics, might save you some money and some headache to get it clarified a bit. Bi-Metal jackets are different than it being steel core... Steel core is just about always a no-no at indoor ranges, but a bi-metal jacket is sometimes not an issue.
  16. Dam .. i will be out of state, otherwise i would have come down
  17. welcome to the forums! just ignore those crazy southern pork roll folks
  18. I got my gauge yesterday ... checked it and my bolt is fine.
  19. I just called the Kearny PD and asked if they are on the system yet... they are not, they are waiting for the NJSP to activate them, but it will be soon. They have been going to the seminars learning about the new processes.
  20. I can't say yay or nay on that with mine .. All i've had it chew through so far is Federal Game Shok so far and it runs through it like a champ
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