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  1. And this is one of the many reason I always recommend GunforHire to everyone.The guy in the top right corner of the video sitting in the chair made me laugh with his facial expressions. Can’t handle the truth huh? These people are a joke.
  2. Lol Murphy was asked if he will make stricter punishments for people who break gun laws (criminals Newark Camden etc) and he says “yes we are are working on signing 6 of them. I will sign every one of them.” He dodged the question... he is signing 6 laws that are bs laws and affect legal gun owners (magazine limit etc) but not doing a single damn thing about punishing the criminals running around this state. I don’t understand how liberals can be so brain dead. It’s unbelievable.
  3. If it is this, then we are screwed. It still blows my mind that this guy is governor. We went from having a republican governor to being one of the most far left states in the country... good old New Jersey.
  4. They might as well just stop beating around the bush and make one law that completely outlaws all guns in NJ.. since that’s what they’re aiming for. Unbelievable. To think that Murphy and his liberals have only been in charge for 2 months.. going to be a longgg next few years for us. No guns, but at least we’ll have a sanctuary state. Remember, “Diversity is our strength”. ......
  5. One thing that bugged me more than the reciprocity comment was when Feinstein mentioned the “assault weapon” ban and Trump said “yes ok ok add it to the bill. If you can put it all in one bill that would be great. I’ll take a look at it.” Pence and Rubio looked like they saw a ghost when they heard that. Link to video: https://www.mediaite.com/tv/watch-dianne-feinstein-erupt-with-glee-after-trump-seems-to-endorse-her-assault-weapons-ban/
  6. Kinda took me back for a second as well when I heard this. But listen, he’s right that nothing will pass with reciprocity in the bill. He is president and he needs to be smart politically with the decisions he makes. I see where he’s coming from. And believe me I want reciprocity. Hopefully when this blows over it can be reintroduced.
  7. Yup. Take away guns from responsible law abiding citizens because they are dangerous, but let’s legalize drugs and be accepting of 50+ different genders because that makes us stronger and better. Liberal logic.
  8. If it passed the committee, it will more than likely pass the assembly. Let’s face it we are screwed. Murphy will try to out do California https://www.ammoland.com/2018/02/new-jersey-governor-murphys-giant-gun-grab/#axzz58K1d7p5b
  9. Alsooo we have a nice new bill that was introduced which basically “bans” most firearms.. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/house-democrats-introduce-bill-prohibiting-sale-of-semi-automatic-weapons/article/2650087 fun times.... fun times.
  10. A short little article that bring some sort of hope.. at least the NRA and others are aware and watching. https://www.ammoland.com/2018/01/new-jersey-2018-brings-bigger-challenges-new-jersey-gun-owners/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  11. This is why I think this is ridiculous. Basically taking away every rifle other than a “hunting rifle” and shot gun. And if they make the magazine capacity limit to 5, that takes away most pistols as well. Even revolvers are 6 shot... my point being is, every single guns store and range etc will see a drastic decrease in business. And if it happens here, it will spread to other states and I just don’t see a billion dollar industry just going away or taking a loss for billions because liberals don’t understand that the “gun issue” doesn’t start with law biding firearm owners.
  12. Well hopefully everyone takes those few minutes out of their day to make a phone call and/or write an email. No excuses for it. Have to do all that we can do.
  13. Does anyone know when this vote will take place? Time frame wise. The NRA should use NJ as a benchmark case to go against the lefts fight on the 2A. Nothing federally can be done to overrule? Trump ran on a “I have the gun owners backs and I will protect the 2A” campaign. Well this, is a time to act on that. This is worse than CA which already was insane to begin with.
  14. Starts with us, then ends up going to them sooner or later.. Hypothetically if there was a ban, I would hope they would reimburse all of us for our costs.. I mean that’s thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars lost per person. You have rifles, the optics for the rifles, ammo, all of which would be useless if they were to instate a “ban”. What good is a Trijicon scope and a stock of 5.56 ammo if I don’t have a rifle to use lol Really can’t picture all of this happening in my head.
  15. I understand where you guys are coming from. My “excuse” is I’m fairly young compared to most here and fairly new to the community. So it’s now that I’m learning more in-depth about the issue. Especially after such a drastic change in our states governing.
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