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  1. MidwayUSA is a solid site. Always have the best prices on everything. IMI isn’t great ammo, but it’s not horrible either. For shooting paper it’s fine
  2. I shot some of it last week, I wasn't disappointed. I didn't have any issues like some other people have said they have on their reviews. Ordered more of it but this time in 7.62 my real problem right now is with Primary Arms. Ordered a bunch of parts last week for my .308, a Scope, a mount and a BAD lever (which their site said it worked with, now it doesn't after I made a return claim). I don't have the original shipping box anymore and they won't email me a new shipping label to return the BAD lever, they want me to write RTS on the original box with a return number. 1) I've never had a company do that for their return policy before 2) It makes absolutely no sense to ship a BAD Lever by itself in a 3 foot long box because that's what all my items came in. 3) Their Customer Service Rep is trying to tell me that there site says clear as day the BAD Lever doesn't work on larger rifles, yet it's listed under AR-308 parts and in their return policy it doesn't say anything about not allowing you to return something you no longer want. Will no longer be buying anything from Primary Arms, Midway USA has better pricing and a better return policy.
  3. I was also considering going to Davis in Goshen, but my instincts say regardless of what the laws are in New Jersey to shoot my AR's, it's probably wise to not go in to NY with one.
  4. oh ok, so that only applies to handguns, not rifles. Good to know. Are these ranges good to go to?
  5. Anyone have experience going to any of the PA state ranges? The one in Lehigh Valley is a little bit over an hour of a drive for me, with a 100 yard outdoor range and another one near Jim Thorpe which is about an hour and a half drive for me and they have 100, 200 & 300 yard ranges. I see it's $30 a year for a permit, anyone have experience there? are they worthwhile? I like EFGA but I'd like to keep my options open. Looking at their range regulations, can you shoot AR's there? Only reason I ask is because rule 6 states: (b) Prohibited acts. At a rifle and handgun range located on land under Commission ownership, lease or jurisdiction, except when authorized by the appropriate regional director or a designee, it is unlawful to: (1) Discharge a firearm from any location on the range other than an established shooting station on the firing line. (2) Discharge a firearm at any target other than a paper target placed on a permanent target backboard mounted by the Commission. Users are prohibited from intentionally shooting at or damaging the frames or stands constructed by the Commission to mount permanent target backboards. (3) Discharge armor piercing, incendiary, explosive, tracer or multiple projectile ammunition. (4) Be intoxicated, use or possess an intoxicating beverage or controlled substance on the range. (5) Discharge an automatic firearm. (6) Load or discharge a firearm that contains more than six rounds of single projectile ammunition. (7) Shoot clay birds anywhere except areas designated by the Director by signs stating that clay bird shooting is permitted.
  6. good question, but I hear the BCG is also a portable pipe....
  7. “kid says AR15 makes a great bong”
  8. Don’t forget the paperwork involved for every confiscation.
  9. before he runs for POTUS, he better have an actual plan of action for anything he says he wants done in this state. Black and Green Special: Get a free pound of pot when you purchase an AR-15 'Teen wanted to shoot up school, instead fell in love with ben & jerry's and took a nap instead"
  10. he is a big fraud. He's going to tell all the groups what they want to hear but will have no clue how to implement any of it. He'll keep passing the feel good laws that are already in place and the ignorant will love him for it, but when it comes to an actual people changing law, he has no plan of action. I love how he's been in office 1 month and has visited all of these groups, but has yet to give ARPCNJ time of day.
  11. honestly the FBI has very little to do with firearms traffic in this country. When this kid left that comment on youtube, the guy who reported him should have reported that to Youtube themselves, they would have his IP and reported it to local authorities. FBI only handles things that are a national security threat like organized crime and terrorism, not a local matter. All the FBI does in this country is set the standards for NICS which are then administered on a state level, and keeps a massive archive of 4473 forms.
  12. What is any of this going to do in New Jersey? What I would like to see from the NRA, ARPCNJ and any other organization fighting for gun rights in this state, is to use what's in place to our advantage rather that to make extreme changes. We already have an FID system in place in this state, hate it or not, this can be our biggest leg to stand on. To be a gun owner in this state, you need to vet yourself legally & medically in this state before you can buy a gun. It's a big enough of an obstacle to climb that whatever your reason for wanting a gun is, that you can't climb over that obstacle without thought, rather you need to carefully and safely find a way to climb over that obstacle or you walk away. With that being said, why are the people of NJ who have carefully and safely climbed that obstacle being punished as a result of something that didn't happen in this state, and wouldn't have happened in this state? With that being said, our Argument can be why should legal and responsible gun owners (99.999999% of FID holders in New Jersey) be punished? Group punishment doesn't work, and rather than throw even more overly redundant laws at us, allow us to own non-NFA weapons unconditionally. Require to show an FID to buy standard capacity mags, take the stupid laws off the "scary features" of a rifle. Allow us to carry if we apply for it, there is no reason to deny our rights if we have proven that we are responsible gun owners. This should be our Rhetoric and using what's already in place to our advantage. Politicians solution of banning things isn't the answer to keeping guns out of the hands of the wrong people.
  13. When I was in USMC Reserves we used to use Fort Dix for Rifle Range, back in 2014 our battalion was running Table 1 qualifications, my good friend who was a staff sergeant at the time was the Pit Safety Officer, the pits at Fort Dix do not have a sound booth for the safety officer to stand in while there is live fire(all USMC ranges have them). He was standing in the pits along with all the Marines that were operating the targets, a shot went right through the berm, hit him in the shoulder, round traveled down is body and lodged in his rib cage. He suffered pretty bad nerve damage in his arm and didn't have much use of his arm and hand for a year. Still doesn't really have full use of his hand 4 years later. After that we drove all the way down to Quantico (6 hours) to do rifle range training on an actual USMC Range with safety regulations. Our command tried to fuck him over when he got shot, saying that the Army's SOP is everyone must wear a Flak & Kevlar on the range, yet USMC doesn't require one for Table 1 qualifications, it's just basic marksmanship. For that reason I will never go to Fort Dix ranges ever. That place is a shit hole and isn't safe.
  14. Well Range 14 sucks balls.
  15. This wasn’t even an RSO, just someone who worked there. I’m gonna police call my brass, just not until i’m done.