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  1. eesee

    Sig P320 AXG Pro

    It's my favorite P320, having the X-Carry RXP with Wilson grip and X5 Legion as well.
  2. eesee

    Ham radio

    Ok, so assuming there is limited power and bad cell phone service during an emergency storm or event - what products would you purchase from Midland? https://midlandusa.com/ I want to LISTEN to emergency broadcasts. This could be on HAM, but I would suspect that even FM stations would be playing emergency messages. I want to have a power source. I want to TALK to my neighbors within a 5 mile radius. I want to communicate with family over 70 miles away. **bonus** For actual use I would want to be able to use the radio at Hershey Park/Disney/Resort with the most channel combinations** Is ham really just for transmitting to repeaters, or could it be two-way communication? Specifically, is it repeaters that get a specific frequency assigned and then licensees can broadcast TO the repeater for anyone tuned in to listen to? Or can two ham radio licensees jump on any frequency and start talking with each other? It's such a basic question because nobody has ever taught me the basics.
  3. eesee

    Ham radio

    I know I have much to learn, trying to figure out what "tones" and "offset" are used for. I'll keep digging. Any books/websites you recommend? Any private 2-way radios to look at aside from HAMS? Is RHA Communications in East Brunswick a good local resource? http://rhacommunications.com/
  4. eesee

    Ham radio

    Well, S kinda HTF - so I'm getting into HAM now. What's the best way to equip my family (local, same town) with radios for easy COMMS? Can I go MURS, GMRS? FRS / store bought dewalts aren't good enough on range. I'm researching HAM but not sure how to use it for person-to-person comms (hiking, running around town, talk to friends a few miles away). And, once you get a TECH/General license how can you have private conversations over radio? I've got a Baofeng UV-5R, I'm working through manually and with CHIRP but don't know what channels to look for or program for central Jersey/NYC Metro/. I'm looking up the local volunteer rescue squads, emergency broadcasts, weather... I feel like you definitely need a mentor for something like HAM, with a rich history but a dull future. @USRifle30Cal, @Newtonian, @Iggyort, @Scorpio64, @W2MC
  5. Fantastic. Now I need a cerakoted toaster.
  6. What's the proper documentation that you need?
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